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All prizes in Lotto, EuroMillions, and Daily Million games must be claimed within 90 days of the applicable drawing dates. No minor under the age of 18 may purchase tickets for or claim prizes in any National Lottery game. Winners have the right to remain anonymous. Lotto, which began in March , is the National Lottery's flagship drawing game.

The minimum play in Lotto has always been two lines of six numbers each. Lotto has produced two spinoff games, Lotto , which began in , and Lotto Plus, which began in The National Lottery said that this reflected lower jackpot levels during the year.

The first Lotto drawing was held on Saturday, 16 April If no winning ticket was sold, the jackpot rolled over for the next draw. Drawings continued each Saturday night until 30 May , when the National Lottery introduced a midweek Lotto draw on Wednesday nights. Lotto draws have been held twice weekly since that time.

A member Dublin -based syndicate, organized and headed by Polish-Irish businessman Stefan Klincewicz, had spent six months preparing by marking combinations on almost a quarter of a million paper playslips. In the days before the drawing they tried to buy up all possible combinations and thus win all possible prizes, including the jackpot.

The National Lottery tried to foil Klincewicz's plan by limiting the number of tickets any single machine could sell, and by turning off the terminals his ticket purchasers were known to be using heavily. Klincewicz later appeared on the television talk show Kenny Live and wrote a self-published lottery-system book entitled Win the Lotto.

To compensate for the longer jackpot odds, the National Lottery doubled the starting jackpot to and added a "bonus number" to the drawings. At the same time, the National Lottery introduced computer-generated "quick picks" as an alternative to marking numbers on paper playslips. Some retailers now only offer the quick-pick option.

Falling sales partly reflected public dissatisfaction with the game during the Celtic Tiger economic boom. The current odds of winning the Lotto jackpot are 1 in 8,, The Wednesday night Lotto draw on 4 February was postponed until the following night due to a technical problem with ticket machines. This marked the first time in Lotto history that a drawing was postponed. The first Lotto Plus drawing took place on 25 October A Lotto Plus raffle was also introduced.

The odds of winning these prizes are the same as for the main Lotto game. They offered free Daily Million quick picks for matching 2 main numbers plus the bonus ball.

This meant that the odds were better at 1 in 10 at winning a prize. Over 90 percent of Lotto players play Lotto Plus. Based around the main Lotto draw, Lotto was introduced in February It allows players to win prizes by correctly matching one, two, three, four, or five of the drawn numbers. The more numbers players try to match, the greater the prize. Players may base their choices either on a six-number game excluding the bonus number or on a seven-number game including the bonus number. As of , EuroMillions accounts for 24 percent of National Lottery sales.

Several EuroMillions jackpots have been won or shared in Ireland:. The first Plus drawing was held on 15 June For some undisclosed reasons the National Lottery does not allow Daily Million Draws to be viewed by the public or streamed online.

In the summer of , the National Lottery ran its first Millionaire Raffle. And thanks to Andrea Chrisensen also. Just wanted to let you know that the Mandalay Bay is the best. The service,food,gambling,beaches are the best in vegas. Just stayed at Mandalay bay. Booked trip last minute due to the great weather.

I am a frequent guest at MB. I enjoy the wave pools and lazy river. I was surprised to find that the wave pool was not open and only one pool was. I believe there should have been a notice when I made the reservation that only one pool would be open. Visited the shark exhibit.

It was spoiled by the fellow in the horseshoe crab exhibit who called me a liar for saying there are horseshoe crabs in Washington State. He was so wound up he called his supervisor.

What a pity and a blemish on such a fantastic facility. Stayed at a room in MB and left on check out day. Me and my girlfriend accidentally left a couple hundred dollars in the room safe, not realizing until I was back home half way across the United states that we left it in there, we made a few calls and the only thing they could have us do was to file a missing property report on the website.

Not exactly happy with the hotel, not even counting our whole party spent a lot of money on hotel rooms for a couple days. On the evening before leaving we decided to order room service.

It took a little over 45 minutes to arrive, and when it did, it was shocking. It came in takeaway tubs not plates with an actual knife and stone cold.

The fries looked grey, and limp. The supposed Angus burger looked like a hockey puck. The flatbread which is supposed to be crisp was soggy, and then there was the chicken. All of the food had been clearly been precooked then microwaved, and clearly left till brought up to the room.

The food was shoddy at best, and an embarrassment to the MB. My comments are in reference to a suite I rented at MB from April 13 thru The room was in need of renovation. The carpet was worn and dirty, one table was scratched in five places down to the wood two to three inches long and the other tables had stains. The furniture was worn, the floor in the bedroom bathroom was chipped in several places. The closet door near suite interence did not fully close. I hope you can help, and give us some kind of a response.

I sent a letter of complaint over a month ago and we have not heard back from Mandalay Bay Upper Management and Risk Management regarding an event that took place back in May 23rd. I would appreciate it if someone could call me or email me back to confirm that you received our letter and hopefully are still reviewing this matter.

I truly believe that my family and my self were treated very bad, and security management and Light nightclub handle that situation very badly. I would truly like someone form Mandalay Bay to get in touch with me regarding this event. If for some reason you do not have the letter that was sent to your please advise and I will make sure we send it off again. I will wait until the end of the week to hear hopefully hear back from some one. I will then have no choice but to send may letter to all the news stations here in LA and Las Vegas, maybe some one from the media might agree with how we were treated and would be interested in meeting with us.

First off, we have stayed at Mandalay Bay a number of time, honestly it is always our 1st choice. We have only stayed at Mandalay Bay and 1 other hotel in Vegas on our many trips. We recommend it to everyone who is going to Vegas!!! She had brain surgery to remove a tumor in May. Her wish was to go to Las Vegas on a shopping spree and stay at Mandalay Bay…her favorite resort!! Our room was a basic room which we have had on all our other stays.

Our room attendant was great, we always had what we needed everyday. Our concern arose when we checked out and were given the receipt. We were shocked and felt so bad that no deal was given to this amazing organization which helps kids to enjoy life after serious illnesses or surgery. Our daughter was also upset, maybe even more than us. For this price my daughter should have had a upgraded room, free shows,restaurant coupons, t-shirts, water bottles!!

It left us a pit in our stomachs and sour taste for the resort that we love! I am pretty sure you are already aware your site is not ranking where it should be and I can see why. Who is talking about you online? What is your online reputation like? Do you have broken links? This is all free, no credit card required, of course after you get youreport takes about 15 minutes if you wish us to help you with any issues you find then feel free to give us a call on the number provided on your audit.

My husband and I stayed at your Hotel on Sept the 4th through Sept the 6th and were very disappointed! We stayed in room and have never experienced so many things wrong at one time. We frequent many nice places in Vegas and thought we would stay at your establishment due to the concert being held there on Friday night.

I now wish we would have stayed elsewhere and taken a Cab. Just to list a few of our experiences: First noticed the beds were both tilted, one had a bed spreadsheet and the other did not…. Still perplexed by the Box contraption protruding from the wall marked with the diagonal word PHONE, pretty sure we left behind. Speaking about clean…Our bathroom was extremely dirty, the shower floor looked a little more than appealing, very dirty, as though it should have been in a truck stop, shower door was full of water spots and the stain tub was no better.

I recommend someone take a cloth and at least run it around the base boards to knock off the noticeable dust build up! While taking a bath I could also tell that the floor under the sink was in need of some over-due cleaning. The sink handles in the bathroom were very hard to turn, looks like maybe a little WD would have helped! Possible could have also added a little more light in the hallway going towards the door, try using the mirror with no more than a faint glow from above, not good!

After checking out of your Hotel and speaking to others that have stayed at the Mandalay and discussing what we encountered, I decided to call and try and explain some of my frustration, only to find that I was told that if I expected a better room, I should have spent the extra If we had known that we needed to request an upgrade in order to get a clean room, we would have never stayed to begin with, not to mention the fact we already spent We have never had to request an upgrade at any Hotel in Vegas and have always been extremely impressed and pleased!

Signed, Really disappointed with customer service or a lack of! My husband and I stayed at your Hotel on Sept the 4th through the Sept the 6th and were very disappointed! Just checked in and already not happy with the service. We have had to call down 3 times within the first 10 mins of being in the room. No ice bucket, needed more towels, no room service menu, no upgrade even though we called 2 hours before arrival and they said we already had one.

All staff was rude except bell desk and the person bringing us the things. I had purchased a ticket to attend the Michael Jackson One show. Please assist me so that I will be able to watch the show, I am a very keen Michael Jackson fan.

I have limited resources and would not be able to afford another ticket. My booking reference with viator is BR I receive an abundant amount of marketing campaigns from Wynn and probably visit them on my next trip. I thank Mandalay Bay for contacting me in regards to the water bottles not included in the resort fees.

I contacted Delta Vacation Packages as well about the error on their website. By the time, customer service contacted us about receiving the water, we had already proceeded on our own to purchase water for our dietary needs. I also wanted to include most resorts give a full size gym and an enclosed business center for guests to have private computer use. We had to pay an extra access fee to enjoy the spa amenities and the full size gym.

We had to go to our former resort for printing needs without paying an additional fee to print items. Paying 30 a night and not receiving full access to amenities is unheard of. And we had to pay to visit Shark Reef. The Mandalay Bay is a delightful spot, I just wish more was included in the resort fees. I lost my prescription glasses on June 6, in your hotel lobby.

Darwin Geek is the brand and that name is on the inside frame. Please let me know if they were found and turned in. Currently at the hotel now and it is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in!!! So pissed because all these little dumb fake plastic people are like omg WTF lol how lame are prancing about like they are the only people in the world that matter and they are fucking rude as fuck! Yet they call for anything and it seems like the front desk is right there aiding to their request! I can not thank Jessica at the front desk enough for the amazing customer service I received.

She has gone above and beyond to make sure I had an amazing stay. Her customer service skills are priceless. She was able to determine I had a bad and long day before I got to the hotel and she made it her goal to make sure I had an amazing stay. I am so impressed by her kindness. She has left a lasting impression with her smile and positive attitude. I just thought you should know what a amazing employee you have. Thank you, Thank you Jessica! We arrived Thursday 2: I was informed by the man who checked me in that my dad can get free parking for both cars if he gets a M-life card, so we did.

My father is a Vietnam veteran and has PTSD and is a paranoid schizophrenic so it is hard to get him to leave the house, but he decided he wanted to go to Vegas. When we exited the elevator on the 25th floor there was an overwhelming odor of marijuana. I had my 16 year old daughter with me. I immediately went back to check-in. Before I was able to get back up to the 25th floor my 16 year old daughter meet me in the hallway on floor 25 and said that another guest just walked into room , they had a key, as she was changing and getting her luggage.

We managed to get our luggage from both rooms and went to our new rooms. Still way far apart. Again, I went back to the check in line, only about an hour wait this time, and told the same lady who switched our rooms what had happened.

She then got a manager and I was comped two nights. Not good enough but by this time we were all exhausted and just wanted to relax. I kept my dad in since it was closer to the elevator. He was complaining that the AC was barely working and it was hot, so he just wet towels to cool off. We put a do not disturb sign on the door, and still the house keeper came in and made the beds. Loved the pool, too hot for my dad and the cabana rental was too expensive, so he was basically in the room the entire trip.

I would like to express my frustration with your organization, I have stayed at many of your properties including the Bellagio, MGM. I kept coming back because of your superior service and the kindness of your employees. I am a 65 year old business executive and I know the customer should be valued. My most recent stay at the Mandalay was great until my toe was hurt at by the chair at a spin video poker table. I ask for first aid as my toe was bleeding thru my tennis shoe, in 20 minutes a security guard showed up.

I wrote a statement and was told someone would contact me in a couple of days. This happened on Friday August 4th and NO one has contacted me. I feel very disrespected and I really would like to think that my race was not a factor in the no response.

Richards, check your records and see that we usually get a 2 bedroom suite so that we have room for our grand children. I just made reservations to stay at The Palazzo Hotel on October 1st and 2nd, had this been handled differently it would have been the Mandalay Hotel. I would hope this letter of truth would finally get someone with authority to respond.

The worst rooms ever. Room had a very bad smell like someone died in this room. They gave me anouthet room with mold. The desk staff was very rude and unwilling to make me happy. As I express my thoughts they called security and had me escorted to my room.

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