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On top of that, extra gimmicks beyond transformation began to play into the subgroups, with the Throttlebots ' pull-back motors and the spark-firing Monsterbots. Thanks Tracy for putting together this list! From The SpongeBob Movie: Speaking of re-released old toys, saw the Classics subline debut, the return of numerous toys from the through lines. They are concentrated in the south.


What happened to public notebooks?

It isn't their best featured model, but it is in the price range I'm willing to pay. But in my part of SW Oklahoma, that has never been a problem with my last scanner and I don't foresee it becoming a problem in the future. Our area police budgets are not likely to allow for complete radio system overhauls unless the agency gets a federal grant. Any of you happen to have this model? If so, are you satisfied and would you buy it again? This is info about the scanner Plus, it lets you hear storm reports and more before they are broadcast on TV or radio.

Eight user-defined colors can be specified from thousands of possible combinations. Audible Alarms - Programmable audible alarms can be configured to sound when certain Scannable Objects are active. Can be used in conjunction with, or separately from, the Alert LED described above. Automatic Adaptive Digital Tracking - When monitoring P25 digital systems, instantly adapts the digital decoder to the digital modulation format of the transmitted signal, then analyzes the signal over 50 times each second and adapts to any subtle changes caused by multipath or fading.

No cumbersome manual adjustments are required. Backlit Liquid Crystal Display - Easy to read and program data even in low light situations. Data Cloning - Allows transfer of the programmed data to another WS scanner. Digital AGC - Instantly compensates for low user audio levels that are common on digital systems. Also connect an external antenna for improved reception of distant or weak signals.

Free-Form Memory Organization - Allocation of memory dynamically and efficiently as it is needed. This differs from low cost and older scanners that had memory organized in rigid and wasteful memory banks. High Speed PC Interface - Use a USB Scanner programming cable for full duplex mode at 6 times the speed of previous scanner models for PC transfer and 8 times the speed of previous models for radio to radio cloning. High speed special USB to scanner programming cable included.

Lock-out Function - Skip over specified channels or frequencies when scanning or searching. Enter the LTR system frequencies in any order, and the WS will automatically move the frequencies to the proper home repeater slots as transmissions are received on the system. Memory Backup - Frequencies remain stored in memory for an extended time even without batteries.

Menu Driven Programming with Context Sensitive Help - Each menu item provides a few lines of help text that provide assistance with programming and using the scanner. Both talkgroup and individual call monitoring are supported. Object Oriented User Interface - Exclusive to Whistler, features common data entry, browsing and control methods are used for every scannable object. All are programmed and stored in the same way. Your WS will detect the NAC that is being used on a P25 conventional digital channel, and allow you to program NAC codes to block transmissions that do not have a matching NAC, including analog traffic on the same frequency.

PC programmable - allows users to backup data, update database and program scanner directly from a PC. BuTel ARC software required Priority Channel - set the scanner to check one channel every two seconds while scanning.

Real-time Signal Strength Indicator - Shows relative strength of received signals. Scan Delay - Delays scanning for two seconds before moving to another channel in order to hear replies. Scan List - Functionality allows you to arrange, group and scan objects according to your preference. Skywarn Storm Spotter Functionality - Provides instant access to frequencies used by storm spotter networks.

Monitor storm conditions as they occur, and become aware of dangerous conditions before the media or emergency management officials are able to announce them to the general public. Lock out found frequencies and continue searching in the same band.

Provides fast and reliable decoding of subaudible squelch signaling with squelch tail elimination. Tune - Find new and unlisted frequencies starting from a specified frequency. V-Scanner Technology - Allows you to save complete radio configurations within the radio, for recall into main memory as needed in the field. Twenty one V-Scanner Folders are provided, each capable of storing over 1, objects. Total memory capacity of main memory combined with V-Scanners is over 37, objects.

L Unit Weight 2. David , Aug 9, Aug 9, 2. No help with that but can you use a phone app for your area? Aug 9, 3. Cool but I didn't realize scanners were still a thing. Cheese curls, cheese balls, cheese flavored chips, cheese Doritos, cheese popcorn, cheese and crackers, cheese flavored crackers, tubs of cheese spread, cheesy instant mashed potatoes.

Jamaica in a Box: Get one of those plastic 2qt jugs with the handles and the push button spout.. I also found on an end cap at wallyworld sample size for 25cents that came 4 bags in each pouch…we used these in our platoon packages this last shipment. Kick back and have some fun: Salute to the Heroes: George is the Patron Saint of the Military. The inscription on the back reads: Give us courage, strength and might. Gentlemen start your engines: Any racing related items: Hostess Cupcakes, box of candles, confetti, birthday cards signed by as many people as possible, goodies like candy and books etc wrapped in birthday paper.

A gingerbread haunted house all precut and ready to go , goodie bags full of candy, plastic carved pumpkins, a Tootsie Roll pop covered with tissue to look like a ghost, apple cider packets, candy corn, costume for your soldier, carvable pumpkins.

Turkey Jerky, dried cranberries I think they are called Craisens? If you have kids — or access to some, you can do some Thanksgiving crafts. The old trace-you-hand and color turkey comes to mind, instant mashed potatoes, many of the big candle companies make scented candles that would fit this theme and Thanksgiving also, for example, Yankee has Harvest, Cranberry Chutney, Apple Cider, Autumn Lodge, Pumpkin Pie, and Spiced Pumpkin.

Care Package Ideas to show how sweet your soldier is to you: A valentine letter wrote entirely with candy message hearts glued to the paper. Those lil sugary chics, bunnies, etc remember? Your soldiers will get a big kick out of it!!! Banners to decorate their rooms or mess hall that say Happy Easter. I sent a few of those to a unit, and they said that was the best thing that they could have ever receive.

They laughed all night long. Make sure the kits only require water no vinegar. Thanks for defending the red, white, and blue. So here are some treats- all in U. For Fun and Entertainment: Food and Snack Items: Boredom Buster Care Package: This care package is full of great activities to cure their boredom.

If your child needs some extra fun for camp, this care package is great fun for camp. All of the items in this care package are small enough to fit into a pack, backpack, or suitcase. Comforts of Home Package: Fill any package with holiday themed ideas and use things like tissue paper, balloons, confetti etc. You can put them all in a box labeled the reason why I love you or something like that: For the way you snicker at my jokes. Because you have a nice butt. You always makes me laugh.

You always give great hugs and kisses. The way I feel about you is shocking! I love it when you call me baby. Because I love you to pieces. They were wrapped in pink cellophane and tied with red ribbon. Coupons for dirty deeds he could cash in when he got home. I also took some obscure, hard to identify pix of various body parts and numbered them.

If he was able to identify them, he got good, recognizable pix of those parts. Shark gummies Little game with the magnetic fishing pole Goldfish game cards go fish or regular Tuna packets with crackers Sea Monkeys you add water to and they grow Small conk seashell so he could hear the ocean Salt water taffy.

This would be especially cute for those that have children and have taken a trip to the zoo. Include lots of pictures of your trip and then some of these treats: Stacey is an Army wife of a soldier who joined in He has since been medically retired but she continues to provide information to Army wives and families to make their adjustment to the Army lifestyle easier.

I am so glad I found this. I actually wrote the first themed case packages list listed about. I wrote in in when during my husbands first deployment. I passed it around to dozens of people so I am glad that it is still out there….. I called my sister — who helped me make that list — and we were laughing at some of the stupid themes we made up….

Thanks for having this posted!! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this list. I am officially an Army Mom, am a Navy brat, the ideas are great and they help generate more as I go thru what you sent and how you sent it. This is our first time out to the sandy beach, we are only 3 weeks in but do expect the next 32 to require information and support. Hope your current deployment will be a smooth one. Wow, this looks alot like the list that I put together about years ago when my hubby first started to deploy.

Through 4 deployments and a 15 page attachement that I have shared quite often with those on yahoo answers where I started to share it through email to facebook. Nice to see that others like it as much as I liked putting it together.

Many of these ideas have been sent to me from various readers and I simply compiled them. They donated to military charities from every sale too. I bought 2 pounds from them at a chocolate festival in may in Denver and they are soooooooooooooooooo good.

There is another company that does something similar to this but I cant remember the name! Allison, I took your recommendation and sent a few pounds to my sister who is stationed in Afghanistan.

He answered my messages personally and was super friendly and didnt send automated messages except the invoice and my sister said the toffee was incredible. I wish I could try some myself! I am amazed by this site. It is amazingly helpful; and super cute! Thank you for the referance ideas! Josh and Alison, I am from Aurora part of Denver but have never heard of klassy toffee. It looks like their website is down right now but the facebook works, i cant wait to try them.

I love local things and my brother is in the army so its all pretty sweet. Care Packages For Holidays. Creative Ideas for Care Packages. You may also be interested in: SB June 10, , 7: SB June 10, , 8: Kathleen Readinger July 8, , 1: Christine July 17, , 1:

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