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Advertisements or commercial links. For those who absolutely balk at Windows, Poker Academy becomes the Hold 'Em title of choice by default. The stats underwent a complete overhaul and are amazingly detailed with numerous graphs. Flaming or offending other users. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

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In other words, the more I know about my skills, the better I act at the table. For the price Amazon sells this product compared to how much I won on my last trip, I would say Poker Academy V2 is well worth it.

Spend the money now, learn to play the game better no matter what your experience level is , and go win at a real table. By RompingStallion on June 5, This is a great poker game. The offline play is better than poker games I have played in the past because the computer acts more like real people. The real fun is the online play.

You start off with player "free-roll" tournaments where you win play money called PAX if you seal one of the top positions. These tournaments cost nothing to enter. Once you have some PAX money from winning a free-roll tournament, you can enter games which cost you PAX to enter against other people who have won in the past.

The system is well thought out which makes it more enjoyable then other online sites whos primary objective is to get you using real money. It is not possible to use real money with this game so they put extra thought into making the play money more enjoyable. The downsides are that the online servers can be filled to capacity which means you can't get in at all times.

Another disadvantage is that you can't scale the window so that it fits your monitor nicely. You are stuck with only two window sizes; x and x If you and a friend want to log in online at the same time you need to have two separate license keys because the servers won't let two users using the same licenses game at the same time. Overall my wife and I love this game. The online tournaments are a lot of fun and you do learn a few good tips about no-limit holdem as well as interacting with live people and learning all of the different poker styles people use passive, aggressive, super aggressive, etc.

I haven't noticed anything but normal distribution of cards that you would see in real life - just throwing that out there since some people complained the AI kept getting good hands. Sometimes the computer gets good hands and sometimes you hit a streak, just like live poker. Over all a great game! By William McNeill on August 30, I would highly recommend Poker Academy.

It has a lot of great features and is smooth and fun to play. I think the other reviews cover all the great features great AI, detailed stats, a helpful advisor, great online play so I would like to focus on the difference between versions 2.

The following is going to seem like a lot of nitpicky stuff, and it's mostly here just to help people decide if they want to upgrade to v2. Despite the following, I would highly recommend this product because of its overall quality.

If you order this product and get 2. I would consider passing on 2. This can be extremely annoying and distracting because you can never bet that 50 cents so the stacks around the table might look like this for example: I was playing No-limit Poker Circuit with players to practice for an upcoming live tournament I've entered. Poker Circuit tournaments start with a default of 10 players so you have to enter "" into the players box. Then you click Start.

Except when I do this, it starts with only 10 players. So I have to quit the tournament and do it again. Then it registers the I entered. Not sure why, but this did not happen in v2. This isn't a huge deal, but it's yet another thing that could have just been left alone. In the person tournament I described above, the top 18 people or so I forget the exact amount would finish in the money in v2. Maybe they changed this to more accurately reflect a real Poker Circuit tourney, but I got kind of angry when I finished 6th and didn't win a dang thing.

The Advisor doesn't seem to account for bluffing. The Advisor will give you advice on whether to Fold, Call, or Raise. And it seems to do it strictly on what your card is, the size of the pot and remaining stacks, etc. But it doesn't seem to account for bluffing. If you want to win a real tournament, you're going to have to bluff and call in situations when you think you're being bluffed. So as you play Poker Academy and learn, you're going to have to keep your eyes out for these opportunities and ignore the advice of the Advisor.

Again, I would still definitely get this product as it's better than most other poker software packages. Ditz on January 29, Poker Academy runs well on any half-way modern Mac, but I originally bought this game as a present for my parents who are using a very servicable but very old iMac G3 Mhz.

Unfortunately while some sites list this as within the system requirements the box clearly says Mhz. Now, don't get me wrong, it runs. Just not very well. Poker Academy is a Java application, and the overhead of that as opposed to a pure Objective C application means that low end configurations need considerable RAM to run at even acceptable speeds. Moreover, long sessions seem to slow this game down like nobody's business. While the game is peppy for the first few dozen hands, a table that has lasted past 50 hands will experience major slowdown on a low end system.

Maxing out the RAM to 1 GB managed to forestall the slowdown until the hands mark, but eventually, no matter how much RAM you have, if you have a low end processor the game will eventually turn into a festival of spinning beachballs that takes minutes to deal out a single hand. Not acceptable by any stretch of the imagination. If you like Poker, and if you have a modern system take those system requirements seriously , this is a very nice game for a very affordable price. I hope the developers eventually port the game to a native binary though, as that would doubtlessly make it run better on the low end systems.

By LG on November 5, This program is such an excellent learning tool, that I hesitate to review it. If everyone else starts using it, that could take away some of my edge in the game.

Some are aggressive, some passive, some sneakier and others more straightforward. Many adjust to your playing style, while others don't seem to be quite so perceptive. All in all, it's quite a bit like a real game, but without putting your money on the line. However, it plays as though there is real money involved, which makes it better than playing against other players online for free.

I have not experimented with different advisors, but have found that it's better for me to ignore what the default ones tell me to do. By True Grinder on February 27, This product looks like a great deal on the surface, but you need to realize that it is only a demo. The free download will allow you to upgrade to the full-featured Poker Academy immediately.

For example, you can set this game to play only heads-up matches, if you want. Or you can play four-handed, to simulate bubble play in sit-n-go tourneys. And there's much, much more. I love it, but be sure to download the free demo rather than wasting your money on this product. By Kennycaine on March 15, As far as poker games go, Poker Academy 2 is one-up with tracking of statistics and better than normal poker AL.

The problem with the game is one that many cite in other games such as Tournament Poker is the irritating tendency of the game to seemingly direct outcomes, particularly when it "learns" how to play you. Apparently the adaptation is that when it cannot beat you, it will steer the winning cards to the heads-up bot.

On too many occasions while playing the game I would be leading to the river when the program magically gives the bot the three or four out card to win. What rational player and big stack such as yourself with no danger of being eaten away by the blinds would call your preflop all-in of pocket kings with offsuit and turn a wheel straight UNLESS you knew that an ace,3 and 4 will come? That happened along with hundreds of other incidents such as calling an all in with A-J with a board of , me with pocket tens, no draw possibiliies, both of us with grand,and the river magically bringing a jack!

This has happened so many times that I just laugh and I've stopped recording them. Again, as far as games go, it is not pre-programmed as is World Class Poker but if you are seeking a fair and totally random game, play live poker. Get fast answers from reviewers. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us.

English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. I love this when I want to play poker, but I just don't have the time to do a "real" game online. The Tournaments in PA Pro 2. You can tweak the games to simulate any Multi-Table Tournament, live or online, Limit or No-Limit, so that you can practice your game.

It keeps track of your stats, too. You'll know how well you did in your Poker Academy tournaments, cash games and even PA Online games you play with other Poker Academy users.

All the stats are there to look at including hand histories you can even play these back in real time! Now, many may think, "Well, I can always play for free online, and most of them are bad players, etc.

Some games online can be challenging, but they are always fun with chat, too. Really, it's not like playing online with play money; it's much better! The Bots on Poker Academy are based on the Poki Bot, the most advanced artificial intelligence available to simulate a poker player. If you're a beginner-intermediate player, they can be quite a challenge. You can even program the Bots yourself.

It's not easy, but if you are so inclined, you can create some amazing "custom" simulations for yourself.

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