Harrah's Cherokee Poker Tournaments

High hand bonuses are offered throughout the day. The Mirage Hotel and Casino. So needless to say I won't be playing at this table for too long. On the other hand, the policy of not allowing straddles may seem to discourage loose play. Seat 8 shows pocket Aces.

Attention Poker Rooms

So guess what happens next. Yeah I turn over pocket Kings. I felt really bad. But only for about 5 seconds. The dealer quickly mucked the cards before I could snap a pic. I'm up five for the trip. Now this isn't my first rodeo. I know how this game goes. I know the hammer's gonna come down at some point. I just hope I don't get hurt too bad by it. And yes that was a late 80s rapper reference. So after 10 hours of hard sleep I'm up and back at it. So here's my update on Vegas Or as John Oliver refers to it - The guys' been in Vegas for three days now and he's still ripping off my opening get some new material you hack Well of all the strip clubs,juke joints and poker rooms in Vegas I happen to be sitting at the table with the trifecta of annoyance.

Kenny can't shut up. I see this guy every year at the Flamingo and Harrahs. He talks to Everyone about I've learned over the years to never sit next to the Kenny.

Never talk to the Kenny. Never look the Kenny directly in the eye. Or you will become the focal point of every conversation. Oh and his name is actually Kenny. This is the year old hairy chested European male that always talk a the sex and the pretty girl. In Vegas where every possible sin is being perpetrated with 5 feet of wherever you are - these guys manage to creep me out. The drunk Millennial white male. This is the guy that just came from a club or a bachelor party He's wearing a white Calvin Klein button down with a thin black tie half way undone.

He's got a full beer bottle in his cup holder with a mixed drink in his hand all while ordering another drink. His chips are in a pile cause he's too drunk to properly stack them. Everyone's his friend and brother.

As a Black man I've learned to never make eye contact with him or I instantly become his "Bro" and he starts asking me questions like "what are you listening to on your phone?

Let me guess - Jazz - Rap. I have some work to do on our prop bet. That's what I'm talking about! Took down the noon turbo tournament for bucks.

Sections of this page. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Explore local businesses on Facebook. When I visited on a Saturday night the place was hopping. It took me about twenty minutes to get a seat in any game — and I was willing to play anything. This is a table room, with a full compliment of tournaments, including sit-and-goes. The room also holds its own annual World Series of Poker Circuit event. This year past year it was in December.

Most days there are two tournaments. Check with the poker room to see the exact time and flavor; most are no-limit hold'em tournaments. They were running at 1: The room has a few promotions. There is no comp for stud. My session was fun and relaxed. Waitresses bring free drinks and non-free food to the table. Though I can't be certain, I don't think there were any pros in attendance.

I think they'd be much more likely to frequent the higher-stakes rooms such as the Taj and the Borgota. All or nearly all of the players I saw were there to have a good time, drinking and chatting it up the whole time. The dealers were competent, if a bit too dour and somber for the festive mood at the table.

But then, they didn't need to promote this type of behavior from the players, since we were laughing it up without any help.

I liked some of the small things about the room. Players do not have to post blinds to get dealt in when they first sit down. This is good because it encourages less serious play. When players must post their blinds to get a hand, it makes some players think more seriously about every single bet they make, I've found. Allowing some free hands seems the better policy when it comes to promoting a 'fun' atmosphere.

On the other hand, the policy of not allowing straddles may seem to discourage loose play. One might think that since straddles a voluntary third blind after the big blind that the under-the-gun player may make before he looks at his card are extra action, that disallowing them may put an unnecessary damper on wild, loose play.

I find that the exact opposite is the case. Straddles, though they sometimes promote action, often confuse new players — who then tend to become more timid and careful about their play, being unfamiliar with this rule.