Why do the Indian Casinos not have Craps with Dice?

What ability do state regulators have to inspect casino facilities and machines? Another method uses two shoes of cards, will one card drawn from each, which obviates the need for a "joker". They use a card deck in a constant shuffler, four each of ace, two, three, four, five and six. Think outside the bun Deal Me In: When not to be on the phone Deal Me In: A freebie can be had just by asking Deal Me In:


Vegas-inspired Craps is here!

Your chances of busting are not as great as you think Deal Me In: Gimmick bets are part of the game Deal Me In: It's possible, but improbable, to hit the big kahuna Deal Me In: Player questions if he is a freak of nature Deal Me In: A decent game, for those running the casino Deal Me In: Does the Golden Arm exist? Scores of one-button bandits seldom pay out super-sized jackpots Deal Me In: Reader's take, well taken Deal Me In: Murky waters when gambling at sea Deal Me In: We're all just grinding it out Deal Me In: If it weren't for suckers, there wouldn't be any good bets Deal Me In: The illusion of skill Deal Me In: A freebie can be had just by asking Deal Me In: Husband penalized for canny play Deal Me In: Them being the casino Deal Me In: Plan on a long dry spell between top-line jackpots Deal Me In: Is Chuck-a-luck worth chucking?

Is Free Bet Blackjack really a freebie? Patience is needed for volatile bonus video poker machines Deal Me In: Never shortchange yourself with this betting opportunity Deal Me In: What's in your wallet?

Did this player deserve to be tossed from the casino? The choice between losing or losing really fast Deal Me In: Simple rule change squashes chances of winning Deal Me In: Whoever said you had to have fun? Never and always are princes among slippery terms Deal Me In: Reading your way to riches Deal Me In: Round and round she goes Deal Me In: Beware of Greeks bearing gifts Deal Me In: Pirates of the Caribbean Deal Me In: Number of decks versus number of players Deal Me In: The sticky thing about your gambling timeline Deal Me In: A little deeper into the comps topic Deal Me In: Jackpot denied Deal Me In: A certain craps loss Deal Me In: The courteous sidestep demonstrated and explained Deal Me In: Trading aces Deal Me In: Distrust any shuffling machine that smiles at you Deal Me In: Some profitable pre-yank reading Deal Me In: Hot news on roulette voodoo Deal Me In: Your state lottery has better odds Deal Me In: And how about a smile, while you're at it?

Faced with two bad choices, take the better of the two Deal Me In: Hope springs eternal Deal Me In: The oddities of odds Deal Me In: Getting more decisions per hour isn't necessarily a good thing Deal Me In: You heard it right: Many players believe the aisle-slot scuttlebutt Deal Me In: High hit frequency doesn't necessarily mean higher payback Deal Me In: Clanking of coins silenced Deal Me In: One annoying feature of randomness Deal Me In: The mathematics of breaking even Deal Me In: A sort-of answer to a sort-of query Deal Me In: But look at all the snow they got Deal Me In: Share and share alike Deal Me In: This buy is no bargain Deal Me In: Spooks of the green felt Deal Me In: Glitches happen Deal Me In: On the up-and-up Deal Me In: The only game in town Deal Me In: Think outside the bun Deal Me In: R stands for right, rong or ravishing Deal Me In: That skinny path on the up-and-up Deal Me In: When less is more, more or less Deal Me In: Putting a pal in the sand trap Deal Me In: So, to shield her from embarrassment, I took the money Deal Me In: Getting, and betting, sloshed Deal Me In: When they say, "No thinking allowed," just smile Deal Me In: Over 21 in dog years doesn't count Deal Me In: The price of your free lunch Deal Me In: Three speeds — three different results Deal Me In: Well, not really Deal Me In: Does back-and-forth chip exchange happen?

Sound of silence Deal Me In: The gentle art of tipping Deal Me In: Come one, come all Deal Me In: Slot personnel will be your happy guide Deal Me In: Payment in installments or lump sum? A flush at the outhouse Deal Me In: Fellow asked me once if I recommended winning Deal Me In: Can anything honestly be that elusive? I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today Deal Me In: Pennies from heaven line the casino's pocketbook Deal Me In: Players can get paid to play Deal Me In: A heap of small advantages has its value Deal Me In: Sister Cyrilla to the rescue Deal Me In: Winner winner Deal Me In: Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain Deal Me In: Point chasing not permitted Deal Me In: Bonus games and bonus multipliers Deal Me In: A A red die numbered with three 1's, and three 4's, B a blue die numbered with three 2's, and three 3's, and C A card deck featuring all possible permutations of two dice.

Two cards are drawn at random and placed face down over red and blue regions of the table. The dice are thrown. If the red die is higher then the red card is turned over and used as the roll, if the blue die is higher then the blue card is used.

Note that there can be no ties. Also the blue die is irrelevant. A 1 on the red die will always lose to the blue die, and a 4 will always win. The "Super Field" pays if both cards are the and , in either order. Wins pay to 1. The probability of winning is 0. They have previously used other methods so please don't write in to correct me unless you have very current information. A card deck is used, consisting of 12 each of cards ace to six, and one joker.

Two cards are drawn to determine the roll. If the first card is the joker, there is no action, and two new cards are drawn. If the second card is the joker, it shall match the first card. The joker side bet pays 60 FOR 1 if the first card is a joker. The probability of winning is 1.

The four suit bets, one for each suit, win if both cards are the suit specified, and pays 14 FOR 1. The probability of winning is 5. The game is dealt at a blackjack-size table called "Card Craps. Two cards are drawn to represent the roll.

Due to the effect of non-replacement, the odds will be slightly different from conventional craps. Never Fantasy Springs 3x-4x-5x 0. Assuming the player always takes the maximum odds, under this rule, his odds win will always be 6 times his pass line bet. The Barona Casino hired me to perform surveys of San Diego casinos for backjack, roulette, and craps. The table above summarizes my findings. The Winstar uses a card deck, one card for each two-dice combination. It is my understanding that the cards look ordinary, except for a bar code, which corresponds to the dice roll.

Wizard of Odds uses cookies, this enables us to provide you with a personalised experience. More Info Got It! Enter your email address below to subscribe to our weekly newsletter along with other special announcements from The Wizard of Odds! The Wizard of Odds. Playing Craps with Cards Introduction In California the dice alone may not determine the outcome in craps.

Agua Caliente Twelve cards are used, an ace through six from two separate decks, with different color back sides. Barona Six cards are used, numbered one to six. Fantasy Springs Same method as the Agua Caliente.

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