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Harrison Gimbel — Piscano dies of a heart attack upon observing federal agents discover his notebook. Are you ready for the return of " This Is Us "? Sam 'Ace' Rothstein Sharon Stone The early life and career of Vito Corleone in s New York City is portrayed, while his son, Michael, expands and tightens his grip on the family crime syndicate.

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The two had previously collaborated on Goodfellas. His character is based on Frank Rosenthal , who ran the Stardust , Fremont , and Hacienda casinos in Las Vegas for the Chicago Outfit from the s until the early s. Pesci plays Nicholas "Nicky" Santoro, based on real-life Mob enforcer Anthony Spilotro , a " made man " who could give Ace the protection he needed.

Nicky is sent to Vegas to make sure that money from the Tangiers is skimmed off the top and the mobsters in Vegas are kept in line. Casino was released on November 22, , to a mostly positive critical response, and was a box-office success. Taking advantage of gaming laws that allow him to work in a casino while his gaming licence is pending, Sam doubles the casino's profits, which are skimmed by the Mafia before being reported to income tax agencies.

Impressed with his work, Mafia boss Remo Gaggi sends Sam's childhood friend and mob enforcer Nicholas "Nicky" Santoro, Nicky's younger brother Dominick, and trusted associate Frank "Frankie" Marino to protect Sam and the whole operation. Nicky's volatile temper soon gets him banned from every casino in Las Vegas, so he, Dominick, and Frankie gather their own crew and engage in independent shakedowns and burglaries, instead.

Sam meets and falls in love with a hustler and former prostitute, Ginger McKenna. They conceive a daughter and marry, but their marriage is made difficult by Ginger's covetousness and love for her manipulative former boyfriend, con artist-turned pimp Lester Diamond. Lester is beaten severely by Sam and Nicky after they catch him conning Ginger out of some money.

Ginger subsequently turns to alcohol. In , Sam makes an enemy in county commissioner Pat Webb for firing Webb's brother-in-law Don Ward for incompetence.

When Sam refuses to reinstate Ward, Webb pulls Sam's license from the backlog, forcing him to face a hearing for his gaming license, while secretly arranging for the board to deny Sam. Sam blames the incident on Nicky's recklessness, and the two argue furiously in the desert after Sam attempts to tell Nicky to leave Las Vegas. Meanwhile, the casino counters begin skimming money for themselves, prompting the Midwest Mafia bosses to put Kansas City underboss Artie Piscano in charge of overseeing the transactions.

Piscano is unable to find the thieves, but keeps tabs on everything he knows about Las Vegas in a private notebook and rants about it in his grocery store. The FBI, investigating a separate crime, have wired Piscano's store, and Piscano's detailed complaints, complete with names, spurs the FBI to begin investigating the casino. Tired of her alcoholism, Sam finally seeks to divorce Ginger.

Ginger then kidnaps their daughter, Amy, takes her to Los Angeles, and plans to flee to Europe with her and Lester. Sam convinces Ginger to come back with Amy, and then scolds her for stealing his money and kidnapping their daughter. After he overhears Ginger talking on the phone about killing him, Sam kicks her out of the house, but soon relents. Ginger then approaches Nicky for help in getting her valuables from her and Sam's shared safety deposit box, and the two start an affair.

Sam discovers this after finding Amy tied to her bed by Ginger, who is with Nicky at his restaurant. Sam disowns Ginger, as does Nicky. A furious and drunk Ginger crashes her car into Sam's driveway, making a scene, and retrieves the key to their deposit box after distracting the attending police. Marlowe 18 - 55 Drama 2 min. Aladdin Roger Allers 18 - 55 Comedy 2 min. Ali Gregory Allen Howard 18 - 55 Drama 2 min. Almost Famous Cameron Crowe 18 - 55 Drama 2 min.

Amadeus Peter Shaffer 18 - 55 Drama 2 min. American Beauty Alan Ball 18 - 55 Drama 2 min. Analyze This Peter Tolan 18 - 55 Drama 2 min. Animal Crackers Bert Kalmar 18 - 55 Comedy 3 min. Annie Hall Woody Allen 18 - 55 Comedy 3 min. Annie Hall Woody Allen 18 - 55 Comedy 1 min.

Apollo 13 William Broyles Jr. Arlington Road Ehren Kruger 18 - 55 Drama 2 min. Abrams 18 - 55 Drama 2 min. Brooks 18 - 55 Drama 1 min. Austin Powers Mike Myers 18 - 55 Comedy 2 min.

Avalon Barry Levinson 18 - 55 Drama 2 min. Barbershop Mark Brown 18 - 55 Comedy 1 min. Be Cool Peter Steinfeld 18 - 55 Comedy 1 min. Beetlejuice Michael McDowell 18 - 55 Comedy 2 min. Big Fish John August 18 - 55 Drama 2 min. Big Sleep William Faulkner 18 - 55 Drama 1 min.

Gaby Mitchell 18 - 55 Drama 1 min. Blue Chips Ron Shelton 18 - 55 Drama 2 min. Boiler Room Ben Young 18 - 55 Drama 5 min. Boiler Room Ben Younger 18 - 55 Drama 2 min. Boys in the Band Matt Crowley 18 - 55 Drama 5 min. Breakfast Club John Hughes 18 - 55 Drama 3 min. Breakfast Club John Hughes 18 - 55 Drama 1 min. Brian's Song William Blinn 18 - 55 Drama 1 min. Brigadoon Alan Jay Lerner 18 - 55 Drama 2 min. Bull Durham Ron Shelton 18 - 55 Drama 1 min. Orange Stanley Kubrick 18 - 55 Drama 3 min.

Caddyshack Brian Doyle-Murray 18 - 55 Comedy 2 min. Caine Mutiny Stanley Roberts 18 - 55 Drama 2 min. Camelot Alan Jay Lerner 18 - 55 Drama 2 min. Capote Dan Futterman 18 - 55 Drama 3 min. Corelli's Mandolin Shawn Slovo 18 - 55 Drama 1 min. Carlito's Way David Koepp 18 - 55 Drama 1 min. Epstein 18 - 55 Drama 1 min. Chasing Amy Kevin Smith 18 - 55 Comedy 2 min. Chinatown Robert Towne 18 - 55 Mystery 2 min. Mankiewicz 18 - 55 Drama 2 min.

Mankiewicz 18 - 55 Drama 1 min. City Hall Ken Lipper 18 - 55 Drama 3 min. Hamilton is roughly the midway po…. By Ed Scarpo Wednesday, September 26, Judgement Day is coming -- and such an inconsequential one, reputed sitting Cosa Nostra boss Joseph Skinny Joey Merlino probably never saw it coming.

Still you never know what's waiting round the corner The guidelines call for a one- to two-year stretch in the can -- a skidbid for Merlino. McElvenny on City World Radio. The alleged sitting boss of the Philadelphia Mafia has faced life sentences. Sullivan to seal two letters from Merlino's Boca Raton, Florida, cardiologist. Defense attorney Edwin J. By Ed Scarpo Tuesday, September 18, Better run to the hills! Gene Gotti was spotted outside his Long Island home!

The mob is worried about how his release will impact their rackets! We can already see the for-sale signs rising up on front lawns all over Long Island. Maybe some priests while we're at it? Though they may be too busy with other things these days. And for god's sake, will someone protect the children! While we didn't actually see such exclamations -- well, we did spot one of them, actually -- based on some of the more hysterical newspaper reports we've eyeballed, we certainly would not have been surprised if we had.

No, Gene Gotti isn't going to come and eat you. The younger brother of the late Gambino boss, John Gotti, was released from prison last week, and we don't know why newspapers continue to flog this. Is it really so surprising that the man has been seen? Gene Gotti does exist. He's not, like, fictitious. He has a real family, t….

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