Summon (command)

Unfortunately, Morro possessed Lloyd's body and the other Ninja lost their elemental abilities. Invocation is the fixed job command of Conjurers. The Ninja get back in time and fall through a portal. Info may become outdated over time. As the Ninja are training Lloyd, Jay gives advice on how to control his powers. Meteor Javelin - Ultima Arrow. Meanwhile, Cole and Wu who are disguised as Hunters "accidentally" knock the other Ninja off the stand.

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Various zombie mice when hunting with: Brain Charm Super Brain Charm. Charmbits are a vital ingredient used in crafting Charms. Some say they are impossibly small nanites, while others state that they are condensed magic, experts suggest it is likely a combination of them both.

The one thing everyone can agree on is to handle with care and never breathe it in! Of unknown origins, the Divine Orb defies common understanding. Not made of glass like other orbs, it is made of an unknown crystal that can contain the strongest charms while crafting. This orb should only be used to craft the most powerful of charms and nothing else. Used in crafting a variety of Charms , Minotaur Base.

There are a few charms so powerful, so world-shatteringly incredible that not even the Divine Orb can contain them. This orb is designed to do just that. One thousand Charmbits will be required as a base and a Garden Essence will be needed to power it, though eventually more ingredients and abilities may be uncovered. The Flawed Orb is used in crafting rudimentary charms. Its poor workmanship and porous surface make it incapable of being used in crafting more advanced charms.

The Flawless Orb balances quality workmanship with quality glass for superior performance. This quality orb makes a perfect vessel for powerful charms. This seemingly-precious metal is actually very toxic to the touch and should be handled carefully.

Made from a mix of elements, the gold inside of these incredibly dense and heavy bricks is tainted by some unknown impurity, giving it great anchoring abilities and some strange magnetic properties, but rendering it useless as a commodity.

You won't find any shoppekeepers accepting this "gold" in trade, but it's the main ingredient in crafting Golden Anchor Charms for use in the Sunken City, which helps you find an extra Sand Dollar when one is dropped by a mouse! Smart Water Jet Charm. The terrifying, ship-destroying watery whirlpool of death barely contained within this canister is kinda cute at this size, don't you think?

But don't be fooled, this is a life-threatening, menacing maelstrom of destructive power when unleased, so be careful! This wonderfully wicked monster of nature is combined with some basic charm items and the same fishy ingredients used when buying a Water Jet Charm, but it creates something a bit smarter, and you can hang onto your Sand Dollars!

Ronza's Traveling Shoppe Marketplace. Powder is the essence of water And water is the essence of cleanliness. Mix these flakes of strong smelling sanitary powder with Soapy Suds to create a simple but charming mixture that's sure to scrub clean the Polluted Mice!

These spiked panels of metal are used in the construction of Spiked Anchor Charms, giving them an awesome power bonus alongside their usual dragging effect in the Sunken City. A delicacy among the older mice in Gnawnia. The rotting Grapes of Wrath from Balack's Cove give off a succulent stench and bitter taste that complements some of the more stronger types of cheese. Powder made from dried and ground-up Cheddar Cheese. Mix into some elbow macaroni with butter and milk! Curds and whey are a common ingredient in a variety of cheese flavours.

Elaborate flavours often require a greater quantity than more basic flavours. A sickly-sweet shard of sugar that forms along the Mountain slope, near cave openings. One of the finest cheeses for melting, perfect for cooking and combining in a multitude of different recipes. Has a slightly nutty flavour.

A fresh morsel of cheese curd that has iced over in the cold climate of the high Mountain altitude. Imported from the Salt Mines , this salt has a high mineral content and is extremely conductive. Little is known about what possible uses this salt could have. Working with this salt carries a high risk of electrocution, extreme dehydration, and destruction on a universal scale. Handle with extreme care! Even in a mineral-rich town like Digby, Living Shards are quite rare, and because they take a lot of time and effort to harvest, Digby's General Store places their price at a premium.

Digby tradition states that Dr. Romage once found a large deposit of the crystals, which he used in his experiments, and some of the crazier stories even claim that he used the living shards to bring the Monster mice to life. It can be used in a variety of recipes for unique results. These small pieces of cheese-like rock are rumored to be small fragments of the moon. Contains encrypted data about the strengths and weaknesses of the currently known cheese types in Gnawnia.

These were manufactured to be installed into the M, allowing it to translate taste, aroma, attraction and avoidance for types of cheese it encounters. Each microchip is programmed to only output data about one specific type of cheese at a time in an attempt to control the information input the M can receive. However, the decryption codes were also included in the M's database a bit of an oversight , rendering this safeguard quite useless The perfect vessel for containing nuclear energy.

Garlic is a natural conductor of radiation and those that grow near the power reactors located at the Laboratory become completely saturated with it. Hunters have never been able to safely harvest this garlic, as it's been too close to the dangerously unmaintained reactors, but now it appears that someone or something has collected it all Can cause the growth of extra extremities Rancid Radioactive Blue Cheese. Salt "Salt" redirects here. For more uses, see Salt disambiguation.

Used in crafting a variety of Cheese Dehydration Base. Gnawnia salt is collected from the seawater around the Harbour where it is known for its magical cleanliness. Salt is a very common ingredient used in a variety of cheese flavours. Dried up morsels of cheese are often the result of traps made with harmful chemicals. Aged mice in Cape Clawed. Bog Beast and Spore mice in Toxic Spill.

The sight of this item often draws a tear or two from even the most steadfast MouseHunter. The magic of this item seems to be empowered by its almost paradoxical existence. A bioluminescent fungus grown in the Fungal Caverns and often farmed by the Citizens of Zokor. A rare, valuable stone of colourless carbon. An extremely hard substance that shines bright This precious stone is used to create the coveted Diamond Cheese, which is used to track down the Huntereater, Diamondhide, and Crystal Behemoth mice.

Super Nightshade Farming Charm. Fresh cavern soil extracted from the depths of the Fungal Cavern. Fertile and full of minerals, this soil is rich and ready for use. The Super Nightshade Farming Charm can be equipped anywhere in the Kingdom and adds 1 Nightshade as loot to every mouse caught!

Precious and valuable stones found deep within the Fungal Cavern. The shine of these Gemstones is truly outrageous.

Truly, truly, truly outrageous! This precious stone is used to create Gemstone Cheese, used to track down the powerful mice that drop Diamonds as loot! A cluster of valuable Minerals found deep within the Fungal Cavern.

This underground resource is used to create Mineral Cheese, which aids in tracking down mice that drop Gemstones as loot, and is used to create or purchase other craftables and helpful equipment in the various Shoppes. Lily plants that sometimes bud within the Fungal Cavern and are often farmed by the Citizens of Zokor. A pleasant, sweet and aromatic fragrance emanates from the petals.

The pollution being pumped into the Burroughs River seems to cause the local salmon to grow to massive proportions. Thinly sliced pieces of this tasty fish make for perfect Susheese. A generous-sized bag full of oily morsels of cheese in a wide variety of flavours. This yummy treat is hard for both mouse and hunter to resist! This successful brand of glue is colourless, odourless, yet surprisingly toxic!

Great for combining ingredients, such as Cheesy Fluffs brand cheese morsels. Master's Seal Rumble Cheese. The masters of all three Furoma schools focus their power and knowledge by unifying their consciousness under a single seal.

The result is an almost unstable magical force that can manifest itself into a morsel of cheese that far exceeds the power of the masters. Maki Cheese Susheese Cheese. Made from fresh seaweed growing along the shores near the base of the Gnawnia Mountains, nori is frequently used for preparing Susheese. Argued to be the source of power for the Masters of the Dojo, this magical stone is extremely rare and valuable.

The stone seems to not have a clear use. Perhaps with a way to harness its raw energy it could produce a trap most powerful A Furoma sapphire is regarded as a symbol of tranquil meditation. The School of the Cheese Belt harnesses this magical energy to suppress their once insatiable cravings for cheese.

Unleashing the power within the sapphire will materialize all the cravings it has absorbed and is vital in the process of creating Glutter cheese.

Cheese Claw tokens harness magical jade gems to encapsulate the teachings of the Claw School. The magic essence of these tokens is a vital ingredient in creating the sacred Susheese, a preferred meal of the Masters of the Cheese Claw. The glowing ruby in the center of these tokens symbolizes the power of focused aggression that is the core of the teachings of the Cheese Fang. The magical energy of these tokens must be released to create Combat cheese, a preferred meal of the Masters of the Cheese Fang.

Hydra mice in Lagoon or S. Maniacal Brain Extractor S. Gingerbread Base Gingerbread House Surprise. The latest in candy technology!

These small sweets can not only be enjoyed as a snack but they also make perfect decorations for gingerbread creations! Coal "Coal" redirects here. For more uses, see Coal disambiguation. Several thousand times more dense than your average lump of coal, this carbon borders upon diamond! Its extreme density seems to give it almost Minotaur Base Sphynx Wrath.

This exquisite champagne is the King's favourite way to celebrate something special. Although under guard in the Castle's private cellar, a crafty burglar mouse occasionally steals a crate to sell to general stores. Whether ringing in the new year or christening a ship, the King's Bubbleh never disappoints!

The General Store of the Muridae Market creates this Molten Glass by using a special melting process that harnesses the intense heat of Flameshards.

The result is a remarkably versatile glass that is frequently used to create various vases and platters used by local vendors to display their wares.

This strange brand of paint is frequently imported by Ronza and seems to almost be alive, able to take on any colour it wishes.

This plank of gingerbread is carefully baked with love by the King's Royal Chef. Its spicy aroma smells like Smash these planks with your Hunter's Hammer to create festive bait! You can use the Hunter's Hammer on this item! If you smash it, you'll get: Hydra mice in Lagoon and S.

Made from fibers found within the vines that grow from the Great Gnarled Tree this brand of rope is incredibly strong. These jagged shards of scrap metal resemble the result of a Steel mouse versus a Digby DrillBot. This wood is harvested from the northern forests of Furoma, where the trees almost seem to fight back against the hatchets.

Perfect for building combat apparatus. Original prize for placing in Tournaments. Replaced by current Tournament Token on 28 December Loot from Paladin Weapon Master in Zokor. A slab of a standard Plate of Fealty infused with a strong mana charge. Glows softly as power courses through it. It seems this metal was meant to be shaped and forged in some way. If you look at it just right, it shimmers with some runic language similar to that found in the Dark Library A chunk of raw ferromagnetic metal.

A prepared piece of forged plating. Engraved with a Labyrinth pattern indicative of its origins. Loot from Manaforge Smith in Zokor. First from the Manaforge were these mighty hammers. They are the only hammers powerful enough to withstand the intense magical power emanating from the forge. There seems to be more than meets the eye with this hammer. The base of its handle has a spot for something to socket into Loot from Soul Binder in Zokor. These highly sought after scrolls contain the most powerful incantations collected from generations of scholars from the Scholar District.

Rudimentary translations hint at a possible connection to some sort of blunt tool and a slab of metal An ancient piece of parchment from the Dark Library. Contains powerful, age-old secrets of the ancient scholars.

A highly-technologically advanced power core that doubles its output based on a single input. This tiny plant holds something mysterious inside - an energy so powerful that it could change the world, if only it were harnessed correctly. Surely, there must be some way to intensify and combine that energy into something more powerful.

This sweet-smelling oil is produced from an exceptionally rare plant, and thus is typically restricted for royalty or other such important persons. As such, incredibly powerful mice are irresistibly drawn to it.

Blue Double Sponge Charm. Sprinkle a little bit of this powder on two Aleth Essences and combine the whole mixture in a Flawless Orb to create a Double Sponge Charm, capable of soaking up two blue dewdrops in the Living Garden at a time! Dol Essence Used as currency in: Sand Crypts Charm Shoppe. Garden Petals and Herbs.

Mice in the Living Garden Living Chest. Dewthief Camembert Soiled Base. When you're a plant, moisture is a make-or-break necessity, and the Dewthief flower has a unique solution to ensuring it has a sufficient supply - long, questing vines that coil around the sloping surfaces of nearby plants.

When dew forms on the unfortunate victims, the drops run down the vines and into the upturned face of the Dewthief flower, ensuring its survival at the expense of its neighbors. Est Essence Growth Charm. Mice in the Lost City. Every plant has its ideal growing conditions. Some prefer warmer climates, some prefer direct light, and some prefer torrential downpours. The Duskshade flower, however, can only grow in the light of the setting sun, curling in upon itself for the remaining hours of the day and appearing to the untrained observer as a dead husk.

Educated, observant, and - most importantly - lucky herbologists catching the flower during its exceptionally brief "open" phase will be treated to quite a display from arguably one of the most gorgeous flowers to have ever existed. Mice in the Sand Dunes Living Chest. Duskshade Camembert Soiled Base.

When initially harvested, Dreamfluff looks like a long, brown, withered pod. However, when placed under the pillow of a softly dreaming mouse, the pod bursts open, revealing the colourful puffs beneath. While this is a required step to obtain full potency of the herb, it also ensures a wonderfully comfortable and restive night's sleep to the mouse in question. Place three Garden Essences inside this prism to focus and combine them into a higher-level Garden Essence.

This salt is so coarse, it can't be served for polite company. It's really rough finding any of this salt. This salt, ah, uh, er, okay, salt jokes are hard to make. Sprinkle a little bit of this salt on two Ber Essences and combine the whole mixture in a Divine Orb to create to create a Super Salt Charm, which counts for double the hunts against the King Grub Mouse in the Sand Crypts.

The humour sure dissolved there, huh? Soiled Base Wild Growth Charm. This special lump of soil was harvested directly from the center of the Twisted Garden and imbued with magic for some sinister purpose.

Having stolen it away, you can now use its immense energies and nutrients for your own, far more heroic purposes! Combine 3 Fel Essences Living Chest. Combine 3 Gur Essences. Icuri Essence Soiled Base Blueprints. Combine 3 Hix Essences. Mice in the Sand Crypts Living Chest. Lunaria Camembert Soiled Base. Lunaria flowers look rather unassuming during the day, blending in perfectly in fields of boring, white flowers. But when struck directly by the rays of the moon, they sparkle and become translucent.

The superstitious claim this grants the petals of the flower magic powers, and the superstitious are absolutely right. Lunaria petals, when properly used, can heal the sick, levitate objects, and be made into an absolutely transcendent cheese. Mice in the Cursed City. An incredibly rare herb, Plumepearls only grow when a tiny grain of sand gets trapped by an uncommon strain of grass. While growing, the grass "attacks" the sand with a special emulsion that adds layer upon layer of hardened plant matter to the sand until eventually a large pearl-looking bulb remains.

Red Double Sponge Charm. Sprinkle a little bit of this powder on two Ber Essences and combine the whole mixture in a Divine Orb to create a Red Double Sponge Charm, capable of soaking up two red dewdrops in the Living Garden at a time! Rift Base Ultimate Charm. The Rift between our world and the next is rarely visible, but when dew or droplets form near it, the energy of the Rift can charge it and transform it into a subtly-glowing, powerful mist.

Correctly harnessing this mist's energy could lead to incredibly powerful equipment. Sprinkle a little bit of this powder on two Ber Essences and combine the whole mixture in a Divine Orb to create a Yellow Double Dewdrop Charm, capable of soaking up two yellow dewdrops in the Living Garden at a time!

A coiling strain of vegetation that thrives in windy environments. This vine is able to absorb the little moisture it needs from cool breezes. As the winds in Moussu Picchu are fueled by the Arcane magics, the plants end up absorbing this as well which further propels their growth and nutritional value.

Storm Wrought Ballista Trap. A small, distinguished scale that came from one of the Storm Dragon mice.

These precious scales harbour some of the storm energy that once belonged to its owner. Storm Wrought Ballista Trap Purchase: Sometimes, after a particularly fierce storm, the bolts of lightning leave behind craters in the ground. At the center, still crackling and smoldering and hot to the touch, these strange teeth can be found jutting upwards from the earth.

Scum Scrubber Scum Scrubber. Spare, sturdy canister ring from the Laboratory. Most of the Canister Rings were lost during the Toxic Spill itself, and they can now be found on mice roaming the bog.

Incinerated Garbage Bath Skin. Main ingredient in the crafting of skins. This one requires a charcoal outline with a fitting amount of refined Pollutinum. Noxious School of Sharks Skin. Requires an abundance of refined Pollutinum soaked in an almost equal amount of Radioactive Sludge. Recycled, reduced, reused and refined. The result of Crude Pollutinum going through 4R processing yields a refined, de-radiated and stablized Pollutinum.

Extremely malleable and flexible while still retaining a sound, solid structure! Lab Technician mice in Toxic Spill. This one looking for a substantial amount of refined Pollutinum with some Soapy Suds for flavor. Hazmat mice in Toxic Spill. Soapy Phantasmic Oasis Skin. A load of refined Pollutinum with a bathtub full of Soapy Suds should suffice. Delicately collected from the foamed lather made from soap. Little do people know, the most cleaning power resides in the suds!

Used mainly in the fabrication of Soap Charms. These radioactive bite-sized clusters of battery fragments are just the thing your Droid needs to power up in the Furoma Rift!

You, uh, should probably be wearing gloves and a hazmat suit right now. These are critical in repairing your Droid's batteries! The mists of the rift permeate deep within all rift mice. Catching a rift mouse with a Rift Vacuum Charm coaxes out a small amount of that mist and calcifies it into a solid form, which can then be safely collected.

This crunchy, crusty, crackly calcification can then be used to craft incredibly powerful Rift charms to turn the tables on those malicious mice! Master of the Chi Belt in Furoma Rift. This heirloom represents the School of the Belt.

It looks to be part of a larger martial symbol encompassing something greater. Student of the Chi Belt in Furoma Rift. A pure amethyst focusing crystal sits within the center of this medallion of the Chi Belt.

Students looking to follow in the ways of the Belt focus their hunger through these crystals, amplifying it and allowing them to exceed their normal rate of consumption. Cheese combined with this energy would create something most irresistible to these mice. Master of the Chi Claw in Furoma Rift.

This heirloom represents the school of the Claw. Student of the Chi Claw in Furoma Rift. A flawless jade stone embedded in this medallion symbolizes the mind's eye surrounded by the body. This token opens up one's mind to the infinite possibilities of what lies just beyond conventional thought. The token helps create a bridge between mental and physical, allowing them to act together as a conduit of Chi.

Releasing the power of this token into bait will create a highly-concentrated Chi cheese that opens up the Cheese Chi Chakra. Irresistible to those trained to see it. Master of the Chi Fang in Furoma Rift. This heirloom represents the school of the Fang. Student of the Chi Fang in Furoma Rift. An imperial topaz sits inside the Fang medallions. Reflecting strength, technique and discipline. They enhance their owners innate martial skills letting them extend into their weapon and become one with it.

The magical energy of these tokens can create a fiercely flavoured cheese with spices so strong that they fight back! Centaur Ranger in Whisker Woods Rift. Delicious golden drops of sap contained in the gnarled bark from the trees in the Whisker Woods Rift. Tri-dra in Whisker Woods Rift. An explosive, swirling, singularity of energy contained within a particle barrier. A major ingredient for crafting powerful rift charms. This material may violently react with matter from our dimension, including with hunter hands!

In order to safely handle this material, a hunter must first obtain the protection of a Null Gauntlet. Spiritual Steel mice in Gnawnia Rift. Runed seeds containing enough magical properties to grow plants and vegetation without the requirements of water, sun or soil!

Grand Master of the Dojo in Furoma Rift. These smooth stones are highly sought after by the true teachers of the Grand Pagoda. They react violently with Rift Curds, serving as a medium to focus the ultimate power and strength of those dwelling beyond the Pinnacle of the Grand Pagoda. Supreme Sensei in Furoma Rift. A beautiful budding branch from what looks to be a Cherry Blossom tree.

Looked after by the Supreme Sensei of the Furoma Rift. A warm, powerful aura emanates from this branch, almost beckoning hunters to advance its growth rate and utilize it for its true purpose All mice in Whisker Woods Rift Marketplace. A pair of perfectly-plucked ripe Rift cherries, oozing sweet cherry juice at the slightest touch.

They smell sweet and delicious! Use Hunter's Hammer to smash Rift Circuitry. Ascended Cheese Rift Circuitry. This appears to have once been usable Rift Circuitry, but someone has smashed it to pieces!

Could the Hunter's Hammer have done this? Shard Centurion mice in Gnawnia Rift. A perilous pinch of ripe Rift dust from deep inside the heaviest mist clouds of the Rift.

Cyborg mice in Gnawnia Rift. Can you believe they make energy shakes with this stuff?! Mice in Whisker Woods Rift Marketplace. An entangling mass of thick vine husks covered in ruby red thorns. Contrary to its tough and dry exterior, the insides of these vines are bursting with a viscous sap. Use the Hunter's Hammer to smash the Crystal Tower weapon. Burroughs Rift Trapsmith Crystal Tower.

A smashed, refined rift focus crystal. Due to the strange physics laws surrounding the rift, it is easily able to be reassembled. An essential component needed to craft powerful Rift traps. Cyclops Barbarian in Whisker Woods Rift.

A tasty morsel of sticky mould that grows deep within the forest. A small section of silk from the deadly Monstrous Black Widow Mouse. Light, fluffy and durable. Jurassic Mouse in Jungle of Dread. An ancient staff from a time long forgotten. This small branch appears insignificant at first glance, however the longer one gazes directly at it, the stronger its inciting glow becomes.

Deep Freeze Base Obelisk of Slumber. The tiring effects of this tiny magical bead can be combined with Obelisk Parts make the Obelisk of Slumber trap. Magma Carrier Mouse in Jungle of Dread. Many have long studied this mysterious metal. The metal possesses a magical property that causes a rust-coloured substance to form on its surface when exposed to water for long periods of time. Although research of this phenomenon is ongoing, many suspect magic to be the root of the cause.

Stonework Warrior Mouse in Jungle of Dread. When placed near Timeless Mystic Gems , the engravings begin to emit a light that seems to draw power-hungry mice near. Primal Mouse in Jungle of Dread. Glowing brightly, this rope magically takes on any length its owner wishes. Very handy for large games of tug-of-war! Acolyte mice in Acolyte Realm. Dragonbane Charm Ice Maiden.

Locked within this scroll is a spell capable of freezing both items and mice instantly. Some Trapsmiths have combined this enchantment with a High Tension Spring and Runes to create a frosty trap. Who knows what other uses the spell may have? Fetid Swamp Mouse in Jungle of Dread.

Hunters from past and present agree that this small hinge is clearly the most epic way to attach two objects, allowing limited, yet awesome, rotation around a fixed axis. These magical stones originate from another plane of existence. Little is known about who or what may have brought them into this world. Chitinous Mouse in Jungle of Dread. These gems look as though they are filled with a swirling blue vapour.

During the Fire Sea battle, Bowser can warp from one section of the platform to another, and can also pound the platform to tilt it; he can also spit single balls of fire, as opposed to a continuous stream. During the final battle, Bowser leaping out of the abyss can result in part of the platform breaking, and after taking two hits, he causes the entire outer edge of the platform to break off, creating a star-shaped arena.

He also attacks Mario by dashing in his direction. Bowser also has various fire-based attacks: In Super Mario 64 , Bowser is defeated solely by Mario. Luigi and Wario are unlocked in Big Boo's Haunt and Chief Chilly Challenge respectively and can also face off against Bowser, but Bowser accepts only Mario as his opponent for the final battle. Bowser convinces his son that Peach is his mother and that Mario has kidnapped her. Taking on the disguise of Shadow Mario , Bowser Jr.

Angered by his intrusion during their "family vacation," Bowser attempts to defeat Mario again. Bowser attacks Mario by breathing massive flames at him, and by splashing the slime in the tub at him. Ground-pounding the five sections of the tub using F. During the ending, it is shown that Bowser and Bowser Jr. While out at sea, Bowser tries to confess to his son that he had used him as a pawn, but Bowser Jr.

However, he also mentions that he is eager to challenge Mario again sometime in the future. Filled with pride for his son, Bowser decides that they rest for a while. In New Super Mario Bros. He first appears as the boss of World 1-Castle , in a fight similar to that of the battle in Super Mario Bros. He attacks Mario by shooting fireballs at him and leaping into the air. After Mario activates switch on the other side of the bridge, hits Bowser enough times with fireballs, or defeats Bowser with a Mega Mushroom , Bowser once again falls into the pit of lava; this time, however, the lava causes him to be turned into a Dry Bones version of himself known as Dry Bowser.

Dry Bowser later appears as the boss of World 8-Castle. His attacks are similar to the World 1 battle, but he is also able to throw bones at Mario, similar to the later boss battles in Super Mario Bros. He is also immune to fireballs in this form. Pressing the switch on the other end of the room once again causes the bridge to collapse, resulting in Dry Bowser falling and crashing. The two of them then fight Mario one last time. During this battle, Bowser attacks by approaching Mario, leaping, and shooting fireballs.

Later in the battle, he also shoots barrages of blue fire. He and Bowser Jr. They can also be defeated from fireballs and use of the Mega Mushroom. After the credits, Bowser and Bowser Jr. Bowser then uses the power of these stars to unleash his entire fleet onto the cosmos and take over many galaxies, planning to construct a galaxy reactor powered by the Grand Stars to create his own galaxy at the center of the universe.

He then kidnaps Peach during the Star Festival , using a UFO and several airships to uproot her castle and taking it to the center of the universe, where he wishes to rule the universe with Peach as his empress. At the Star Reactor, before the player can reach him, Bowser attempts to stop Mario by destroying the staircase leading to him by breathing meteors at him. During battle, Bowser's attacks include stomping the ground, which creates a shock wave, and trying to ground pound Mario.

However, if Bowser ground pounds on any of the glass spots on the arena, they will break, causing him to fall into the lava and run around aimlessly. Mario can then Spin attack him, causing Bowser to spin around the planet inside his shell, much like a normal Koopa.

When Mario does this again, he falls unconscious, only to recover seconds later. Bowser is defeated when this is done again. At the Dark Matter plant, Bowser uses the same tactics as before, but can generate more shock waves and even has his own version of the spin attack, but can be defeated by using the same method as the first battle. Regardless of these drawbacks, Bowser remains confident in his victory and the follow-through of his main goal to construct his own galaxy.

Mario eventually battles Bowser at the almost-completed galaxy reactor. During the final battle, Bowser Jr. On the first planet, Bowser attacks by using his shock waves.

He then curls into a ball of stone and rolls around the planet, with his head exposed to attack. On the second planet, Bowser's attacks include curling up into two combined shells and rolling around the planet, as well as fireballs. By hitting him with a Stretch Plant , Bowser is knocked onto his back and begins moving around the planet; he can then be defeated as normal.

At this point, the gravity of the nearby sun then pulls them toward it, and they begin the actual final battle at the core of Bowser's soon-to-be galaxy.

Bowser's attacks are simply improved tactics from the previous battles, meaning that he can once again be trumped by ground pounding the glass and burning himself, allowing Mario to spin attack him. The defeated Bowser then flies into into the magma of the sun. Afterward, the final Grand Star frees itself from the galaxy reactor. However, the lack of the Grand Star causes the sun to collapse in on itself, resulting in the formation of a massive black hole that begins to devour the universe.

Bowser, however, is on the surface of the sun, on a piece of rock, before it explodes. As the universe is being sucked inside, the Lumas head into the black hole, and destroy it from the inside. Bowser later awakens in Toad Town , near Mario and Peach. Bowser appears, once again as the final boss, in New Super Mario Bros. Here, he appears together with the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. In World 8-Bowser's Castle , the last castle of World 8, Bowser is located in the final chamber and shoots fireballs at Mario, similar to his appearance in the original Super Mario Bros.

When the battle begins, Bowser is fought in a similar manner as in Super Mario Bros. When the switch is pressed, the floor collapses, and Bowser plummets into the abyss below. However, the Princess Peach in the cage nearby turns out to be Kamek in disguise. He escapes from the cage and casts a spell over the chasm that Bowser has fallen down. After several moments, Bowser reappears, now at a gigantic size. He accidentally knocks Kamek off his broom and proceeds to chase after Mario.

This form is called Super Bowser by the Prima Games strategy guide [5] He attacks by spitting massive fireballs, as well as clawing away at the walls and leaping over to Mario if he is far enough away. After the credits, Bowser is seen unconscious and outside his castle, having survived the drop and returned to normal size. However, pushing him over causes the entire castle to fall over onto them all. Bowser appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2 , once again as the main antagonist. At the beginning of the game, he invades the Mushroom Kingdom again, but this time at a gigantic size, due to the power of the Power Stars that he stole earlier.

He kidnaps Princess Peach and flees into space again, claiming to build a galactic empire to suit his new size and put its capital at the center of the universe. Additionally, he attacks and destroys Lubba 's starship prior to the game, stealing all the ship's Power Stars.

Bowser is faced three times in the game. The fights take place on a spherical planetoid, where Bowser attempts to crush Mario with his fists, and by sending meteors crashing down.

He also uses his Fire Breath. When using his fists, Bowser's hand gets stuck in the planetoid briefly, and any meteors on the battlefield at the time rise and turn yellow, allowing Mario to strike.

After each battle, when Bowser is defeated, he coughs up a Grand Star, causing him to shrink back down to his normal size and fall to the ground. Each time, however, he is not discouraged and flees, telling Mario each time that his plan is too far along to stop. The final battle at Bowser's Galaxy Generator has two phases.

When Bowser is defeated once, Mario attempts to collect the Grand Star coughed up by Bowser, but the Koopa King reappears, eats the Grand Star, regains his gigantic size, and then the two fall into a vortex to fight again.

Bowser advances on Mario as time passes, eventually allowing Bowser to attack with a punch. Mario pushes him back by ground-pounding the meteorites at him. After Mario defeats Bowser for the final time, Bowser is sucked into the vortex, and is not seen again until Mario, Peach, and the Toad Brigade return to their planet near the end of the credits, where it is shown that he has become smaller than normal, and is unconscious when he is first seen.

Mario can jump on top of Bowser or spin him, waking him up and causing him to become angry. Bowser appears once again as the main antagonist of Super Mario 3D Land. On one day, a storm blows all the Super Leaves off the Tail Tree. When Mario and three Toads check on the tree, they find an envelope containing a picture showing Peach being captured by Bowser.

It is revealed through the letters found after each world that Peach tries to escape, but Bowser's forces eventually overpower her.

Bowser then holds her in a cage and keeps her next to his throne. However, Bowser had planned ahead; he set up a wooden cutout of Peach on the top of a tower. After Mario discovers this, Bowser appears from above, holding the real Princess Peach, and heads to his second castle. Inside Bowser's quarters in the second castle, Mario discovers the princess bound to the flagpole and tries to rescue her.

Howver, Bowser falls out of the sky and attempts to ground pound him from above, which causes the floor beneath them to fall. During the second battle, Bowser attacks Mario with spiked balls at the beginning, with fireballs for the second portion of the area, and with barrels near the end as he makes his way along. On the bridge before the switch, Bowser's attack pattern is the same as in previous battles.

After the switch that collapses the bridge is pressed, however, Bowser reemerges from below. While progressing through a second obstacle course-like area, Bowser leaps across to various platforms, shooting massive white fireballs at Mario. Bowser then chases him again upon reaching a second bridge. When the switch at the end is pressed, Bowser plummets into the lava below, being hit by falling debris.

The credits show Bowser trying to reach Mario with the help of a massive Goomba Tower, but failing. After completing all the special worlds, it is revealed that Bowser has once again captured Peach, and must be beaten again at his castle.

He is the boss of World 6 , and he attacks using fire and iron mallets in a battle reminiscent of the original Super Mario Bros.

On the other side of him is a switch, which Mario presses to send him into the pit below the bridge. However, after he is defeated, the Koopalings appear in the Koopa Clown Car and use their wands' magic on Bowser. This causes him to transform into Super Bowser , [6] also knocking the Koopalings down into the rising lava pit in the process. While Mario is using the platforms to travel upward, Super Bowser swipes at them with his claws.

In two segments of the battle, the platforms disappear, and Super Bowser breathes fire at Mario on a full platform. On the roof of Bowser's Castle, there is a massive! Switch , similar to the one from New Super Mario Bros.

When the switch is pressed, Super Bowser plummets to his doom and the game is won. He and the Koopalings later appear during the credits.

Bowser is normal-sized again, and the Koopalings are carrying him away in the Koopa Clown Car, Bowser being held outside of the car by his tail. However, the added weight causes the car to plummet to the ground, scattering the occupants around the area. Bowser is seen with his head stuck in the ground. Aside from the main story mode, Bowser is also faced on course three of the Gold Classics Pack , one of the game's downloadable Coin Rush course packs.

He is fought and defeated in the same manner as the first portion of the final boss battle in the main game. Unlike the main game, however, he does not grow in size, for the same reasons why Bowser's Castle in World 6 and the World Star Castle are not playable in Coin Rush. Bowser returns in New Super Mario Bros. U , as the main antagonist and final boss. In the game's intro, Bowser, along with his Koopalings, invade the Mushroom Kingdom in their airships. Bowser's ship then uses a mechanical hand to grab Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad who are having tea with Princess Peach and fling them out of the castle.

Afterward, he invades Peach's Castle. The first part of his battle is similar to Super Mario Bros. This causes the axe to fall and make the bridge collapse, making Bowser fall. The gate then opens and Mario moves on.

When Mario reaches the top of the castle, Peach is being held up in the tower. After this, Bowser Jr. In order to defeat them, the player must jump on Bowser Jr. This allows the player to jump in and hover over Bowser to harm him.

Like the Koopalings, he curls into his shell and spins around when hit. He is defeated after being hit three times by the Clown Car. After beating him, he falls off of the castle as Bowser Jr. At the end, the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. Bowser notices and climbs on, but his weight causes the airship to crash.

Bowser then holds onto Bowser Jr. Bowser plays the same role and fights the same in the downloadable content New Super Luigi U. Bowser is once again the main antagonist in Super Mario 3D World. At the beginning of the game, Bowser is revealed to have invaded the Sprixie Kingdom , kidnapping six of the seven Sprixie Princesses in the process.

Bowser then shows up from a Clear Pipe in the Mushroom Kingdom and captures the last one, disappearing back down afterward. Bowser is the boss of the World 1 castle, Bowser's Highway Showdown. Unlike most of his prior battles, Bowser does not fight Mario or the others in direct combat: After taking enough hits from the soccer balls, Bowser starts to breathe fire more often, only occasionally throwing bombs at this point.

Bowser now spends most of the battle spewing the residue-producing fireballs at the player and only occasionally throws the bombs that must be knocked back at him.

When Bowser is struck by enough bombs, he once again is sent falling into the lava below. However, just as the heroes clear the level and free the final Sprixie Princess, Bowser jumps out in front of them, re-captures the seven Sprixies in a larger bottle, and takes them to the game's true final world, World Bowser , an amusement park built in his image. Upon reaching him, Bowser uses a Super Bell to transform himself into Meowser. Later, after climbing up the tower and knocking him away with a POW Block , he uses a Double Cherry for the next portion of the battle.

During the end credits, Bowser can be seen trapped inside a giant bottle. The game is notable as being one of the few games with Bowser as the main antagonist where he makes absolutely no attempt at abducting Princess Peach in fact, he largely ignored her outside of considering her an opponent. His behavior changes, depending on the game style that's used, but regardless of the game style, Bowser starts breathing fireballs as Mario gets closer to him.

The size of the fireballs are larger if Bowser is given a Super Mushroom. In the Super Mario Bros. He may also do a small jump during the process. In the Super Mario World game style, Bowser moves around and jumps while breathing fireballs, but he may also breathe fireballs that rain down on Mario from above.

Another trait that Bowser is given in this game style is that he can push back Mario if Mario tries to run through him. In the New Super Mario Bros. U game style, Bowser simply moves left and right, and he'll either breathe a fireball, jump, or breathe a fireball while jumping.

However, unlike with the other game styles, Bowser actually aims his fireballs at Mario, instead of breathing them at random altitudes. Bowser may also breathe multiple fireballs, along with making a huge jump. On an additional note, if Bowser is giant-sized in this game style, his fireballs can destroy most block types, and he can also destroy any Brick Blocks that he comes into contact with.

The player can only place up to three Bowsers on a single course layer, and if the player shakes Bowser, he changes into Bowser Jr. If the player gives Bowser wings, he'll gain the ability to flutter briefly, but he'll end his flutter early if Mario tries to run under him.

Unlike with Bowser Jr. Bowser can also throw two Bob-ombs at Mario, which will self-destruct after a while; if Bowser is giant-sized, he'll throw up to four Bob-ombs. This behavior is constant for all game styles.

If Mario tries to combat Bowser, Bowser is immune to jump attacks, but he'll fall if the player delivers 20 hits to him, whether it's with fireballs, or with certain items; if Bowser is giant-sized, he'll have to take up to 40 hits before falling.

On an additional note, giant-sized items except for the Goomba's Shoe deal 2x as much damage to Bowser than normal-sized items; for an example, 10 giant Koopa Troopa shells will defeat normal-sized Bowser. According to the trailer for the Ver. During the final battle in World , Bowser, in his Koopa Clown Car , attacks by spitting out fireballs and shooting a Spiked Ball out of a cannon produced by the Clown Car's mouth at Mario. Sometimes, he will toss Bob-ombs at Mario.

If he manages to successfully stomp the Bob-omb, Mario will shoot it back at Bowser. To beat Bowser, the process needs to be repeated three times. In this game, as the final level only consists of the boss fight, the color coins are present in the battle.

When the fifth coin is passed by, the level will recycle through from the beginning until Bowser is defeated. Bowser returns in Super Mario Odyssey , once again as the main antagonist. He invades the Cap Kingdom and kidnaps Tiara to commence his "royal wedding" with Princess Peach , defeating Mario via his wedding hat and shredding the Mario Cap.

He then sets up his "wedding", stealing artifacts from various kingdoms to fulfill his desires, and hiring the Broodals to help him against Mario. Although he does not steal anything needed for the wedding from the Metro Kingdom , he does nonetheless cause massive chaos in the kingdom regardless by having Mechawiggler attack the city as well as various tanks, and also proceeded to plaster several ads advertising his wedding much to the chagrin of the city's ruler, Mayor Pauline , who found the posters "tasteless" especially in light of the chaos.

Mario and Cappy catch up to Bowser in the Cloud Kingdom , and defeat him. However, he shoots them down with his airship. Later, when the Odyssey is en route to Bowser's Kingdom , he has the Ruined Dragon damage the Odyssey, and also has the Broodals hold off Mario long enough to fully escape from the castle to the Moon Kingdom.

Eventually, he "invites" various people around the kingdoms to the wedding at Moon Kingdom by abducting them, including Mayor Pauline , and has a final battle with Mario, only to be soundly defeated, knocking him unconscious. However, due to the Wedding Hall collapsing, Mario is ultimately forced to capture Bowser to get himself and everyone else to safety. Upon regaining consciousness, he attempts to resume his attempt at wooing Peach's hand in marriage, with Mario doing the same, only for Peach to "reject" them both.

Bowser then attempts to go home with Peach but gets jumped on by Mario and knocked away from the Odyssey. His remarks are as follows:. In battle, Bowser equips boxing gloves on his hat, which resemble the gloves sometimes used by the Junior Clown Car. He will throw the hat and Mario must hit it with Cappy to stop it and flip it over, allowing him to put it on and punch with it using or by shaking the Joy-Con controllers.

Once Bowser sees his main weapon disabled, he will ground pound around the arena, sending flaming shockwaves. He may also throw large brick balls, which can be destroyed with the boxing-gloved hat.

Mario must repeatedly punch Bowser to send him flying into the spiky barrier surrounding the arena. When Bowser throws his hat again, he will throw it along with purple duplicates of it, which disappear when hit with Cappy. The process of punching Bowser must be repeated to damage him again.

For the final throw, there will be five duplicates. Also, after being punched enough the final time, Bowser will spin around, damaging Mario if he is in the way. He must be punched more to defeat him and send him crashing onto his airship. The second fight is basically the same, but Bowser uses some new tactics. When being attacked, Bowser will always use the spin seen during the final attack in the previous battle, spinning more times depending on how many times he has been hit, and the spins create fiery shockwaves.

Like before, he will use duplicates of the hat after being hit once, but he now uses three and eight duplicates, respectively, rather than two and five. He also has two new attacks that he uses while Mario is wearing his hat. He may stand in the middle of the arena and breathe a stream of fire around the arena; as he is surrounded by flames during this attack, Mario cannot strike.

He may also throw flaming versions of his shell, which cannot be punched away like the bricks. Additionally, for the final hit, Bowser must be punched rapidly again after spinning three times.

He will then spin once more and can be attacked to be defeated. King Koopa as he is known in Japan is featured as the main villain in the Japanese-exclusive animated film Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen! The plot of the film is similar to that of Super Mario Bros. King Koopa is also trying to marry Peach, making this film the first instance in which King Koopa has shown a love interest in her.

King Koopa first appears emerging from Mario's television to capture Princess Peach. Mario tries to stand up to him, but to no avail. Peach tries to fight back, but is grabbed and taken back into the television, where she is held at his castle. At one point, King Koopa attempts to make Peach love him, but Peach tricks him by having him transform into various things, eventually ending up as a teddy bear which she locks inside a box.

However, King Koopa breaks free by transforming back to normal, leaving and locking her in her room. Later, King Koopa commences the wedding ceremony with Peach, but it is interrupted by Mario and Luigi.

Taking the princess, King Koopa and the minister escape to another room to continue the ceremony, only for the castle to fall apart around them. After emerging from the rubble, King Koopa and Mario battle. During the battle, King Koopa is easily able to fight him, though after he consumes the three power-ups Mario becomes strong enough to grab King Koopa by the tail and send him flying, undoing his black magic over the land. In the end of the film, King Koopa appears at Mario's Grocery , working happily with his minions.

Below, the player must try to catch the oil and hand the buckets to Yoshi for disposal. Occasionally, Yoshi can knock Bowser from his position. He also appears in the modern port of Mario Bros. His role in this game is to hinder the player's progress by reversing the directions of the conveyer belts they are working on; however, they can switch the flow of the belts back to normal by flipping a switch. Here, he is seen in a tree, trying to throw balloons filled with paint at Mario's friends, who are relaxing on various objects attached to the ropes.

Mario is able to help his friends avoid the balloons by using the ropes to move them out of the way. Trapped in the Perilous Pit , Bowser heads down to the basement of Peach's castle to kidnap the princess while Mario and Luigi, who are working on the castle's plumbing, are with her.

Mario tries to fight him, but is defeated; it is when Luigi takes a Fire Flower and fights him that Bowser is defeated. Bowser escapes, however, and the bros try to chase after him, but fall down a large pit. Bowser also throws the princess into the pit, then escapes, locking the basement door behind him.

At the end of the book, however, the three escape the basement and force Bowser out of the castle. King Koopa is also featured as the main antagonist in all three shorts in the Japanese-exclusive Super Mario anime series , which have him taking on the roles of various fairy tale villains. He hears of the beauty of Princess Peach, and, with the help of his Koopalings, she is kidnapped. Peach's grandparents try to stop him, but fail. During the time that the princess is kidnapped, King Koopa proposes to her, but she refuses and is thrown into a cell as a result; King Koopa then continues to plunder the galaxy as usual.

As he is proposing to her again, he hears news that a strange ship is approaching; Mario and his friends, a Para-Beetle , a Spike , and a Boomerang Bro arrive at the city, face King Koopa and the Koopalings and defeat them. Having been beaten, King Koopa vows to never perform another bad deed. While harassing Princess Peach, Mario tries to stand up for her, but King Koopa simply tries to stomp him, which later leads to him eating Mario.

However, Mario starts slashing and stabbing at his insides with the makeshift sword he was given by his father. This causes King Koopa to experience a horrific stomachache and regurgitate Mario, falling unconscious. However, when King Koopa wakes up, Mario is on his head, but he slices off his horns and eyebrows as he leaps off. Embarrassed, King Koopa runs away from the two, dropping a magical hammer on the way.

This hammer allows Mario to be grown to a normal size. He is a selfish tyrant, who often asks his mirror who is the most beautiful in the land, with the mirror's response being an image of himself. However, one day, when asking the mirror the question, Koopa is shocked to see the image of Princess Peach appearing on the mirror, making him angry.

After much frustration, he has the Koopalings attack her, but she is saved by Mario, who defeats them. Angered by the failure of the Koopalings, Koopa asks the mirror the question again; this time the mirror tells him that Peach is hiding in Toad's house. In his laboratory in the basement, Koopa creates a poison, which he then injects into several apples. While both the Toads and Mario are gone from the house, Koopa, disguising himself using a cloak, gives Peach a poisoned apple, which causes her to fall into a comatose state, and flies back to his castle.

They succeed with their attack, but the Toads combine with Mario, increasing his strength and allowing him to once again defeat them. Koopa attempts to escape, but Mario chases after him. However, Mario stops when he sees Koopa holding a knife at Peach. At that moment, Luigi unexpectedly enters the scene with a hammer and attacks Koopa. The brothers then take him and throw him head first into his mirror to defeat him.

Bowser's appearance in the shows is based on his in-game sprite from the original Super Mario Bros. In all three cartoons, Bowser was voiced by Harvey Atkin, who also starred in other shows such as Goosebumps as Mr. Malik, The Adventures of Sam and Max: In The Super Mario Bros. In several episodes, Bowser captures Princess Toadstool and attempts to blackmail her into giving him the Mushroom Kingdom, although some other episodes imply that he already has some measure of control over the kingdom.

In Super Mario World television series , Bowser makes somewhat infrequent appearances. As revealed in the episode " Mama Luigi ", he was once again banished from the Mushroom Kingdom. However, he ends up moving to Dinosaur Land, where he, along with his Koopa Kids, cause trouble. Bowser's fate at the end of the cartoons is never actually disclosed, as his final appearance not counting "Mama Luigi", which takes place in a flashback in A Little Learning shows him trapped in his bedroom, which is rapidly filling with lava.

After The Super Mario Bros. His appearance, as well as his personality and demeanor, is based off of his cartoon appearance in The Super Mario Bros. During the show, Bowser hosts a quiz, to which any viewer can send their answers through the mail, and answers fan mail.

He then shows public-domain cartoons unrelated to the Mario series. At the end of each episode, Koopa gives away Nintendo merchandise to the child-exclusive studio audience. As the plot is the same as the game it is based upon, King Koopa kidnaps Princess Peach while she is on vacation in Dinosaur Land , conquers the Yoshis and sets up fortresses, putting the Koopalings in charge of them.

He eventually faces off against Mario and Luigi in his Koopa Clown , and is defeated, spinning out of control into the horizon. He plans to use the NES they are playing to spread a computer virus and take over the world.

He then has his minions head out to infect the system's hardware. When the Mario brothers show up, Bowser sends his minions after them, but Luigi easily defeats them with a fire-shooting weapon. After most of his minions are defeated, Bowser, accompanied by a Spiny, attempt to attack the Mario bros. In the comic included with the White Knuckle Scorin' album, Bowser appears as the main antagonist.

He once again kidnaps Princess Toadstool and brings her to his castle, explaining his plan to turn the dinosaurs of Dinosaur Land into fossil fuel and join OPEC.

The princess tells him that he isn't smart enough to be an oil tycoon, but Bowser informs her that he would rather have "brute force and a bad attitude over smarts and education," informing her in song that "ignorance is bliss. Later, Bowser's spies tell him that the Mario Bros. Bowser selects a spell from his spellbook that he believes to have a nasty effect, and with help from Lemmy, who wished to show off the reading skills the princess had taught him earlier , they cast the spell Bowser unable to do it himself due to leaving his reading glasses in the pantry when reading the nutritional label on a bag of "toasted lard chips" , which instead creates an illusion that gives the countryside a medieval motif, also boosting the brothers' confidence.

The spell wears off as soon as Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi arrive at the castle, but Bowser has his Mechakoopas attack them. He also places Toadstool in a cage lowering into a vat of lava; the brothers and Yoshi cannot save her in time, and she disappears into the lava. Mario attempts to fight Bowser still, but his grief allows Bowser to easily beat him.

However, Princess Toadstool suddenly appears out of the shadows and strikes Bowser. Revitalized by her sudden appearance, Bowser is able to be defeated by Mario again, while the princess explains that she escaped due to Bowser leaving the operating manual inside the cage Bowser admitting that his illiteracy caused him to not think about them.

Bowser is defeated by the heroes aided by Lemmy , but he orders all Warp Pipes leading outside Dinosaur Land be severed, supposedly trapping them on the island. However, Princess Toadstool had stolen Bowser's spell book, and Yoshi recites the spell to transport his friends home. At this age, he is shown to have similar powers to the ones he currently possesses as an adult. When Baby Mario and Yoshi enter his room in his castle, Baby Bowser is unintentionally and forcibly awakened from his nap by Kamek who was trying to demand that Yoshi hand over Mario , and pounds him flat in retribution.

Bowser then notices Yoshi, and decides he wants to ride the "green donkey. Yoshi ends up defeating Baby Bowser, even when Kamek turns him into a giant. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is also his first meeting with Mario.

Although Bowser himself doesn't appear in the game his younger self nonwithstanding , he does appear in the Mario Bros. In Yoshi's Cookie , Bowser appears as one of the four playable characters in versus mode. He has the highest attack of the four, but his other stats are average. The Nintendo Puzzle Collection version of the game features a story mode.

While Mario and Yoshi are resting as they are delivering Yoshi Cookies, Bowser appears and steals the cookies. When they awake, they go after him. Bowser is faced on stage seven on every difficulty, as the final enemy in the game. It is used by Behemoth King , Rangda , and Verdelet. Summoning is a skill exclusive to the Arcanist class and its jobs Summoner and Scholar.

Arcanists can summon Carbuncles , Scholars can summon Faeries that specialize in healing magic, while Summoners call fractions of a Primal 's essence called Egis. When summoning becomes available the screen darkens, small white lights appear all around the area, and the battle theme changes. When the summoning becomes available seems random, and depends on which summon can be called in the particular area of the battle and that summon's specific summon requirements.

Summoning is disabled inside caves. Summoning appears in the form of Eidolons, powerful beings which can be controlled in return for a party member who cannot be used again until the mission is finished.

Summons are fully controllable. Summon is a command ability learned from the Summoner job class. In order to use it, the unit must have learned at least one summon by spending JP.

The summon is not unleashed immediately, but will involve a Charge Time. The amount of charge depends on the selected summon, the stronger the longer. The original English version had reduced the charge time of all summons, but was reverted to the same as Japanese version in the The War of the Lions port. Summon is a action ability learned by the Summoner job. Summons are learned via staves. Summoning is a command ability learned by the Summoner job.

Staves teach summon magic. Some accessories allow units to summon powerful Espers called Scions , most of which deal damage to all enemies. The main character Mira summons a myriad of monsters and floors in an attempt to defeat invading Adventurers. Summoning is the fixed job command of Summoners. It allows six different creatures to be summoned to deal damage to all foes. Invocation is the fixed job command of Conjurers.

It allows a creature to be summoned to buff the party. An unrelated command is Summon Friend, which allows the player to summon their friends' sent actions. Upon reaching job level 11, the player is is able to buff the party with the summoned creature. Summon is the fixed job command of the Summoner job. It can be equipped on other jobs, occupying 2 ability slot. Call is a 2 slot ability learned by summoners at job level 18, and allows a random Eidolon to be summoned with no MP cost.

Summons make an appearance in the form of Summonstones , where they can be equipped by characters and used in battles for various effects, for example manipulating bravery and even breaking the opponent.

Summons make a return performing much similarly, and with a wider range of summons available. The character, Yuna , is also able to summon aeons to her aid in battle, using them to perform all of her attacks. Rydia, Eiko, and Yuna attacks with summoned monsters from their respective games: Krile has the Summoner's Dualcast which makes her summon both Titan and Odin for her attack.

One of Garnet's cards can use her Eidolon command. For the discard of a Garnet card and payment of any amount of any type of CP, Eidolon lets the player choose up to two Eidolons in their Break zone with a combined cost less than the CP they paid, and for that turn they can be summoned for no cost.

The selected Eidolons are removed from the game if they are summoned by this ability. The ability places all characters in the Break Zone, and allows the player a second turn immediately once their current turn ends. The Summon command is an ability for the summoner Yoyo and Sendak who can summon the Holy Dragons to assist the party in their battles.

The classic flaming orb appears in a variety of colors for Riesz , including the classic flaming green orb. They are used as icons on her ring menu, representing summon spells. Yuna uses her summoning abilities after spherechanging from Gunner to Summoner in Dead Fantasy IV while teaming up with her rival Kasumi against her antagonistic clones.

She summons her aeons Shiva, Ixion, Ifrit, Bahamut and Valefor to battle the clones, but the aeons are defeated, causing Yuna to revert to her Gunner dressphere. Comparable practices exist in many religions and magical traditions and may employ the use of mind-altering substances with and without uttered word formulas.

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