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You could make a simple lunch of sandwiches, chips and a drink such as La Croix seltzers or some bottles of lemonade. Playing Card Whirl Decorations. For some extra fun, divide your guests up into two teams and hold your own "Color War" where everyone can compete against each other in different activities. While casino themed parties are certainly popular, many people shy away from hosting them out of fear of it costing a lot money, being overly complicated, and not being well-organised leaving guests bored. Ask all of your guests to come dressed in white, and deck out your space with white accessories.

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MTV, neon and big hair — if all of these things make you smile, you might be a child of the '80s. In which case, you'll love an '80s music video-themed pool party. Guests can come dressed as an ode to their fave '80s singers or characters. If you have access to TV screens in your outdoor space, make a playlist on YouTube and let these videos play on a loop, or simply make a playlist of your favorite '80s jams and play it through portable speakers.

You can also find some fun '80s decorations, like this inflatable boom box. Renee ; Jennifer Ross Photography. Diddy throws a white party, the Real Housewives throw white parties, so why not you, too? This is another fun idea for an evening or nighttime bash. Ask all of your guests to come dressed in white, and deck out your space with white accessories. Set up tea lights all over your patio, and if you really want to go overboard, fill up your pool with white beach balls for some added drama.

Check the wedding aisle of your local craft store for white candy and other white accessories like serving pieces and tableware. A ring toss and a picnic blanket invite family and friends to lay in the grass on a sunny day and enjoy time together. For a more rustic, down home pool party, consider a country picnic theme.

You could set up beautiful quilts all over your lawn and make a lunch "basket" for each of your guests. Thrift stores usually have a big selection of baskets you can get ahead of time for a dollar each. You could make a simple lunch of sandwiches, chips and a drink such as La Croix seltzers or some bottles of lemonade.

Simple flower arrangements would look pretty in old tea or coffee cans around your space, and you can play your favorite country station or create a folk or bluegrass music playlist. Pack a Posh Picnic. This is a fun theme to tackle for a group of your nearest and dearest friends.

Buy some whistles at your local party or discount shop and give one to each guest as they arrive so everyone can pretend to be a camp counselor. Create a fun cocktail reminiscent of the "bug juice" we used to drink in camp, or set up a s'mores bar where people can grab marshmallows to roast for dessert.

Deck of Cards Favor Boxes. Mini Playing Card Cutouts. Slot Machine Centerpiece - 15". Playing Card Suit Cutouts. Card Suit Table Cover. Slot Machine String Decoration.

Casino Cutouts - 4 Per Unit. Blackjack Cutouts - 4 Per Unit. Card Suit Glitter Cutouts. Playing Card Pennant Banner. Playing Card Whirl Decorations. Casino Card Suit Confetti.

Casino Club Serving Tray. Playing Card Garnish Picks. Glow 12 oz Cup. Red Glow Shot Glasses. Red or Blue 16 oz Glow Cups. Casino Black Top Hat. Las Vegas Casino Lumiton 16" Baton. Casino Green Glitter Top Hat. Dollar Sign Novelty Sunglasses. A gold or silver poker chip key ring is a great option and is can also be used as a good luck charm when enjoying a bit of Geelong Cup betting.

These are available online and come in a velvet gift bag which adds a personal touch to the gift. Another key ring option is a gold or silver domino. There are different sizes online and are great for storing music, pictures, data and music.

Try and opt for the rubber coated ones, as they are waterproof and shock resistant. Most online shopping stores will gift wrap the USB drive in a gift box. For poker players a automatic shuffler is an excellent gift. Just the press of one button and the whole deck of cards can be shuffled. This shuffler can not only shuffle standard size cards but also bridge cards.

Another gift that would be appreciated is a professional dealing shoe, which is ideal for both blackjack or poker. It can handle up to six decks at a time and has a steel roller and is sure to impress at poker night. You can make a fundraiser that much more exciting, or a birthday party something no one will ever forget with some of these ideas!

Along with the basic supplies for your casino party, like themed cups, decorations, napkins and plates, think about renting, borrowing, or even buying things like:. Get your guests excited long before the night itself with original invites asking them to RSVP with plenty of time to spare. Along with more traditional party food like chips and dip, hamburgers, hotdogs, and platters, you could add some casino-themed snacks in to the mix as well.

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