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Sepp Blatter stated in July that, given the concerns over the completion of venues in Russia, the number of venues for the tournament may be reduced from 12 to Appleby, the owner of the vacant lot. King admitted robbing six banks in Central Florida between October and March Because the park is a protected territory, it contains a number of coastal habitats such as dunes, wetlands, and of course, beaches. The news of people drowning in a wave, thirty miles from the Atlantic Ocean amazed people across the world.

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Vocals by Perry Como. Vocal by Frances Wayne and Woody Herman. Vocals by Dolly Mitchell and Red Dorris. Eddie receives a threatening letter, warning him not to run for president. ABC, Woodbury Soap 5: Guest is Babe Ruth. NBC, Chase and Sanborn. NBC, Pall Mall cigarettes. The Man of Steel comes to the rescue. Guest Alan Young joins regulars. A unique radio broadcast of things to come! Jolie sings a medley of Gershwin tunes. Preston is assigned to bring in a couple of crooks.

Commercials include special Klondike Land offer for deed holders who want to send in for a one ounce pouch of soil! Brace Beemer stars as Sgt. Scott Smart as Brad Runyon: Rochester does the opening announcements as Jack and Don are negotiating.

Don refuses to sign and Jack locks him in the den without food. Announcer is Don Wilson. A Southern colonel of the Jewish faith arrives in the territory and is challenged to a duel on the Day of Atonement. Karl Weber stars as Dr.

Grey Matson, known as Dr. As she table-hops, Hildegard visits with George Jesse! Riley who wants to move to a new home. Announcer is Jimmy Wallington. Produced by James Jewell. Announcer is Franklyn MacCormack who not only pitches for Wheaties, but gets the kids interested in a special premium for girls!

Written by James Jewell. An epidemic of Titan Fever breaks out. Beginning a four-year series of broadcasts from commemorating the 50 th anniversary of World War II. Original broadcast from 2: John Daly interrupts the concert with the official announcement from the White House.

Reports from Honolulu and Washington and an announcement that all Armed Forces personnel are ordered to report for duty in the morning. Roosevelt asks for a declaration of war against the Empire of Japan. Originally broadcast at He describes the events leading to the attack on Pearl Harbor, warns the public to beware of rumors and tells listeners he does not yet know the full extent of the damage at Pearl Harbor. Originally broadcast at 10 p.

Junior the Mean Little Kid visits Santa at the department store. Three spirits try to convince him otherwise. Latest news developments precede the program.

The spirit of the holiday saves them from disaster. Many WW II references throughout. A cross-section of the U. A pacifist, drafted during the first World War, realizes the purpose of fighting and becomes a hero. First of two consecutive and related programs. PLUS — Necrology of , recalling the loss of favorite performers during the past year. Prior to the show, it is announced that the familiar siren of the sponsor Texaco will not sound as usual so as not to alarm a tense nation.

What the gang did on their summer vacation. Guest is Maurice Evans. A mini-cavalcade of the career of Fred Allen. Jack gets a physical exam.

Pacific War Time this morning. Jack is off to the Hillcrest Country Club to play some golf. Army Presidio in San Francisco before an all-soldier audience. The program is being short-waved to military audiences around the world, including General MacArthur and his men in the Philippines. Jack is still looking for his golf ball at the Hillcrest Country Club.

Marine Corps base in San Diego, California. WW II flavor throughout. Radio version of film. A wrongly-diagnosed small-town girl expresses a last wish to see New York City before she dies. An enemy agent is out to bomb a defense plant eight months before Pearl Harbor. JIVE s G. A sound engineer and his wife rent a house in the country. An all-star cast participates in this dramatic production written and directed by Norman Corwin. President Roosevelt makes significant remarks one week after the U.

Declaration of War on Japan and just a few days after entering into war with Germany. A lodger at an English home is suspected of a strange murder. Young listeners are asked to send in their pledges to buy War Stamps.

Cast members recall Paul Rhymer and the program they all love. Complete story in five parts. Cobb and Vanessa Brown in a radio version of the film. Host is Sunny Meadows. A man is convinced that his dead father is talking to him. Haley tries to get Fred to go back to Vaudeville with him. Eddie goes for a physical to join the Marines!

Clara finds 10 pounds of sugar she did not declare to the war ration board. Robinbson hosts this shortwave broadcast for WW II military audiences. Benny Goodman and the orchestra appear with Peggy Lee. This is the first of 32 consecutive minute chapters from Books 79 and 80 by Carlton E. In the first episode, Teddy Barbour is returning from Korea, Elwood is setting up housekeeping alone and Jack has some problems at the office.

Remote broadcast from the Astor Hotel. Part one of a two-part drama. Graham McNamee covers the arrival of Charles A. Lindberg at the Washington Navy Yard as he returns to the U. Army audience at Camp Haan, Riverside, California. Guest is actress Veronica Lake. Expanded version of the original recording. Fields and Mae West this afternoon with a special segment devoted to those two guest stars.

Announcer is Mike Wallace. First of two consecutive and related broadcasts. Navy submarine chaser to fight Axis U-Boats. Second of two consecutive and related shows. New Orleans police investigate the murder of a woman who was beaten to death. Features singer Jack Fulton and comic Yogi Yorgesson.

WW II program saluting the nd anniversary of the U. Coast Guard and a tribute to Irving Berlin on his 54 th birthday. The orchestra offers a salute to the armed forces. More to come next summer. Joe Kelly, Pat Buttram, all the regular stars. Jack drives the gang to the studio in his Maxwell. Many WW II references. Charlie plays Columbus and Linda is Queen Isabella. Tourists from Maine are warned of traveling in Arabia.

A wealthy man inherits property from a long-forgotten uncle. A disease drives animals wild in darkest Africa, changing domestic dogs to wild demons. Gubernatorial election returns from around the country conclude this WW II program. Address by President Roosevelt. Mary is a welder in a defense plant while Jack is a house-husband. WW II broadcast with Fred talking about wartime shortages and restrictions. Plus a sketch about how American radio programs would sound in England.

Gildersleeve welcomes Fibber McGee and Molly to his home. Written and directed by Norman Corwin. Uppington announces that she is going to join the WACS. A lost child is taken in by a reporter. An all-star cast in this WW II broadcast: Guest is Oscar Levant. Jack recalls his days in the Navy in Hop and his sidekick are being held at gunpoint by a Japanese agent. Jack and company are at Fort Custer, Michigan where military police receive their training. Welles takes the gang to his studio to see a picture being made.

Kildare helps a teen-age girl who is an alcoholic. WW II travel restrictions. Car theft during wartime is a Federal offense. Frank Lovejoy Joan Banks. A former Korean war jet pilot is offered a job that will contribute to world betterment. An opera star falls in love with a penniless singer in Paris, but her husband interferes. A man, convicted of the axe-murder of his wife, dreams that he has escaped the train taking him to prison and execution.

As we complete 23 years of Those Were The Days broadcasts, we fondly remember how it all began on that watt daytime station in Evanston.

Allied planes are hurling death and destruction on the Axis over a wide area of the Mediterranean. Congress offering a detailed report on WW II. WW I I show. This is the first of 28 consecutive minute chapters from Books 80 and 81 by Carlton E. The story picks up where we left off last summer. The Navy announces that the largest Jap force on the Aleutian Islands has been annihilated and Tokyo has admitted final defeat there.

Red is involved in murder while trying to succeed as a door-to-door salesman. Don and the gang say goodbye to listeners. Naval Training School at the University of Chicago. The criminal, corrupt Fascist regime in Italy is going to pieces. A wealthy man is befriended by someone who wants to rob him. Pot shots have been taken at Mussolini, but bad luck and bad aim prevented their finding a vital spot.

Arthur Godfrey was born August 31, On the eve of the 90th anniversary of his birth, we remember the popular entertainer with an afternoon of special radio sounds. Guest is Gene Autry. Arthur reminisces about the year , his coverage of the funeral of President FDR, and his broadcast career. An earlier version of this same story, from , was heard last week on TWTD. Time Marches back to This story was originally broadcast on Suspense Oct. Jack is back from a three-month WW II overseas camp tour.

How safe are our destroyer escort ships? Do parachutes fail to open? An artist paints a picture of a blood-soaked axe murderer. Goodrich plant in Akron, Ohio.

Pioneer life in the Northwest Territory is the basis for this Thanksgiving theme broadcast. Guest is Barbara Stanwyck. A young girl tries desperately to get her mother a cuckoo clock for Christmas.

Don Wilson is the department store Santa Claus. The show also visits a hospitalized, disabled WW II veteran for a warm-hearted, touching program for the Christmas season. A holiday reveler welcomes in the new year with too much partying. Jerry Gray in the absence of Capt. Glenn Miller, out sick with the flu. Time Marches Back to A gunfighter comes to the aid of homesteaders. In a cemetery, a man waits to meet a woman who was buried a year ago. Strange things begin to happen when a family arrives in their new home.

A writer who witnessed a tragic death is drawn back to the scene of the event. Robinson and Humphrey Bogart in a radio version of their movie. The police allow a murderer to escape and return to the scene of his crime to prove that he is not really insane. Jack recalls his enlistment in the Navy. Guest is actor Robert Taylor. The cast sings a birthday wish to Jack. The Allies have turned back repeated German counter-attacks at Anzio. The Pacific offensive continues.

In a flashback, Jack gets a violin lesson from Professor LeBlanc, then listens to the radio. Jack is planning a tour of military bases. Jack repeats his screen role in this radio version of his infamous movie comedy about an angel sent to Earth to destroy it. Mary suggests arranging the 39 candles in the shape of a question mark! The story of the growth, development and importance of rubber. Lee Quince of the U. Our Liberators with fighter escort have continued the air offensive with another sock at German costal installations in France.

In the Pacific, American troops at Los Negros in the Admiralties have killed three thousand Japanese in one of the fiercest battles of the war. X travels to Italy to investigate a circus he believes to be a front for the Mafia. Last show of the series.

The story of men taming, controlling and enslaving the forces of Nature. From the WW II series. Robinson, Gail Patrick and Laird Cregar in an interesting example of alternate casting in this radio version of the screen classic, about the search for the elusive Black Bird.

The Germans say that American bombers, striking from bases in Italy, have attacked the Southern Reich again today… Last night Royal Air Force hit Frankfort and other targets with great force.

Jack wants to take Mary to the movies and Dennis dreams that he has his own show! Colby, telling him he will inherit a fortune. Cobb and Vanessa Brown in the story of the miraculous apparition of the Blessed Virgin to a poor village girl. Moscow dispatchers say the hour of liberation is near for the Black Sea naval base at Odessa. A newlywed wife, used to preparing huge meals for her husband, invites his health-conscious boss to dinner.

Olan Soule died February 1, at age The cast of the Barn Dance did not learn until a few hours before the broadcast that this would be the final show. The station was changing to a contemporary music format. Time Marches Back to with Bing as a music publisher and Dave as a composer. A capacity crowd packed the Preston Bradley Hall in the Chicago Cultural Center to honor the great comedian on his Centennial birthday. Ken Alexander wrote an original radio script, based upon characters and situations created during the twenty-three year run of one of the most successful programs in the history of radio.

Kitzel, Gertrude and Mable, Ed, the Quartet and others. A light-hearted, but propaganda-filled story about the th Air Fighter Squadron in North Africa features Howard Duff as a sensitive pilot in a war zone.

An escaped convict masquerades as a clergyman after terrorizing a real cleric. William Conrad died February 11, at age The Pawnees are going to attack Dodge City. Amberfish, a submarine out of Pearl Harbor in on its fourth war patrol. Don and Mary tell him that he might have a split personality, but he is doubtful… until he goes to buy a cigar.

General Stillwell reports that American Liberators have attacked a Japanese island within miles of the Philippines. Guest is Danny Kaye. Comedian Fred Allen was born one hundred years ago, on May 31, We observe his Centennial with an afternoon of fascinating Fred Allen radio material: This show features popular sketches from previous shows. What do you like about the circus? Adams welcome guest panelist Fred Allen who assumes the role of emcee for part of the program.

Fred wants Hollywood to make his life story. Guest is Jack Haley. Roosevelt reports to the nation on the capture of Rome. The first of the Axis capitols is now in our hands.

First unofficial reports of the invasion, without Allied confirmation. First Allied news that the invasion has begun. Correspondent Wright Bryan, first man to return to London from the invasion, offers an eyewitness description of the first parachute drop of the invasion. Bob Trout brings listeners up to date on invasion news. Major George Fielding Elliott describes the tone of the invasion and mood of the troops.

Excerpt from one of the few regularly scheduled programs to be broadcast on this day. Announcer Dwight Weist urges listeners to buy war bonds. Her regular story continues, but at the close of the broadcast Aunt Jenny has a World War II message for wives and mothers.

He asks for prayers for peace and victory. Don Hollenback with news bulletins. Storyteller John Nesbitt looks years into the future to June 6, Wassell describes how wounded are treated; Navy Chaplain Walter Peck, who was at Pearl Harbor, offers a message of hope and faith.

George is down in the dumps until he gets a telegram from Kansas City. The president addresses the nation on the evening of the D-Day invasion and asks the nation to join him in prayer. Red, as Junior, the mean little kid, in a touching D-Day sketch. NBC News attempts to pick up a short wave broadcast from London, a wire recording of correspondent George Hicks now famous account of the D-Day landing on the beach.

There are many technical difficulties and while waiting for the report, NBC switches to Chicago for some dance music by Roy Shields and the orchestra. Tom Traynor, war correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, has an eyewitness account of the beachhead at France. Papa David has an invasion prayer and comments. Then on to the continuing storyline. Bernardine Flynn talks about reaction on the home front in Chicago. In an Invasion Day sermon, Dr.

Gaylord tells his neighbors what D-Day means to the town of Five Points. War Bond messages in place of regular commercials. Chaplain reports from London. Contestants from the studio audience go thru their paces.

This mammoth memorial is dedicated to the two million civilian Jewish dead of Europe. A dramatic, moving presentation. Finally, he tries to give the dog to Junior, the Mean Little Kid. This is the first of 22 fifteen-minute chapters by Carlton E. Chapter 2 is missing and not available. News of the assassination attempt on Adolph Hitler and his associates. Wallace, the man who wants to be re-nominated. There are problems with the seating of the Texas delegation; H.

Kaltenborn discusses the Hitler assassination attempt and Democratic platform strategy. Roosevelt his unprecedented fourth term nomination. John with news updates. John with coverage of the opening of the evening session of the convention. President Roosevelt, speaking from a secret undisclosed location, makes his acceptance speech for the nomination to a fourth term as the Democratic candidate for president.

The second day of the convention is adjourned. A woman waits word from her husband who is overseas during World War II. Jack Benny recalls the Benny-Allen feud. Other American columns are turning eastward toward Paris. More than a thousand of our planes have bombed Berlin and the Hamburg and Kiel areas of Germany. A stirring account of the heroic defense of the island in the Pacific. The Allied bag of German prisoners has passed the 23, mark. Paris is swinging back to normalcy despite some enemy sniping and a bombing attack by the Luftwaffe.

Chapter 19 is missing from our series. When Gracie is told that Meredith plans to get married, she counsels him on how to handle women. Godfrey introduces Willson and the stars of the film. While George is planning a surprise house-warming party for Gracie, she pretends that Meredith is her boyfriend. A woman embezzler hunts for a wealthy man to help her replace the money she stole.

Chapter 22 is missing from our series. Harold Peary as Gildersleeve. The first nine chapters of Book 83 are missing. Chapters 11 and 12 of Book 83 are missing.

Chapters 15 and 16 of Book 83 are missing and so are the remaining chapters of Book Nazis and Martians — Demonstrates how the Brits respond to the bombing — with humor! Comments by writer George Balzer.

Isolated WW II episode from the adventure series. In South China, the Japanese have captured another important American air base. Fibber looks for his hip boots in the hall closet. A young doctor fills in for the vacationing older doctor in a small town and gets involved in the community.

With this broadcast, we continue our salute to the Lux Radio Theatre on its 60th Anniversary. London Calling — Guest is Esther Williams in her first radio appearance. Arsenal of Democracy — He describes his concept of the United Nations organization. At War — An ex-con, going straight, fears for the safety of his family when a killer is sent free. Four Soviet Armies have begun a large scale offensive in Latvia. An incredible broadcast, written, produced and directed by Norman Corwin.

The president himself also appears. As we approach the 50th anniversary of the disappearance of Major Glenn Miller over the English Channel, we devote an entire program to the music of the popular bandleader who lost his life in the war. Glenn introduces bandleader Hary James who will replace the Miller band on the program next week.

Johnny Desmond and the Crew Chiefs. Guest is popular British singing star Ann Shelton. Comments by Don Wilson and George Balzer. It was the fourth raid in ten days.

In Europe, the Americans have crossed the Czar River. Lum, Abner and Grandpappy Spears are headed east out of town to bring supplies to a young couple, Joe and Mary, staying the night in a barn. Henry has lost his watch, a gift from Aunt Harriet. Also, Jackie Gleason offers impersonations and tells about his love affair with a juke box. A group of U. Jack offers a touching holiday message to our WW II servicemen overseas. American and British planes have continued their attack on German supply points and 52 German fighters were shot down in air battles today.

In the Pacific… on Luzon, the Americans are twenty miles inland and looking for a battle with the Japs. Aspiring entertainers include a classical bass singer, a boy soprano, and Irish step-dancer, a whistler, and a cowboy band.

Conversation recorded in Hollywood, California. Cast also includes Macdonald Carey and Wanda Hendrix. Merchant Marines, Fibber and Molly meet a young Merchant Marine who needs a place to stay for the night. Case includes Sheldon Leonard and Joe Kearns. A musical spoof of the comic strip. And from Guam, Admiral Nimitz announces that battleships and cruisers of the great American Fifth Fleet have continued to throw shells at Iwo Jima, miles south of Tokyo.

Paar gets tips from Benny and Allen. Paul Killiam talks with Lt. Bob Crosby, now with the 5th Division in the Pacific. Jack and Mary, as themselves, find plenty of mystery at the Baldpate Inn. DeMille also has a role in the story, playing himself. FDR seems tired, but relaxed, as he sits, rather than stands, to deliver what would be his last address to congress.

B29s have bombed Tokyo again in very great strength. And on Iwo Jima, the Marines have almost split the Japs on the northern end of the island. Berlin says American troops have made another crossing of the Rhine, 10 miles north of Remagen.

In the Pacific, the Iwo Jima battle is going on and Tokyo radio continues to claim the Americans have landed on Mindinao in the Phillippines. Chuck Schaden hosts this panel discussion which was recorded at a Chicago Pioneer Broadcasters meeting.

The conversation is presented throughout this TWTD program. Guests include comedian Garry Moore; shipbuilder Henry J. TODAY we present an afternoon of April Foolishness with four hours of fun and surprises drawing on sounds from the world of old time radio and recordings. He was the first world statesman to use the radio as a vital instrument of social power. Servicemen tell their feelings on learning of the death of their commander-in-chief. Will the Allies now deal with Heinrich Himmler?

The three special guest stars were interviewed by Chuck while announcer Ken Alexander added his special talents to the celebration. Eastern War Time, the President announces the unconditional surrender of Germany, the end of the war in Europe.

Roosevelt had lived to witness this day. Truman reads his formal proclamation, appoints Sunday, May 13, a Day of Prayer. In the Phillipines, two American divisions are fighting up narrow river valleys to join a third division and cut the island of Mindanao in two, but the Japanese are resisting fiercely and the American progress is very slow. The fighting on Okinawa is still intensely bitter. Known less as a tourist hub and more as a pristine, natural beach, this mile peninsula is popular for its calm atmosphere.

Even in the high season, the sands here are never crowded, and outdoor activities are the norm rather than the exception. In addition to standards like fishing, golf, boutique shopping, kayaking, cycling, and horseback riding, Cape San Blas is also known as a shelling and scalloping hotspot. Scallopers can harvest shellfish from boats or along the shoreline, and those seeking out beautiful shells along the sand need not search long to find unique Cape San Blas treasures.

As Gulf Coast beaches go, Clearwater Beach, Florida is more of a built-up resort town rather than a quaint and cozy village. In addition to its 2. Pier 60, a long fishing pier with a snack bar and nightly live performances, is another favorite spot in Clearwater.

Things to Do in Clearwater Photo: Resorts and rentals along the water provide convenient accommodation close to the action. Things to Do in Destin Photo: Anna Maria Island Anna Maria Island is a barrier island off the southern coast of Florida with seven miles of white sand and beautiful Gulf of Mexico waters. The island, which Native Americans who hunted and fished in the gulf setting originally settled, has remained an unspoiled, charming locale free from towering condominiums and hotels.

Each of these towns has plenty of accommodation options in the form of beachfront cottages and villas just off the gulf. Because the park is a protected territory, it contains a number of coastal habitats such as dunes, wetlands, and of course, beaches. Galveston Island State Park is conveniently located about an hour outside bustling Houston, but the tranquil environs of this barrier island are a complete change from the big busy city.

On the island, visitors can relax on the sand or take a more active trip, complete with hiking, biking, paddling, or geocaching. Cabins and campsites are available at the park as options for accommodation, and there is an educational ranger program that sponsors regular nature-themed events. Things to Do in Galveston Photo: Gulf Shores prides itself on its stunning sands made of tiny grains of quartz from the more northern Appalachian Mountains.

The area has a little something for everyone along its sprawling coastline; favorite activities here include boat rentals, dolphin cruises, kayaking, parasailing, and deep-sea fishing. Beyond the water, the small town has several championship golf courses, a range of amusement parks, and extensive opportunities for shopping.

Things to Do in Gulf Shores Next read: The city is a diverse one, hosting both local history and a thriving tourism scene. Like many other towns along the Gulf Coast, Gulfport has a long stretch of pristine white-sand beach—6.

And in addition to its beaches and the casino, Gulfport is also a coveted destination for water sports and golf enthusiasts. Madeira Beach, Florida Madeira Beach, Florida has quite the reputation; legend has it that the first settler of this small town outside St. Petersburg was in fact a pirate by the name of John LeVique. Marco Island Marco Island is located in the southwestern part of the state of Florida and is the largest island in the group known as the Ten Thousand Islands.

Still, Marco Island is relatively small at only six miles long, and it maintains a casual, cozy feel. The island has several different beaches, with Tigertail Beach Park being one of its most visited. Tigertail provides access to the Gulf of Mexico, and it also has a small lagoon area known as Sand Dollar Spit, which creates a habitat for different species of wildlife such as horseshoe crabs, conchs, and needlefish.

This area is also known for its bird watching opportunities and is listed in the Great Florida Birding Trail Guide. The city is known for its luxury shopping and top-notch golf courses as well as for its fun, family-friendly beaches.

It has several historic sites, such as the famous Naples Pier and Tin City, a complex with more than forty small shops and boutiques. Temple Terrace , one of the first golfing vacation communities; Snell Island, St. Petersburg's answer to Davis Islands; and Beach Park, a residential community made possible by good urban commuting. Further down the Florida West Coast, an railroad union designed one of the first retirement communities in Venice , and Barron Collier started Naples and Marco Island as winter resorts.

Carl Fisher , the man who started the Indianapolis Speedway, teamed with developer John Collins to build a causeway to a mangrove island off Miami. They turned Miami Beach into the world's most famous resort address by George Merrick , the man who designed the suburb of Coral Gables. Buying 1, acres of citrus, Marrick created an entire working city that typified his vision for Florida. Strict rules limited the architectural design and height of every building.

He hide wires beneath of streets. Lacking a waterfront, Merrick designed Venetian Pool , the largest swimming pool in the nation. He hired William Jennings Bryan to give Biblical lessons to the Midwestern farmers and recruited major sports celebrities to work out in his outdoor facilities.

Merrick even started the one thing booming Miami couldn't get from Tallahassee -- a college, when Merrick started the largest private university in the South, the University of Miami. A Californian named Joseph W. Young selected an ugly ocean flat north of Miami and turned it into wide avenued Hollywood, Florida, larger today than Young's original home town. Less successful but more praised for his activities was architect Addison Mizner.

These were just some of the developers who made the name Florida synonymous with palm trees and beaches, wide avenues and golf courses. Southernmost Florida became surnamed the American Riviera. Writers from around the world made a pilgrimage to this fascinating new Mecca. Florida was a place to vacation, a place to have fun, a place to make money.

There was plenty of evidence that the Florida Land Boom was on swampy ground. Forbes magazine warned that Florida land prices were based solely upon the expectation of finding a customer, not upon any reality of land value.

New York bankers, losing money over Florida investment, attacked the entire operation as one great sham. By , there were other signs. Companies were laying off construction and other blue collar workers while the number of realtors and auto mechanics was still increasing. Jacksonville , the state's main entrance way, outgrew its facilities, but became leery of financing services for people heading further southward.

On the surface, the Land Boom seemed on track. In enough lumber arrived in Florida to encircle the equator with an eight foot boardwalk. But careful city managers were wondering if their town's had overextended their credit to construct roads and sewers for people who would never settle in their towns.

Florida tourist had forever changed, and few groups had a greater influence on this fact than "the tin can tourists. Sometimes as many as three families shared an automobile. While they too hoped to buy some Florida real estate, their trip to Florida was a vacation.

They could not afford the fancy hotels and restaurants built for the Victorian tourist. They didn't golf and tennis. They wanted to play in the sunshine on the beaches. As early as Tampa had a "tin-canners" club , named for the heavy metal cans which these tourists carried for extra gasoline and water. As the automobile grew in popularity, these " T. Towns began to build tourist camps with recreational facilities.

Owners along the major highways built small cabins for these tourists. Soon, the development of the mobile home industry would replace most of the tents. The influx of motorized tourism convinced Florida 's leaders that new roads were needed. The most amazing highway project was the development of a highway across the once impregnable Everglades. In , realtor Captain J. Jaudon gained financing for a Miami to Naples roadway.

Surveyors discovered that the " River of Grass " was no deeper than six feet, but the project, known as the Tamiami Trail for the two major cities the project would connect.

Construction crews began to erect gangways of cypress logs to roll the heavy dredges over the swamps. Engineers waded through alligator infested waters to locate the best roadbed. Sleeping in elevated cabins kept out the snakes and gators, but did not protect the workers from the terrible heat and bugs.

The Seminoles were both amused and angered by this intrusion into their home despite promises that canoe trails would be bridged. In the project was delayed due to lack of funding and Fort Myers crusader Ora E. Chapin led a caravan of Model-T Fords, tractors, and wagons across the incomplete roadway. It took ten, laborious days, but these " Tamiami Trail Blazers" convinced the public that the project was both feasible and desirable.

In April of , thirteen years after its inception, the mile road was completed. It cost seven million dollars, a meager sum by today's costs. It meant that South Florida 's two tropical coasts were connected. While rural Floridians accepted the outlawing of alcoholic beverages, urban Floridians actively disliked Prohibition.

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