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Our team is dedicated to reduce your costs, give you more time to focus on sales, hence driving higher revenues. Find Threads Started by Redley. Nice, that you have an article about this. July 16th, , 8: But I dont agree with the first paragraph. Our team consists of a couple of freelancers, as well as full time employees and we are dedicated to accelerate your poker business! Either way, I moved on from betonline, and have played very little on the spin n gos on Ignition and ACR.

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If you are a poker regular or an affiliate yourself, we would love to get in touch with you. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss deals, a possible partnership or really anything else, we are looking forward to hear from you! Sep Sponsored Players: Since I play only on one site I can't compare to the other sites bad beats. July 16th, , I like to play them, the article deals with a standard strategy, which if all players say this, will have a satisfactory result I believe, and I say more, when you master these kind of tournaments the MTTs become easy for you to reach the final straight.

My strategy is simple: July 17th, , 3: Well what's your strategy on scratch tickets? Im assuming spin n go is a sit n go that is turbo? If you want to play poker it;s not in those. July 17th, , 4: Spin N Go's are a real money grave whatever strategy or approach you play this game is not poker it's bingo play.

July 17th, , 1: July 17th, , 2: Originally Posted by sryulaw. Due to the high amount of rake that is charged, recreational players will actually lose their money at a high rate and won't be able to sustain the combination of rake and variance at these games. Which effectively makes these games unbeatable for not only recreational players, but everyone. That last paragraph keep me away from spin n go for a long time and probably saved me money.

But I dont agree with the first paragraph. You have to have good post flop skills, reading abilities, know your betting sizes and exploit your image.

Its not just waiting for good hands and shove them when you got them, thats something anyone can do. So skills are a must if you want to thrive in spin n go. Whoever disagree can try playing a higher buyin spin n go, and he will see that he cant win that easy as in lower spin n go, cause skills come in play. My strategy in spin n go is to play my opponents and play the board. Especially in the lowest buyins, the field is the softest, you have either the crazy donk that will risk all his stack on a pair or just ace high, so trapping and slow playing always works.

Then you have the nit, that he calls only when he connects with the board and he will really telegraph you what he have. From time to time you may get a good regular, that plays good poker, mix beting sizes, and mix bluffs with nuts bets, so you have to exploit your image to win that pot that will make the difference.

My tips is betting every flop, nits will fold giving you easy chips, aggrofishes will call and try bad bluffs that you either can easily fold and lose a minimum if you dont have it or take his stack if you have something good. The other tip is that most players are unbalanced, so everytime they raise preflop the have a good hand, so if you call with suited connectors that flops good you may raise them all day as long as you flop any card and the board doesnt contain figures.

Here will work the same strategy as the game sit and go 6 max super turbo. July 17th, , 5: I playing in Poker Stars. You have to be aggressive from the start as you have few chips in play. July 17th, , 9: It is an interesting kind of poker game. I play it occasionally but not systematically. Because of its nature it needs more luck and less skills than the other kinds of poker games. It is like a hyper turbo tournament relative to speed.

The pot is 2x most of times. Anyway it is from the kinds of games I like! July 17th, , Just more carnival games. Anywasy people have these things pretty nailed down for optimal play and stuff so no need me to go in and become fish food. Good for practicing your heads up game though good luck because in this game with blinds rising fast and stacks being small you really need it. Ultimately even though it is much more variance, the games are usually super soft as people have no idea what they are doing.

July 18th, , 3: Different dynamic and sometimes easy money for everyone like a Russian teacher who took down K in one spin and go! The ranges are way different than a classic 9 ring game. I am on the profitable side. I can tell in the first two hands the play style of each opponent. July 18th, , 4: P i remember watching Kmart's stream when one popped up, and it was entertaining to watch at least.

July 18th, , 7: Nice, that you have an article about this. So yes, of course I play them from time to time. At the moment not so much. What I realized is, that you shouldn't mind, that the Jackpot is not so high and still play your usual game, because many people start to play loose and bad because of the small Jackpot like they are disappointed or on tilt.

Consider it as a usual HU at this moment and then you can win some. You can play both tight and aggressive. I love Spin n Go.

I always loved the turbo and hyper turbos even before spin n go was introduced as I do not have time or attention span to play regular speed games. Like in any holdem game aggression goes a long way even more so in this format. Also you must have a number of different strategies that you can employ that you are comfortable with. Your opponent s and their playing style will determine your strategy.

No one playing style will work for you every game. I like to do the opposite of my opponent a lot. If my opponent is aggressive I be a bit passive and more selective. If my opponent is passive I try to be aggressive. July 19th, , I have played these in the past. I did generally win and it did seem that the level of player I met was relatively low, it was a while ago, so that may have changed. It seemed good to have a quick format game while you were waiting for a tournament to start; but I prefer a cash game for this or maybe just to catch up on CC like I am doing now.

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