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The bonus to this is if you extend it lengthwise, you still end up with isolated assembler stacks, letting you do management a little easier. And there should be more kinds of Modules. Percentages may shift, abilities will be added or removed, however this is the layout that the game is currently working with. The single blue conveyor at the top connects to the rest of the station. I find power is less of a concern once I get to the point of getting assemblers to this level, and the substantially smaller materials usage plus the much more adaptable physical arrangement suits me way better.

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I hate having to choose between two I think I need. Bigger cool shots cool more. Useful when in a fire fight to briefly continue fighting. PGI normalized the number of module slots across the board some time ago. There are a few exceptions, which you can think of as part of that mech's quirks to get players to play the mech over others.

People complained because it was annoying and so it got disabled. Edited by Koniving, 15 September - I use a cool shot practically every mission drop! At the time Stormcrow and Timber Wolf were widely concidered the 2 best Mechs in the game bu now there are quite a few competitors for that title but as they were the best they got fewer module slots than most other Mechs. My theory is based in part on how they come up with the variant codes. Kon said the DC variants were considered command variants, and I noticed that at least the Cyclops DC has that extra module slot.

So maybe "command" variants all have extra slots? When you activate a cool shot, it very quickly lowers your heat bar by a certain amount. Now how do I activate one? In the PTS you put it on your energy draw bar at the top and it just kicks in when you go over.

It is right below firepower and if the ED number is higher, it will be in red. That's a good question, and I don't recall what the default keys are. You can see the default keyboard mappings in the game client under settings. I changed my mapping considerably, to work well with my Razor Nostromo, a long time ago.

It depends on your hotkeys, but I think the default keys for consumables are insert and del key? So depending on where you equipped your cool shot into what slot determines the button Edit: You must use it before you fire your weapons and overheat because it takes a second to dissipate the heat. Yes, I've changed my consumable buttons. The top one which is Airstrike and that is my 5th button on my mouse. I found that having it where I had to take my finger off my movement button tended to get me shot.

The 2nd one is UAV and I moved it to the 0 button on my keypad. It is a big button next to my mouse so it is easy to hit. So lets me get this clear. I use the cool shot when I'm already hot and getting ready to fire more weapons. Or do you use it before you are hot? And how long does it last? How do you put a module over the ED bar?

Btw- Energy Draw is a terrible system and I hope it dies a horrible death. This subreddit is about the game "Space Engineers", a space themed sandbox game with creation tools similar to minecraft which can be best described as: Those are not module slots - those are the regular access doors. Notice they're slightly larger, with a yellow line across them. Also, ignore the grey-colored refineries directly behind the assemblers. Unfortunately you are not aware that there are module slots built into half the conveyer slots.

There are a total of 8 module slots per assembler and you are only using 6 per assembler. Thanks so much for pointing that out. In that case I suppose the only design capable of utilizing all the slots AND keeping assemblers connected is a straight line, end to end. And for the single ones inside the top two loops, I suppose I could have a module there, and just not use one half of it. I'm glad that I was able to help.

Just do a straight line with attachments on each of the 4 facings. That's the most efficient you can make them. An assembler has 8 module slots You can install a total of 4 modules per assembler If you're looking for a better design, just stack a bunch of assemblers lengthwise and surround the 1x1 column with modules. I like striving for compactness. Currently I'm doing something like this, where this is an end-on shot, ABCD are assemblers, are the related boost modules, X is a mix of conveyors, cargo, hull and the like.

The bonus to this is if you extend it lengthwise, you still end up with isolated assembler stacks, letting you do management a little easier.

I recently learned that Assemblers must be touching without conveyors to work properly with cooperative mode. Since mine were in separate small groups, I googled and tried to find an optimal setup where they are all touching, AND module slots were also exposed.

I couldn't find any. Instead I ground them down and rebuilt them in this configuration in which every assembler is touching another assembler. More importantly, and the reason for this design, every possible module slot is used up. The single blue conveyor at the top connects to the rest of the station. Although it's hard to see in the pic, there are 3 vertical columns and 3 horizontal columns in a 4 pane window shape.

It's possible to continue to build it out vertically and horizontally if there was room without blocking module slots. However since I wanted to put additional assemblers in the space between the existing and the reactor bottom right , I essentially duplicated this arrangement next to it, and used 2 assemblers to bridge them - unfortunately I did miss out on a couple slots there, which wasn't a huge loss.

And if it is, they could be turned off. They work unless there is a 6-way conveyor block in the path between assemblers. If you use conveyor tubes or cargo blocks it will work as expected. Nowadays you don't even need to do that, they even work in co-op across grids joined via connector.

I hadn't heard about the 6-way issue before, and it doesn't appear to be the case now. In my current save in Develop Survival SP I have a large block conveyor line running between 2 ships;. Good to get an authoritative response, thanks Rexxar:

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