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In some cases, they have been fully vetted by a licensing group and the games have been deemed to be fair. Of course they do! I wanted to find out more about what motivated Cidalia and Natalia to do the climb as a way to raise money, and Cidalia agreed to answer my questions: Also feel free to contact me to tell everyone about your hobby. The recently deceased Robert "Bob" Griffin certainly was the number-one casino-cheat-catcher in his day, and he certainly was a royal pain in my ass! Can I buy Play Money chips with real money? For goodness sakes go and talk to the students while they do the task you have set.

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The Ignition Poker mobile client works incredibly well for both cash games and quick-fold Zone Poker. I did it on my iPhone 6s Plus , but the process is almost identical for Android. You can do this from your PC, phone, or tablet. Tap the share icon, which is a rectangle with an arrow on iOS. You now have Ignition Poker saved to your phone just like an app. Tap its icon to launch the poker room and log in.

Choose a Zone Poker or a normal Cash Game. The same tables available on the desktop client are shown here. Play tables on mobile just like you would on desktop with taps replacing clicks. Now you just have that little challenge of winning to go.

Zone Poker uses software magic that allows you to play hands per hour in rapid-fire format. The first time I ever played quick-fold poker back in at the old non-Ponzi Full Tilt Poker, I was hooked in about -7 minutes. Without a doubt in my mind, quick-fold poker is the best and most original development in online poker since the Sit and Go.

The total player count for each limit is pooled together as a single entity, rather than tie everyone to a single table. I would love to see Zone Poker available in a 9-seat format, but Ignition Poker currently only offers it in 6-seat format. It also rendered websites keeping historical data on players useless. With games becoming tighter and tougher, Ignition Poker took action to make sure their perenially-soft games stayed inviting to inexperienced players.

Unlike many other poker rooms, you never see the screen names of other players at the table. Each player is simply identified by their chip stack and their seat number. This still allows the genuine and human-powered data-collection that poker players have been doing for centuries: What anonymous tables decisively eliminate is the software-driven data collection and heads-up displays that some experienced players swear by.

This applies to Zone Poker, cash games, and tournaments. What this means is that new players can:. Ignition Casino has a great, albeit limited, mobile client that instantly puts phone and tablet users in games without downloading a thing.

The only big limitation is the lack of any tournament play , which is a boneheaded oversight that I hope Ignition fixes at some point. This is what Ignition is going to look like using this no-download method in your desktop browser. And for good reason. I just finished an incredibly detailed guide on everything you need to do to get set up with Bitcoin for every online poker room.

I have an overly-thorough as I usually like to be guide to Bitcoin here , but, really, this is the bare minimum:. You can also do this from the mobile client. Choose a deposit amount. I picked the Bitcoin Bonus, which was a mistake as it requires casino gameplay to clear. Copy the wallet address like I did. You must send the exact BTC amount shown in the Ignition cashier. Your deposit will be added to your cash balance anywhere from instantly to about 30 minutes.

LOL at the last option. When I first reviewed Ignition Poker at its launch, one area stood out as a missed opportunity: Many of the promotions, including the entire Ignition Rewards program, are geared entirely to casino players and exclude poker as a qualifying game.

Over time, I hope that Ignition Poker realizes the value of appealing directly to poker-only players , as they have been a significant part of the Bovada clientele for years. That being said, my overall philosophy of rating an online poker site places less significance on flashy deposit bonuses and promotions than most. As the poker industry has shrunk and dependable fish-filled sites have become the exception rather than the rule, bonuses and promotions have become more stingy, convoluted, and the exclusive domain of full-time grinders.

However, as I always preach, the release rate number is so much more important than the eye-popping PR-friendly bonus cap number. Standard cash games earned me about Poker Points per hour per table. Adjusting the stakes will alter your release rate. Personally, I care very little for what the bonus offer numbers look like and more about how easy they actually are to earn. Even though it is progressively a little tougher to unlock as you clear more, the overall release rate is still excellent.

The other 3 poker promotions come around very infrequently, but you still need to keep them in mind. Ignition Poker has a Royal Flush bonus that awards you 50x the big blind of the table you were sitting at for hitting that pinnacle of poker hands.

You actually have to submit the hand number manually to the poker room, so you should keep in mind that this exists. Finally, there is a Poker Points exchange system, but it can only be done for tournament tickets and not direct cash. As you see, the promotion section could use some work as Ignition Poker matures.

Everything else this poker room has going for it speaks for itself. Earn Poker Points to clear. Not valid on first deposit. This offer has now expired. I apologize for the anticlimax.

Ignition does this to get you to put their casino games in front of your eyeballs. This is the same group that operates casino-only brands like Slots. Think of it as free entertainment with the slim chance of turning it into winnings you can withdraw or transfer over to poker.

Bet the smallest you can per slot line if you want it to last longer. Just know this is available if, you know, you want to throw some shade on Cleopatra and Zeus with spinning reels to blow off some rec-fueled bad beat steam.

In those days, they were one of the online sites that allowed direct checking account deposits and then withdrawals sent right back where they came. While those days have come and gone, this cashier remains one of the best in the business. I think the financial connections the Bodog lineage has built over their 20 years in business gives them a major advantage.

Two US deposit methods? Select the Bitcoin option in the cashier, get the unique payment address, and send over the exact amount the Ignition Poker cashier tells you to. The other alternative is using a credit or debit card, of which you probably have a half-dozen in your wallet right now.

That means you may have success even with pre-paid gift cards. Minimum deposit Maximum deposit Fees Approx. I think that, despite whatever bonus, Fish Rating, or software advance has brought players to this brand, over the years the payouts are what has really allowed their reputation to reach a cut above other US sites.

Payouts are streamlined to a few proven methods, which seems to be the prevailing theme of the cashier. You can request a maximum of 3 payouts per month. Ignition also decreased the processing time to as little as 6 hours. No other method can say that. Finally, Ignition Poker offers wire transfers, which is fairly rare in the US market.

Gaming sites use third-party intermediaries of course, but it can still invite intrusive conversations when dealing with American banks. However, Ignition Poker just does it a little better and a little faster. What it all comes down to is this:. Minimum withdrawal Maximum withdrawal Fees Allowed frequency Approx.

When I think back on my many years at the ancestors of Ignition Poker, one of the most enduring positive feelings is about how loose the cash games have been compared to their peers. I always attributed it to the bleed-over from the gamble-centric cocky sports players that largely dominated the clientele. It seemed to go hand in hand with old still?

These days, online poker is a different beast where the tight-fisted sharks often outnumber the fish. The biggest poker room in the world — PokerStars — spreads games that sometimes literally offer single-digit flop percentages.

Fortunately, Ignition Poker still beats out just about everyone when it comes to beatable games. That tells you that more players are seeing the flop and for larger pots. My personal evidence shows that this is one of my most profitable sites, allowing me to play at even lower limits than I would elsewhere simply because my expected value is higher thanks to the higher action given.

As Zone participants can literally see a new hand at any time, there is much less incentive to play bad hands simply out of boredom or an itch for some kind of action. Ignition Poker seems to agree. Whereas many poker sites are embracing the trends of eternal late registration and nearly unlimited get out of jail free card rebuys, Ignition Poker offers very few events with rebuys. For as much as I love to tear down barriers for recs in cash games, I get particularly annoyed when any player is given unlimited chances for re-entry.

It allows them to change the entire nature of the early rounds and places a greater emphasis on luck over skill. They have so many players at this point that they can simply offer straightforward formats that regulars will appreciate. Both draw about 1, players with the latter sometimes giving a slight overlay.

The most popular variations are:. Players also only start on a short chip stack , which makes the action devolve to all-in fests often. That will usually be 2x or 5x your buy-in. However, the 5x does come around fairly frequently and can help soothe the frustration. Ignition Poker likes to push them to mobile players, and that seems about right. For more strategic players, the novelty of Jackpots will probably wear off quickly. Ignition Poker gives the winner the entire prize pool.

The group behind Ignition Poker has offered poker since and because of the trustworthy product, players stay loyal to them. Simply put, the traffic at Ignition Poker is excellent and unmatched in the US. If Ignition can fix the occasional glitches, this is in my top 3 of poker software clients worldwide. Anonymous tables, a download-free mobile client, Zone Poker, and easy on the eyes?

In fact, they beat most of their US brethren by launching it back in Full tables are not displayed, which is a first to me. There are also no waiting lists , which, again, is probably tied in to Ignition Poker wanting to keep the games loose. How does displaying less information help keep games loose? Average hands per hour is also not shown, although it has always felt snappy enough in my time with it. As for the actual table experience, I find Ignition Poker extremely intuitive and attractive.

The felt and carpet can be changed to a half-different colors and the table shape from racetrack think old Full Tilt if you were around back then to one big segment with line dividers.

One is the rabbit card , which shows the next card that would have been dealt if a hand ends before the river. The other is the ability to show only one card after a hand ends, which is always vastly entertaining to me. Each window can be resized from the default size, which is fairly low in total resolution. You can watch hands play out move by move, which shows you exactly how the hand played out.

The only knock that I have on the software that brings the score down a bit is the occasional connection glitch. Other players have reported similar random lapses. For me, closing and reopening the software was the only way to resolve it. Anonymous tables put it over the top. Ignition Poker recently made another change that should be the last piece of the puzzle in deterring advanced table-finding tactics. Even though bum hunting following players identified as weak from previous sessions and sitting at their tables was already foiled way back in via anonymous tables, smart players could still hunt the lobby for open tables with better metrics.

No more, as the software now only allows you to pick your game, stakes, and table size. These were all men built for a fight, each of them whisked from the front lines suddenly, without warning, without a plan. And while doctors can go to work on the physical trauma, the psychic impact is often left to linger. Their mission remains incomplete.

That is, until they meet Tim. By summit day—our ninth on the mountain—we've notched 34 trail miles and our first days of the journey feel like memories from months before. The end is now literally in sight, the glacial mountaintop glistening in the morning sun as we gird ourselves for the final, most brutal ascent. A few inches of snow has fallen overnight, and for all of Julian's training, he's never hiked in the snow.

His concern is undisguised. Even beyond the weather, Summit Day is easily the toughest on Kilimanjaro. The elevation gain is nearly double that of any previous day, and the extreme altitude can be dangerous. It's time to push toward the peak. Julian dons wraparound shades to fight the glare from the snow.

Here are some of the things he thinks about over the next several hours, as he puts one prosthetic foot ahead of the other: The glow on Ashley's face at senior prom. The conversation he'd had with his dad and granddad when he'd told them he was joining the Marines—his granddad had enlisted 50 years earlier, and was thrilled; his dad, worried for his safety, was disheartened. The feel of Cody Childers's hand, squeezing his, as the rescue chopper carried them away from battle.

The sensation of hot water running over his feet, back when he had them. Tim is trying to get his attention now. Julian plucks his earbuds out. Still a little ways to go. Tim is a trickster. This is clearly the summit. But as he tops the ridge, he sees that Tim was right. Though his tank has gone empty, Julian plows forward. Fifty minutes later, steps away from the summit, Julian zeroes in on the Kilimanjaro sign, the same one he's seen in pictures.

He casts his side sticks away again: He's promised himself he'd walk those final steps on his own. Tears stream down his face as he slaps both hands on the sign, letting out wild whoops of joy, triumph, and relief. He spins around, full of joy, soaking up the blue sky and the prairie grasslands, stretching out to the horizon, terrain that reminds him of Helmand Province in Afghanistan.

Tim hands Julian his phone. He's already dialed Ashley. For all that Julian has just achieved, his thoughts are of his wife's well-being. Thank you for supporting this thing… This thing I had to do. Thank you for believing in me. Yeah, it's awesome up here. Tim reaches for the phone.

CNN will be trying to link up. Quickly, Julian drops to the ground, claws up a clump of snow, grit, and gravel, and plants the four knights in the ground, saying good-bye to his friends one at a time, feeling each loss freshly, it seems. Tim watches in silence, digging out his laptop, then beckons Julian over. Before long, the team will be headed back down, the sun will vanish, and in the darkness, a whirling blizzard will sweep the mountain.

All of the pain that Julian's excitement has postponed will return with furious vigor—his right tibia, pounding into the prosthetic, will nearly puncture the skin of his nub.

It'll be midnight before camp is reached, and another day before we're off the mountain. In just a couple of weeks, Tim will be preparing with his next veteran, Staff Sergeant Charlie Linville from Boise, for a summit attempt on Everest in May. And over the coming months, Julian, safe at home with his family, will discover a new peace. He'll start viewing himself in a different light—not as the guy who always aspired to be a soldier and then barely had a chance to fight, but as a man who achieved the improbable.

He'll begin crafting fresh goals and bold dreams: Maybe he'll become a stand-up comedian, maybe a motivational speaker. But here on the summit, daylight is quickly fading. From the Skype window on Tim's laptop, a producer's voice calls out. I'm here with Brooke Baldwin. Julian takes a very deep breath, steadies himself before the black eye of the webcam, ready to show the world what he has done.

He is now only six peaks away from climbing all Seven Summits. Asha Leo is a British fashion model and television presenter. She began her career at age 13 by winning the Face of Sugar Magazine model competition. She subsequently signed with Select Model Management in London. Due to her Indian heritage, in , Asha was chosen to be in the Kingfisher Calendar. Both are her platforms for different reasons.

In fact, one led to the other. Born in Hawaii to an Austrian father and a Japanese mother, Luko-Sandstrom has been around the world as a fashion model. Since age 15, she has inhabited the glamor world, basking in the spotlight and enduring personal hardship off it. Luko-Sandstrom remembers when she had to stop working after she broke out with pimples. Europe was a bad memory, especially Milan.

Work was exhausting but it was its dark side that unnerved her when she had to fight off clients and agents who demanded sex from her. I was only Still, it was a bit of a shock to her. It was a far cry from the world of glamor. She wore no makeup to begin with. We did brush our teeth. There was no medical staffer, so she soldiered on with the help of energy pills. When they reached the snow-white mountaintop early one morning, everybody cried.

We cried and hugged one another. The return journey took eight hours, with the average temperature at minus 16 degrees celsius. I thought I was on another planet. I kept refusing him because I had promised to carry it myself. Luko-Sandstrom hopes the documentary will resonate with its environmental message.

Luko-Sandstrom is not shy to admit her modest contribution. I bring my own shopping bag. But I also needed a break, and on some level, realized it. Three months of covering the trial of Luka Magnotta can sap you of the capacity for joy. A decade of making a dog, however splendid the dog, your sole love object, can render you a little limited.

All of this had happened to me anyway, and though I live on a pretty simple plane — and am a simple and mostly happy creature — even I knew it.

And I was so distracted, near-permanently in the modern way, that I barely looked at any of the research. Jen had done in the organizing of our trip; I just paid, and went, blind and stupid as a mole emerging into the light.

We went on a tour and were hooked up with seven other people — three American engineers two Jims and a Lou , a just-retired Californian teacher Donn , a fabulous Texas woman big Southern hair, impeccable nails and makeup, even on the mountain, but all inner steel and competence nicknamed Natalya, two something Aussie women Lee and Zoey and an uber-stylish Frenchwoman named Beatrice.

At first they were a blur, but over the week of the hike, all their faces came into focus, and I realized we had a wanker-free group. I fell a little in love with them all all right, maybe one more than the others, but still , and even with Jen and Sheelagh, whom I knew pretty well already, and of course with Tanzania.

Our days were startlingly uncomplicated: But the wisdom of the pace meant that as we got higher and higher, the air thinner and thinner, we could keep going where those in other groups who had bolted by us later faded. Every day was exactly the same. Despite that, as a non-camper, I still managed to screw up the 31 or so zippers of the tent, and leave the wrong ones undone, and could distinguish my tent from the others only by hollering for Jen.

I cried the first night, when some of the porters sang in Swahili and danced. I cried with gratitude for friends, old and new. I cried at the African sky, the stars that Jen and Jim showed me. I cried at how bloody hard life is in Tanzania, and how so many of those we saw later, on the roadsides, seemed to be perpetually waiting — for a bus, for a break, for a job, for a tap on the shoulder, for something.

I cried when, after making the final ascent by moonlight, the sun breaking pink on the horizon, we got to the top of Kili. I cried, just about every time I saw them, at the elephants.

Luckily, I am a practised and quiet weeper, and on the mountain at least, there was always a wind to explain my wet cheeks. What the others most loved is for them to know.

But for me, it was them, period. It was remembering, in the soaring cathedral that is Africa, how we need and want one another. The flight to Kilimanjaro was an eventful one. On the first flight to Nairobi, Lauren, Dan and I may have consumed a little bit too much alcohol.

I won't go into details but it involved sleepwalk mugging of a fellow passenger, six sick bags and a nose bleed. On arrival in Nairobi, feeling a little worse for wear, we were informed that our connecting flight to Kilimanjaro was cancelled, leaving us to explore the delights of Jomo Kenyatta international airport for 9 hours.

An experience I don't wish to repeat in a hurry. The connecting flight was by turbo prop and took us over the border from Kenya to Tanzania. We hoped to catch a glimpse of the peak from the air but on this occasion it wasn't to be. After landing and paying a fee to immigration fees to enter, fees to leave, naturally , we were met by Joseph, a young representative of Ultimate Kilimanjaro , the American trekking company we were using.

Joseph had been waiting all day for our arrival but cheerfully got us into the van and transferred to our hotel. As we drove along the southern mountain plain, the mountain remained shrouded leaving us time to slowly take in our surroundings. After an hour or so we arrived at the Stella Maris Lodge. The hotel is a non-profit organisation which uses all of it's earnings to support a school for orphans next door. If only more hotels operated on such a charitable basis.

The staff were incredibly welcoming and showed us to our basic but clean rooms and gave us time to freshen up and prepare our kit for departure the following morning. After a couple of hours we met with our guides. Meshack was the lead guide, a tall, gentle character, only 27 but with over 70 ascents under his belt and Evance, 39, Meshacks right hand man and assistant guide, silently observing the briefing.

We were informed of safety and travelling times and what to expect from our first day of trekking. These two men in particular would become the most important, caring people we could ever hope to meet and ultimately we were dependant on their knowledge to keep us alive Dramatic much? After the meeting, I saw the clouds had cleared from the mountain for the first time. We ran back up to the room and onto the balcony. In twilight the glacier capped mountain was revealed.

I cannot put into words the vastness of it but it we couldn't believe our eyes. It was beautiful moment if for no other reason than to see the look of excitement and anticipation on Lauren and Dans' silly faces. After dinner we took to a real bed for the last time in over a week. From here on out, we would be sleeping in bags under canvas. As if we needed a reminder of the fact we were in Africa, we woke to the beautiful sound of the kids chanting and clapping in the schoolyard, it was a lovely noise and humbling reminder of the privileged position we were in.

We quickly dressed and headed for breakfast before meeting with Meshack and Evance for our first health check. It was a routine we would quickly become used to and happened every morning and evening.

Apologies for the following boring, scientific bit. This involved clipping a pulse oximeter to our finger to monitor how our bodies would adjust to the effects of altitude.

It is a nifty little instrument that a measures pulse and b uses light to measure oxygen saturation levels in your blood.

A normal person at sea level should have a oxygen level between 95 and 99 percent. We were told that if it ever fell below a level of percent we would not be allowed to climb. We boarded the bus. She was an old girl from the 70's and made you feel all Indiana Jones, Awesome. Our kit was strapped onto the roof under heavy tarpaulin and we got on to meet our crew who greeted us with a chorus of Jambo!

The Swahili word for hello. There were fifteen people excluding us in our expedition, these included porters guides and a cook. We started on a 2 hour journey to the Kilimanjaro national park headquarters whilst the driver put on a brilliant dvd of the biggest, current African popstars, an unexpected cultural delight that had us laughing and winding in our seats. We drove through the various villages and towns and watched African life unfold.

An hour or so in we stopped at village for the porters to get some supplies. We took a look around and watched a butcher at work on a cow in a shack, he'd left the pile of legs on the floor that were quite the tripping hazard and I was reminded of the sterile, strict, health and safety environment we live in. You'd never trip over a pile of hooves in the Co-op. Back on the bus and we drove through beautiful scenery, trundling slowly through pot holed, red earthed, dirt tracks, past little Masai children tending their goat herds and onwards to the National Park headquarters.

Here we stopped to register the crew and our names and details. We would use this check in process at every camp we arrived at, so the rangers could keep track of our progress and make sure everyone involved arrived to the next camp safely.

They weighed all of our kit including tents and food and this would happen ever day to ensure nothing was left in the park. What we took in, we had to take out. We then made our way to the Lemosho gate, the starting point of our trek, with a brief 45 minute delay to wait for an enormous lorry that had broken down on a single track road on the side of a pretty deep gorge to be pushed out of the way by 30 plus men.

Honestly, you couldn't write it. Read the rest of Noel's articles here. One of my wife's dearest friends, Cidalia Luis-Akbar, is about to do a crazy, amazing thing: They have never done anything like this before.

My wife tells me she's not even sure Cidalia has ever been camping. Indeed, climbing Kilimanjaro is a transformational, life-changing experience for pretty much everyone who makes the journey. Remarkably, many individuals like Cidalia and Natalia take the additional step of putting their personal journey in the service of a greater cause. Even celebrities get into the act: I wanted to find out more about what motivated Cidalia and Natalia to do the climb as a way to raise money, and Cidalia agreed to answer my questions:.

Cidalia, what motivated you to make this trip up Kilimanjaro more than a personal journey? My sister Natalia and I went out to the Santa Catalina mountains in Arizona for a few days to recuperate from all of the difficulties and turmoil of the past few years and to have some sisterly bonding time.

We decided to go on a hike, my first ever. After about two hours of walking perhaps the high altitude and lack of oxygen aided in our decision the idea of us climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro began to germinate. We were asking ourselves, how do we make a difference and leave the world a better place for our children?

By the time we returned from our hike we had decided to climb Kilimanjaro and to bring Childrens National Medical Center along on our journey. Our goal is to bring the Dr. We went without obtaining permission from our insurance network, and came back to Washington without our son, with broken hearts, and with a huge medical bill. Hence my desire to raise k for a fetal monitoring system. Six more losses and cancer would tragically follow.

However, we never lost hope, and in November of , Sophia came into our lives. Today, the world is a better place because she exists. Are you and Natalia a bit anxious about leaving your children behind with your husbands while you take on this challenging climb? Of course, we would love to have our children and husbands join us. However, with the Ebola outbreak and the long travel, we thought it better that they cheer us on from home. Lots of people don't make it to the top due to altitude sickness.

Do you think having set up this journey as a charity fundraiser it might be harder to turn back if a guide says that you must? For Natalia and I, the journey is the most rewarding part of our work. We would love to make it to summit and proudly wave the Dr.

Bear flag, and shout out to the world the hopes and dreams of the children back at the hospital. However, our health and safety is very important, if we are unable to summit, we will still be very proud of our efforts and know that we gave it our best. Please tell our readers, how can they make a donation and support you and Children's Hospital on this adventure? This is about giving from your heart for the sake of giving.

If you do, know that your donation will make a powerful difference and that we are extremely grateful. Please use the following link to make a tax-deductible online contribution and to watch our video.

Please share in our mission to bring CNMC to everyone in the community, and please pass our information on to all of your contacts and networks: Please support us, we can't move the mountain, but we will certainly endeavor to climb it, and proudly share the journey with you. Tim Ward is the author of " Zombies on Kilimanjaro: Surprisingly, Shorr failed to cash at the WSOP, but that's mostly because, unlike past years, he didn't play a full schedule. In fact, Shorr made the difficult decision to take two weeks off from the game's biggest festival to attend the World Cup in Brazil.

From there, it was on to Salvador for two more games — Spain versus Netherlands and Germany versus Portugal. It was the experience of a lifetime. While an experience of a lifetime like the World Cup would be enough for some, Shorr didn't stop there. I generally like challenges and trying to do things, so I said why not.

It timed up in the sense that August is kind of a slow month poker wise, so that worked in our favor. I think the weather is going to work in our favor. As Shorr began to ponder the impending trip, the seriousness of it all, coupled with his unpreparedness, seemed to strike him. I want to be really healthy heading into it. Indeed, Shorr, who runs frequently to stay in shape, admitted that his most challenging physical experiment up to that point was running a half marathon.

I did a little camping when I was younger in Alabama. I think everything you do sort of shapes you as a person, so you have to try to get the good out of everything. Shorr departed Alabama on July 31, and 22 hours later he arrived in Tanzania. My concern became real while waiting with many others in the lost baggage line in the third-world country — watching workers document all of the claims with paper and pen.

I filed my claim and was told that my baggage was most likely in Amsterdam and wouldn't arrive in time for my hike, which was to begin in just thirteen hours. Fortunately, Shorr was able to replace those items in Africa, and the next day the trio packed into a van with 14 others to make the minute trip to the mountain. Once they arrived, they set about their journey as the porters sprung ahead to set up camp. Even guys that weren't particularly big or were slightly overweight were getting after it.

It was, in two words, humbling and inspiring. As the clock ticked over to Thirty minutes later they were on their way. It is one of the reasons you should book your Kilimanjaro trip as soon as possible.

We trekked and trekked and trekked for over four hours and I can speak for all of us when I say that we were physically and mentally exhausted. Still, there was no chance of us coming up short. The triumvirate spent 15 minutes atop Mount Kilimanjaro celebrating the feat, and while their goal may have been reached, they still needed to get down the mountain.

Still, what took seven days to climb would take less than a day to descend. My headache was pounding and I was completely exhausted. Thanks to Jesse and Paul's motivation, I eventually made it.

After returning to the hotel, the first order of business was showers. The Yaginumas and Shorr flipped coins to determine the showering order, with the brothers getting the better end of the deal. After cleaning up, the three headed down to the hotel lobby for some celebratory beers. Just when they were about to call it a night, the very men who guided them up the mountain roped the three into hitting up the club.

We took over the dance floor with our favorite porter, Peter. I finally slept after 2 a. I am 1, feet away from summiting one of the most formidable mountains in the world. Standing at 19, feet, Mount Kilimanjaro still remains a mystery to most.

Although not technically challenging, it is a dangerous and difficult trek. Emotion runs through my body. I am exhausted, altitude sick and hopeful. It takes everything within me to keep moving forward to accomplish a dream that I only imagined slightly more than a year ago. How did I get here? Two of my girlfriends: We decided that you are definitely crazy enough to do this with us.

Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro is not just a walk in the park. Agreeing to take on the challenge was only the first of many decisions. Little did I know all the things that I would learn along the way: This type of adventure requires training and preparation. The training plans that we saw out there many of them designed specifically for Kilimanjaro usually called for a medium hike one or two times during the week, a long hike on the weekends and then a short hike the day after.

The hikes should be different lengths, terrains and altitudes. As a registered dietitian, I already had a pretty good handle on the way I eat. However, I think I was really surprised at the actual amount that I needed to eat in order to build up the calories for the long hikes. During my training, I focused on eating pretty balanced and clean throughout the week fresh vegetables, lean protein source, whole grains, fruit , and I would need to eat several times a day to accomplish this.

While on the mountain, we actually ate very well. Although you feel that you are constantly eating, with the altitude your appetite reduces and it was difficult to get in those calories that we so desperately needed. You burn a ridiculous amount of calories every day during the climb—I lost about 10 pounds in the eight days I was climbing.

Of course your gear can make or break you with this climb. All of your gear needs to repel sweat and be built for layering. Much research went into my choices of pants, tops, underwear yes, underwear , boots and socks. Boots and socks were the most important parts of my gear because if my feet were shot, it was going to be a miserable time.

For example, I had to figure out the grand world of urinating off the side of a mountain. As part of our gear considerations, there is a contraption that was created for ladies to assist in funneling their stream.

Using about 10 of these cloths a day actually changes your life and outlook up there. The idea was to use them specifically for our hands as we summited. However, they proved to be needed much more for other purposes, like sleeping. When you wake up spooning one of your friends through your sleeping bag, you know that it is cold. Using a couple of these heat pads at night in our socks and pants had us sleeping like babies.

Baby powder may seem like an unusual necessity, but I used it for chafing and my hair. Glorious locks that were not washed for eight days benefitted from the use of baby powder nightly. Although I looked like a Victorian madame every night I went to bed, I was so thankful to feel less gross and see how good my hair looked in all my pictures. There are seven trails that reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, each ranging in difficulty, terrain and the amount of days required for the hike.

We decided on the Lemosho Route, which covers the mountain in eight days—allowing more time for altitude acclimation. For someone like me who lives near the ocean, I needed as much help with the altitude as I could get. There is no way we could have accomplished this trip without our crew, which trekking companies provide. In choosing a guide service, we considered our chosen route some companies only offer certain routes , reviews, money and even blogs we found that mentioned who booked their trip.

The adventure itself took us through rainforests, desert, snow and 50 mph winds. Days and days of hiking provided rich views of this most majestic place. We had long and short days of hiking, and the pace was based on how the group was feeling. The ascent to the top was the most challenging yet the most fulfilling. It began at the 15,foot base camp at 11 p. The first 2, feet was rock shale, a most tedious undertaking that proved to be slow and mentally challenging, as every couple of steps forward you went one step backward.

The air was so thin that one step could put you completely out of breath. But this is what we were here to do—summit—and nothing could hold me back from that.

I was terribly altitude sick and felt nauseated the entire time. I definitely questioned myself and questioned moving forward in this adventure. At 1, feet from the top, the world seemed to be enveloped in white—a pristine glacier on one side, snow drifts on the other and a cloud blanket hiding everything below the peak. All of a sudden, the sun started to rise through the cloud blanket, and our surroundings reflected the rich golden hue.

I started to cry, and as those tears quickly froze, I realized that life is truly about the experience. On February 17, at 6: I learned an incredible amount about hiking, tedious training for a goal and gear for mountain adventures. However, probably the most surprising part of this journey is the incredible change that I went through as a person along the way.

Most people would agree that something of this caliber would be considered life-changing. For me, though, it provided a shift in my view of myself, the world and my own capabilities. I learned that I am strong and powerful. I learned that people are the same—no matter where they were born or raised. We all go through love and loss with the same feelings and sentiments. Laughter is sometimes all we can do.

I cannot be afraid of the unknown anymore, as I fully placed my life into this uncertainty without fear. I had to give up complete control and trust in others in order to survive—something I have never done in my life. This feat pushed me in ways that I never thought possible and could never be more thankful for. Now when I walk through life, I just remember … right foot, left foot, breathe in, breathe out. I can accomplish anything.

Some people will do anything for charity, even if it means stripping naked in freezing temperatures atop Africa's highest peak. That's exactly what cheeky Ben Boleyn did when he reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro after enduring treacherous conditions during a nine-day charity climb.

The year-old student scaled the 19,ft high mountain wearing full walking gear, including four layers of thermals, and then bared all for pictures after a friend bet him just 18 pence to streak at the peak in C weather. He posed for 10 minutes in just his walking boots, bringing some life to the dormant volcanic mountain. The teen from Kingswinford, West Midlands, said: It is quite unique. I want to go to Machu Picchu next so maybe I will strip there too.

He got the idea from a fellow Acorns Children's Hospice volunteer, who snaps a picture of himself naked at every landmark he visits.

Ben scaled the mountain with seven other climbers after he spent four weeks volunteering at a hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. They trekked an average of almost six miles a day with a team of 31 porters. He did it all to raise money for Acorns Children's Hospice and awareness of the 'fantastic' work that they do. Now that the climb is over, Ben is taking a gap year and hopes to study medicine at a university abroad before training to become a doctor.

An adventurous man climbed the highest mountain in Africa and then stripped naked to raise cash for a Worcester children's hospice. Ben Boleyn, 18, climbed to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa which is 5, metres above sea level to raise funds for Acorns Children's Hospice in Bath Road, Worcester where he is a volunteer.

Ben took the eight day Lemosho route which is one of the newer routes which some say is the most beautiful way up Mount Kilimanjaro as he climbed to the top between August 11 and The mountain is the highest freestanding mountain in Africa.

Ben also completed four weeks volunteering at Mwananyamala hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania which included him attending minor surgery, major surgery, emergency and the maternity ward before heading north to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Ben who received his A Level results recently hopes to study medicine and become a doctor. To sponsor him visit www. COM August 12, I consider it one of my biggest personal achievements and got so much out of the journey. The idea was proposed by Jesse and Paul over a year ago.

I initially laughed it off thinking it was an unattainable goal. I'm really, really, really glad I looked further into it. A big thank you to the Yaginumas for being such cool guys with ambition and a strong desire to live their lives to the fullest. This reiterates to me just how essential it is that we all keep an openmind about everything. Opening one's mind isn't a process that happens overnight.

It's a matter of being exposed to different people, things and places. I'll take this platform, however small it is, to try to express that through this documentation of my Kilimanjaro experience. One of my immediate worries before I left was that I had overtrained in the final days leading up to the climb. The WSOP is the busiest time of my year professionally so getting in tiptop shape was going to be hard work. I managed to get to the nearby 24 Hour Fitness in Vegas a handful of times where I would generally walk minutes on the treadmill's maximum incline I tend to keep myself in pretty decent shape but found this workout intense.

In retrospect this was a poor way to train, but I had very limited time to get outside and do hikes in Las Vegas. Looking back, a better way to train would be longer walks at less steep inclines and at a slower pace. I finished my time in Vegas and made it to my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. I found a hike there that would keep me somewhat sheltered from Alabama's devastating summer heat and humidity. Birminghamians should definitely get out to Oak Mountain if you haven't. I kept hiking until about a week up until my Kilimanjaro climb.

I did a quick 4 mile run in the Bama heat one day and then memorably ran a community 5k on a full stomach from the eatery Purple Onion the next, nearly puking for the final half kilometer.

I was in a great state of mind when I left Birmingham on July I caught up with all my family and some friends which is always the best. Additionally I stayed on my meditation grind, more on that later.

I arrived to Kilimanjaro airport in Tanzania after 22 hours of travel through eight different time zones to the nightmare that only my duffel bag had arrived.

Additionally I'd packed a huge suitcase that included my day pack and much of the essential gear I needed, perhaps most importantly my broken-in hiking boots. My concern became real while waiting with many others in the lost baggage line in the third world country--watching workers document all of the claims with paper and pen. I filed my claim and was told that my baggage was most likely in Amsterdam and wouldn't arrive in time for my hike which was to begin in just thirteen hours.

I made it to our hotel and Jesse and Paul helped me keep my sanity. I slept surprisingly well. We had breakfast at the hotel as we awaited pickup by Ultimate. When the van arrived, the porters loaded all of our gear onto the top of the van and we piled in with the guides, porters and cook. In total, seventeen of us were in the van for around ninety minutes in addition to an hour worth of stops on the way to our starting gate.

Before we could even get our backpacks on a monkey that was swinging from an overhead tree fell just feet from us then scattered away into the woods. We admittedly started the climb entirely too fast and broke quite a sweat on the first incline into the rainforest. I remember thinking "What did I get myself into?

We got a great taste for the rainforest and quickly made camp on day 1. Guides and hikers are required to sign in each afternoon at camp. Something is cool about the fact that history of Kilimanjaro is documented with paper and pencil.

It goes along with the awesomeness behind the idea that you're out there, it's just you and nature and no interference. We arrived to 2 two-man tents that had already been set up by our porters, a mess tent where we would eat dinner each night, and a few chairs which we would generally chill in each afternoon after completion. A quick note on the porters that carry all the equipment up the mountain: They scurry up and down the mountain at a pace you won't believe until you see it with your own eyes.

They balance or lightly support gear on their head in addition to wearing backpacks, tents, folding tables, and all kinds of other stuff. It was in two words, humbling and inspiring. In the next month or so I'm going to put together a short video of some of the footage from the climb and you will see it for yourself. We ate dinner on night 1 and left only crumbs. Jesse, Paul and I can really put down some food.

The porters likely were laughing amongst themselves about fact that there was never a scrape of leftovers from the enormous portions they'd give us. Dinner each night was always a soup with bread, followed by rice or pasta with a meat or mushroom sauce. Or fried fish and potatoes. Or a plate full of carbs like grilled cheeses, muffins?

One night at dinner we were brought our first dish. It looked delicious and I said, "Yum, chicken quesadillas". It was a running joke on our trip. I found all of the food delicious, but another joke amongst my friends and me is that I will eat everything and tell you it's the best I've ever had.

There was a chili flavored ketchup made by American Garden that we loved and ate on whatever we could. I should have listened to my Mom when she recommended to me multiple times to take medicine along the mountain with me.

The numbers don't lie