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Players can earn comp points on their Dream card by playing any table game or slot machines. NJ offers more casino's and different atmosphere just in case I lose my religion. I have to say that they have turned more craps players into blackjack players then NJ. A two-card hand higher than five-card hand, and B the wrong number of cards in the hands. All hotels in Mashantucket 4. When the dealer does not qualify, your Play bet wins and your Ante bet pushes. Baccarat begins when the shoe containing eight decks of cards is passed to the first player.

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Foxwoods Resort Casino Mashantucket, Connecticut

After seeing your cards, you can fold or stay in the game by making the Play wager. The Play wager must match your Ante unless you have a pair of Aces or better.

If you have at least a pair or Aces, you may bet up to three times your Ante. The dealer qualifies with King-high or better. When the dealer qualifies and beats your hand, your Ante and Play bets lose. When the dealer does not qualify, your Play bet wins and your Ante bet pushes. Super Bonus and Queens Up wagers are resolved normally.

The Super Bonus wins when you have a straight or better. Failure to get at least a straight, however, does not result in an automatic loss. If your hand of a straight or better loses to the dealer, you still receive the Super Bonus payout.

In addition, your original Super Bonus bet is not removed. The Queens Up optional bonus bet wins when you receive a pair of Queens or better.

You place an equal wager in each of the three betting circles marked "1", "2," and "3. The dealer then deals three cards to each player face down and the dealer receives two community cards placed face down in front of the dealer that all players use to complete their five-card hand.

Players then view their cards. If you think you have the beginning of a winning hand, you say, "Let it ride. The dealer then reveals the first of the community cards, which becomes the fourth card in each player's hand. If you still feel confident, you say, "Let it ride. If not, you tell the dealer to push back the bet. The dealer then reveals the second community card, which completes all players' hands. Each player who has a pair of 10s or better wins, and the better the hand, the higher the payouts.

The Money Wheel is perhaps the easiest of all casino games to play. You simply place a wager on the number of your choice. The dealer then spins the Wheel, and the number on which it stops is the winning number. All bets must be placed before the dealer spins the Wheel. You may bet on as many numbers as you wish. It is played with a traditional deck of 52 playing cards plus one joker. The joker may be used only as an Ace or to complete a straight, a flush, or a straight flush.

Players also have the option to bank bets against all other players. However, the house must bank alternate hands. Ranking the Hands The value of hands is based on basic poker rankings.

Each player is dealt seven cards that you arrange to make two hands: The five-card hand must be a higher ranking poker hand than the two-card hand. If the two-card hand is a pair of sevens, for example, the five-card hand must be at least a pair of sevens or higher. If you win one hand but lose the other, that is considered a "push" and you neither win nor lose. Play of the Game The "Shuffle Master" displays a random number on the indicator that determines who receives the first hand.

Each hand is dealt face down. You then arrange your cards into a two-card low hand and a five-card high hand, as described in "Ranking the Hands. Each player's hand is then compared to the dealer's hand. Players are not permitted to expose their hands or discuss them with other players. Any player's hand that is set incorrectly automatically loses. You are responsible for arranging your own hand and should do so with care.

A two-card hand higher than five-card hand, and B the wrong number of cards in the hands. Pai Gow which literally translated from Chinese means "Cards-Nine" is the forerunner of American dominoes. The 32 dominoes used in Pai Gow are mixed or shuffled by the house dealer. The dominoes are placed in eight stacks of four each.

The dealer and up to six players each receive one stack four dominoes. The Object With the four dominoes dealt, you will make two combinations that both total closest to nine. The object in setting both combinations is to have them both higher than the two combinations of the hand against which you are playing. The Deal Pai Gow is a complex rotating bank game. The bank is offered to each player in turn, counterclockwise. The player has the option of either accepting the bank or passing it to the next player.

The banker begins the game by rolling three dice, the total of which determines which player receives the first set of dominoes. Starting from the bank, the dealer counts counterclockwise. Each player receives four dominoes and plays two hands simultaneously, a high hand and a low hand. Both hands must be higher than the banker's hand to win. If one hand is higher and the other lower, it is a push. If both of your hands are lower than the banker's hand, you lose. A complex ranking system determines the value of each hand.

First, is a pair. Second, is a 12 or 2 with a 9. Third, 12 or 2 with an 8, then as close to 9 as possible. Players may wager on the number s , combination of numbers, or color they think the spinning ball will land on in the Roulette Wheel. The specific value of each color is established when a player "buys in.

You must trade them for value chips before leaving that table. Players may continue to place bets until the dealer announces, "No more bets. Spanish 21 is a variation of Blackjack combining the excitement of a Blackjack game with the multiple payoffs of a slot machine. Spanish 21 is similar to Blackjack with numerous options providing more fun and more ways to win. All cards count as face value except Kings, Queens, and Jacks, which always count as Aces count as either 11 or 1.

The game itself is played with eight 8 Spanish Decks. A Spanish Deck is a standard deck of cards with the 10s removed. The dealer then deals two cards to each player face up. If your first two cards are an ace and 10 value card, you have Blackjack and you are paid one and one-half times the wager 3 to 2. Dealers must take a "hit" on all totals of 16 or less.

Dealers must stand on all totals of 17 or higher. A Players Blackjack always beats a Dealers Blackjack and is paid 3 to 2 odds. A Players total of 21 always beats a Dealers total of Certain Player 21 totals result in a Bonus 21 Payout. These matches can be either suited or non-suited, creating five possible payoffs. Place a wager on Pair Plus to bet on your own hand not against the dealers hand and win automatically with a pair or better.

If the dealer qualifies with a Queen high or better, compare your hand with the dealers hand and the better hand wins. Jan 8, Messages: In anticipation of an upcoming weekday visit to Foxwoods, and given the lack of information on their website, I was hopeful to get the insiders scoop on the following: Typical table mins during a weekday?

If the smoke-free casino has a table? Do they offer free drinks? Any other advice you have to offer is welcome! Freddyy, Jun 19, Jul 1, Messages: Check their website buddy! It's on my to do list this summer. Freddyy , Jun 19, Apr 30, Messages: Freddyy, Jun 20, Wow it says it's open just from Freddyy , Jun 20, Dunno, checked on google and I was stunned. From Foxwoods' Facebook page, right side middle of the page

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