Bad Bet: How Cruise Ship Casinos Offer Poor Payouts

While a cruise is a wonderful way to spend a vacation, be VERY careful and alert when gambling on ships outside US waters. I have said it before, that a craps game has a component that is not easily quantified. Notify me when others comment. We left Miami at 4: It was a small ship and we were in rough water Feb 20, Threads: Ever wonder why the casino is located where it is on a cruise ship?

Cruise Ship Craps

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I recommend that you break your total trip bankroll into session bankrolls, play for a fixed amount of time each session or until your session bankroll runs out , and keep accurate records of your play. Jerry "Stickman" is an expert in craps, blackjack and video poker and advantage slot machine play. He is a regular contributor to top gaming magazines.

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Tamburin Sets World Record. The Words of Craps. I met the world's grumpiest craps player, Herman. This was an honor bestowed on him by all of the dealers and the other players. The guy bitched about everything. He would yell at any player who would say his point number, as in "come on shooter, make the 9. And then bitch more.

He had this betting scheme where he would press other bets with his wins, so every time he got paid, it would be mass confusion while he tried to make the dealer understand what he wanted done with his money.

He screwed up the flow on every table he would step into, and then complain about how choppy and slow the dealers were. The dumbest move he made though, came when there were only 3 of us on the table. Herman and I on one side, and a big bettor on the other side, who was max betting the place bets most of the time. He is throwing, and is on a good roll. Payouts are coming quick, the dice are moving, we are making money. All of a sudden Herman yells at the stick to stop pushing the dice out so fast.

Now big bettor has a bunch of dealer bets up, so stick wants nothing to do with Herman. He continues to let the dice go. Herman gets the Casino manager, and demands that he tells the stick to not push out the dice so fast. Big bettor 7's out shortly after, and I thought the dealers were going to attack Herman. RaleighCraps I met the world's grumpiest craps player, Herman.

How does "knowledge and skill when you are betting" help you in a negative expectation game???? Feb 20, Threads: March 22nd, at 4: We chose the brand new Getaway ship, and upgraded to a balcony min-suite balcony room with a bigger bathroom and body massage shower.

We left Miami at 4: We were also at sea from 7: So there was LOTS of time for the casino. They had 2 craps tables, and both were in use every day. On most cruises, I am the only daily craps player, and most of my time is spent alone. There were times I could not get on either table. For Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I could not do much on my rolls. Oct 19, Threads: June 27th, at 5: Don't expect too many negatives, there just won't be many pluses.

You are a captive market. Many cruise ships offer only 2x odds. If you want higher odds, the crew will tell you to walk to another casino and play there. Don't expect the Field to have any Triple in it. You can still enjoy the game, its just sure not going to be a x table for simple reason that they are a monopoly. Oct 14, Threads: June 27th, at 9: Don't expect to get comped well either. It is very hard to impress in the cruise ship casinos. One question I get asked from time to time is what do cruise ships do at the craps table when the ship crosses out of international waters.

If you knew that was going to happen momentarily, and assuming they refunded any unresolved bet, then you should make a huge bet on the pass or come.

I've never investigated this on the three cruises I've done, but I tend to think they close the casino well before they have to, very late at night, when they don't inconvenience anybody. Craps does not seem popular on cruise ships anyway. I suspect I get asked about it more often that the situation actually happens. If you find out the answer, please let me know. It's not whether you win or lose; it's whether or not you had a good bet.