Fond du Lac Indian Reservation

Band members are invited to take a survey to help the Planning Division when considering future growth and development. The tribe ceded land to the US as part of an treaty along with other Ojibwa bands; the lands were located mainly from East Central Minnesota to north-central Wisconsin. Click here for full details and application. All Fond du Lac employees must attend one of the fairs. The tribe owns two casinos:

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The Ojibwe name for the Fond du Lac Reservation is "Nagaajiwanaang", which means "where the water stops". Toggle navigation Fond du Lac Band.

The Fond du Lac Band is required under the Clean Water Act to periodically review and propose changes, if necessary or appropriate, to our federally approved water quality standards, and to provide opportunities for public input. Click here to read the full notice, revised water quality standards draft, and supporting technical documents.

All MCT members are welcome to attend. Click here for details. Click here to read the news release. Applications from qualified band members will be accepted until 4: Click here for full details and application. Election Ordinance Section 1. Medical will be taking calls for same day afternoon appointments beginning at We apologize for the inconvenience.

The purpose of this committee is to advise, assist and oversee the use, protection and development of land within the boundaries of the reservation. Interested individuals should contact Jack Bassett at or by email to jackbassett fdlrez. All Fond du Lac employees must attend one of the fairs. This is your chance to make any changes to your insurance and benefits plan for the coming year.

Click here for full details. Kiwenz Campground - Seasonal Closure Notification: On Monday, October 1st, the Kiwenz Campground facility building will be closed for the season, i. At this time, the dock will also be removed from the lake. During this period Oct. The original Nagaajiwanaang Reservation was 1. In treaty discussions the US representatives were recorded as promising the inclusion of the Perch and Big lakes, but these were excluded from the original reservation.

Its boundaries extended westward to the western boundaries of the Ceded Territory. Upon appeal by the tribe, the US extended the reservation boundaries southward to include the two said lakes, but as a concession, the tribe had to agree to a reduction in the western boundaries, which were placed at the current location. The FDL adopted a written constitution with an elected government.

Its tribal council has x members, [ clarification needed ] who serve staggered terms. The FDL operates social services, tribal housing, a tribal police force, a natural resource building, a gas station, three community centers, and a private health clinic and pharmacy called Min No Aya Win Health Center. It has numerous members who live in these urban areas. The tribe owns two casinos: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Indian reservations in Minnesota. Big Lake Esko Mahtowa.