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Video shows the robber pointing a handgun at employees and a customer as he orders them to the floor, Pasha said. Police say he stole from his year-old grandfather to feed a gambling problem. FL - A federal appellate court on Thursday upheld the corruption conviction and nearly six-year prison sentence of Walter J. North America hotels, accommodation and travel guides links. And initially, the newspaper did publish the video of the gathering online. Holland America Cruise Line Jobs.

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Until after the election, after their decision. Quinn could have stood his ground and taken the heat from the Kasich camp. Instead, he chose different ground — less information for voters, fair warning to candidates — and took the heat from readers, local journalists and national media critics over that. Why did he make this choice of heats? Did they omit mentioning that during this unique, rare and newsworthy gathering? Neither Chris Quinn nor Ted Diadiun is saying: As a news organization serving the public, our fundamental compact is with the readers, not the candidates , even though we strive always to be fair to candidates and others who figure in the news.

NEOMG lost track of a very basic fact about community journalism. So in my view, this is what Chris Quinn should have said:.

We lost sight of that fundamental compact, and then we compounded the error by refusing to explain ourselves. Today I am ordering that the video be re-posted and I apologize to our readers for taking it down in the first place. It was an error in judgment because it gambled with something fundamental — your trust.

Your confidence in us as a news provder is. Chris Quinn appeared on WCPN this morning and faced questions from the host, other journalists and listeners. Facing widespread criticism, he framed it as the views of an overheated minority.

The name given to this tiny, screeching group: He portrayed himself as a stoic, willing to take the heat. Turned out she knew Quinn before as a source and PR person, and press aide to a former mayor.

In the comments, I have a hypothesis about what happened. I was just interviewed by WCPN about this story and learned one thing. Plunderbund is not backing down. Cleveland Scene, a local weekly, covers the story and posts the video. This is now officially another instance of the Streisand effect. This is statewide story.

Jill Miller Zimon alerted me to this story. At her blog she writes:. We want to trust and believe. Just as no one wakes up asking to be poor, no one wakes up hoping that their news provider will fail to be transparent or less than editorially honest with us. Of anyone in the local or national media, Jackson had the best chance to get an answer from Quinn but he chose not to. Maybe there were other, more important issues. WCPN can still get answers.

They know about the issue. It obviously had a working relationship with Chris Quinn. WCP could do the news ecosystem a favor by asking its frequent on-air guest why the video was taken down. Know anything about the disappearing Ohio gubernatorial endorsement video? Email me at nick dot castele at ideastream dot org. WAKR, a local radio station out of Akron, editorializes about the mystery of the vanished video. If not as a courtesy to readers, then at least as a best practice from a company living by the value of transparent public discourse.

Profile in the Daily Beast. Friday, October 31, The Plain Dealer looks really bad here. Why did the company take down the video? Who made the decision? Chris is the vice president for content at the Northeast Ohio Media Group, and the one who has made the decisions on this matter. For context in understanding this reply, the normal task of an ombudsman or readers representative is to field questions from readers and then navigate the newsroom or company bureaucracy to get answers.

Ted Diadiun certainly understands the job the way. Chris Quinn, NEOMG vice president for content, had seen in the blurry image what looked like the attacker pulling up his pants, and was horrified to think that he might be linking to a video of the actual rape.

See what I mean? There are questions about journalistic practice. The readers rep finds the person in the company who has responsibility and gets answers. He said I will have to go to Quinn myself and get answers.

Diadiun normally writes a Sunday column. No column this week. Diadiun declined to write about an issue that has been covered extensively in the local ecosystem. Tensions in the Cleveland newsroom are bursting into public view.

Then he adds — mysteriously! Like… after the election, maybe? New York to Cleveland: Adding to the mystery, making things more opaque when it is within your power to explain them, is pretty much the opposite of journalism. Chris Quinn, September, Chris Quinn is not in charge of The Plain Dealer. The website is where Plain Dealer stories are posted on line. But they do not run the Plain Dealer. Who said they did? Jay, your tone is dismissive, disrespectful, and completely misplaced.

Hers IS the bigger issue! But I point out two facts: That is definitely the perception. But it is not the reality. Wendy and I are copy editors. Nor do I intend to argue here with you or anyone else. Correction to my original post: Upon rereading your responses, Jay, I was wrong to call your tone disrespectful. That was my own defensiveness.

I was NOT defending removal of the Kasich video, or downplaying the questions surrounding the removal. I was just trying to emphasize the PD reporters and production workers like me have no say in editorial board decisions, or those of NEOMG.

The whole point of this post, from the title, to the closing paragraph, to all the points made in between, is to lay responsibility at the feet of Chris Quinn, vice president of NEOMG. And I nowhere suggest that Plain Dealer employees are responsible.

The readers, who are what matters, do not about the distinctions between Cleveland. That is what the newspaper is. Just pick at a minor error in the post and then move along. You are right John that Wendy McManamon may be correct in the minor issue.

The Plain Dealer has lost any of what little credibility they had left when they endorsed Kasich. So as you can see, for purposes of the take down episode, they are one organization with different parts.

I was trying to provide some context for her comments. They are different newsrooms, so plenty of room for confusion. The corporate machinations to divide up the properties are not easy for many of us to keep straight.

His operation overseers Cleveland. I am not an insider able to explain all the nuances but I have great respect for many of the PD side reporters and a lot has been going related to shifts in where writers reside between the PD and NEOMG. The takedown looks tainted. Yet neither newsroom controls what the editorial board decides. However, all but one on the editorial board is a Plain Dealer employee.

Just to correct myself for the record, and then you big boys can talk about the big issues: The real point is that the Plain Dealer — whatever it wants to call itself — endorsed John Kasich for re-election. This is true despite the fact that FitzGerald, as County Executive, has done just about everything the Pee Dee, as I like to call it, backed editorially.

Not including Page One that usually has a major sports piece. I noted that the previous three Sundays the paper had 68 pages of sports with very minor inches of ads. The piece can be seen here: The newspaper ignores the deep problems of poverty, especially among children, for Boosterism and ignores huge public expenditures for sports and downtown subsidies. Ralph Nader in a recent letter to Kasich cited a piece I did on just how much money has been poured into subsidies to developers and sports owners.

It can be found here: I only wish this Video was taken eight weeks ago! Just repost the video. Let Ohio see the kind of person John Kasich is, and let it spread like wildfire prior to the election.

The truth needs to be revealed. I was one who actually saw a large portion of this before it was taken down. Kasich was ignoring Fitz and lounging in his chair.

He was disrespectful, unprofessional, condescending, and appeared bored. He dodges questions and twitches. That fact is fine with the PD on its face, and the last thing they want to be doing is leaving that video in place. My strong guess is that the Gov. Was the camera hidden? Kasich has been running on cruise control ever since his opponent ran into the PR troubles a couple of months ago over being in a car late at night with someone not his wife. I did see the video and was not flattering the Governor at all.

He was acting like a petulant child. Would not answer Mr. Would only take questions from the interviewer. Look like the hissy fit thrown in Florida over a fan.

You need to pull up your big girl and boy panties. Start acting like mature intelligent people if you can. A friend of mine said it best about this whole thing: It is a blessing to read i am not alone. Now how do we get the word out just three days left and we must not leave out any Republican. I want to know why all of the Democratic party is not telling whats on the line if the Republicans take over and what the democratic party have accomplished.

Thanks Debbie and Jeanie. The odd thing is that the PD blindly supports a man who represents everything contrary to most of readers of the PD and most of the residents of Cuyahoga County. Cuyahoga County is a blue collar, racially diverse and, for the most part, open minded and tolerant group of people. The attitude of the PD and its many of its columnists has been smug and condescending. The paper has found the line between journalistic integrity and partisan pandering and taken one giant leap for the Republican Party.

By embracing the agenda of the far right, the paper has rendered itself irrelevant. This is very simple. It boils down to:. A leading news outlet has erred on the side of not releasing information pertaining to a major election.

Or rather and even worse: It released the information and then revoked it, and went after someone else for putting it out there. This is failure to adhere to its most basic mission, and anyone associated with NEOMG should be embarrassed and appalled.

Ted Diadiun is a dreadful public editor. He completely mishandled the response to horrifying coverage of the murder of a transgender person in Cleveland last year. I am at an utter and complete loss as to why he holds the position that he does. I would imagine most visitors to Cleveland. Advance has senior management.

While it is worth noting the audio still exists and the churlish behavior by Kasich was reported, the simple question remains: In the world where we argue media institutions bring credibility this is a most incredible performance.

There will no longer be a Plain Dealer, in any form, after the union contract expires in a couple year. The name will be retired. This is just speculation. It would explain the data we do have, though.

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