Harry Kalas' Son Kane Making Own Name as Poker Pro

The first full week of October is Depression Awareness week. But I was still in college when he passed away. And my voluntary work on the crisis line brings me in contact with many more. What about those who could not lift a chin? He had a passion for broadcasting and a passion for sports. When I started playing professionally in I suggested to some friends that they should try playing poker professionally. Dad mentioned the silly bus, and my sister replied, "Dad, my son with autism would be on that bus.

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Everyone has problems, everyone has suffered losses, but they deal with it in the Midwest way. The stigma of a mental illness reflects on the family, after all. I remember the very day when I was visiting home, we all were sharing a breakfast and a scheduled bus went up the road to the county seat. Dad smirked, "There goes the silly bus.

These were people who had developmental problems which required extra services. These were people who suffered mental problems and couldn't deal with life in general. When questioned, Dad said, "In my day, they didn't need all that. They were taken care of at home. Those others, well, they should just get out there and work. Just work it out. Didn't he see me? Didn't he see himself?

I have struggled through chronic depression all my life. My "sadness" was deep. It has taken years of therapy, assisted by anti-depressants, to reach a steadiness. God gave me what I needed and put me in a place where I could reach it. His father died when Dad was 9 years old and suicide was always on his horizon.

When he went into a spiral, we all felt its effects, God help us. One day, many years after sitting at breakfast, my sister was home. Dad mentioned the silly bus, and my sister replied, "Dad, my son with autism would be on that bus. But then again, autism and many others in the realm of developmental issues was not dealt with in Dad's era.

I spent the next hours explaining exactly what children and adults experience with autism and what is known or theorized about it. May is Mental Health Awareness Month. May has been selected as Mental Health Awareness week. Never before has mental health been recognized as so important, impacting society in ways never imagined.

October is Depression Awareness Month. The first full week of October is Depression Awareness week. Never before has Depression been recognized and diagnosed as a silent struggle so many experience and suffer. April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. Pull it all together. This post is dedicated to those who relate or can relate to what is written here. Posted by Susan Kane at 7: Autism , community viewpoints , depression , developmental , get over it , Mental Awareness , PTSD , silly bus , stigma , suicide.

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If someone's here buying into an event like this I can probably learn something from them. You said you have broadcasting in your blood. Do you feel like you have baseball in your blood?

One thing about traveling so much for poker is that it's really tough to keep up with the season. I bought an online subscription so I can watch baseball games anywhere but it never comes through properly so that's always tilting.

Do you feel like Philadelphia and especially the baseball community has a special place in its heart for you because of your dad? Yeah, all the support from the fans and community after my father's passing really showed me how much of a connection he had with the city, and how much a connection the city had with him. I have people coming up to me telling me stories about growing up listening to my father's voice on the radio, and the experiences they had with their dads around baseball.

Have you ever been invited to any juicy poker games in Philly because you're Harry Kalas' son? Laughs No, I wish. If anybody's out there reading this in Philly and has a big game, Kane Kalas will come to town and it will be fun. Baseball has a real sense of community and camaraderie around it.

Do you feel like there's anything similar happening in the poker world? There's a lot of community and camaraderie in poker. I would never have been able to become as good as I am today without talking over hands with friends and learning from them. I feel like I've gotten help from people and I've been able to help people too so I definitely feel like there's camaraderie in poker. The difference is, when you're at the table it's everyone for themselves.

But away from the table it's a game where a lot of people are there to help you out. And it's a game where you make a lot of amazing contacts. People who are able to play poker well enough to make a living are generally very intelligent and they're great people to know and talk with about all sorts of stuff, especially non-poker stuff.

Since Black Friday you've spent some time in Costa Rica playing online. Did Black Friday actually open up some opportunities for you? Black Friday hit me particularly hard because I had quite a bit of money on UltimateBet. And it seems like I'm not going to get that back and I had quite a lot on Full Tilt which I'm still waiting to see if I'll get back. And maybe more importantly I had some really nice staking deals going with people who had no interest in moving out of the country to play online after Black Friday.

After Black Friday it took me a while to move but after about six months I was in Costa Rica playing online and had some success there. I lived in Costa Rica after that and then traveled the live circuit a bit. But the games online have gotten much harder since Black Friday.

When I started playing professionally in I suggested to some friends that they should try playing poker professionally. The temperature's back up here, too. Gonna be 86 degrees on Monday. At least the trick-or-treaters won't have to wear coats! Have a super weekend. The cheesy ones are always the best. Apparently this is a true tale. On his way to deliver a coffin, the coffin maker's car broke down. In order to meet his deadline, no pun intended he put the coffin on his head and decided to carry it to the funeral parlour.

A passing policeman stopped him and asked where he was going. The man replied "I didn't like where I was buried so I'm relocating. That's a good one. Maybe the policeman should have taken a couple swigs of Robitussin Can't pick a single one that wasn't my favorite! I liked the story about the wife who thought she was dancing with her husband at the party.

Happy Halloween to you! Watch out for the gremlins and ghouls. Happy Halloween to you, too! We've got a bunch of candy, so we're ready Natch, I got candy that WE like. I can't stop laughing. I'm glad the post tickled your funny bone. Every story was a hoot. A friend sent me the first conic and I loved it. It's a pleasure to be treated with laughs rather than tricked with frights. Thanks for a delightful post - - Halloween has always been my favorite time of year I'm glad you liked it, cowboy.

Or maybe I should call you Count? To prove how "sophisticated" my sense of humor is, my favorite cartoon is the one about Count Flatula October went by in a flash. It's almost time to buy the Thanksgiving turkey. I already have him. His name is Willy Dunne Wooters. I've been married to my turkey for more than 47 years now. So it's perfectly okay if we occasionally tell them to "Stuff it!

Really fun post, Susan! All I can offer is some history of poem, "Antigonish", by Wm. Hughes Mearns, published --"I met a man who wasn't there I'm glad you enjoyed it dude. Thanks for the info on the poet. I'll add his name to the post right now! Sometimes jokes are so corny, ya just have to laugh. I love Halloween and have been celebrating to the best of my ability all of October. Hope it doesn't rain.

Yep, and I am well-known for telling THE corniest jokes. Especially after a glass of wine I hope it doesn't rain on your parade. I love the thought of a crowd of costumed people dancing in the streets.

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