XZ drive vs XR drive?

Sep 7th, Czech Republic. One such instance is the gambling industry, which is very popular worldwide …. I heard a rumor a while back from a friend in the industry that Merc was working on a drive that would bridge the gap between the Bravo's and the 6, maybe good to hp or so. The XZ and XR offer considerable gains in reliability for the majority of the sport boat enthusiasts on this forum. Mar 16th, Netherlands. What's the difference between the XZ drive and the XR? Dec 1st, 27,th 0 Jul 24th,

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Mike, I was confused as well. Ordered a new boat with 's and they told me it would come with XZ drives. I thought they were making a mistake and really meant XR, until a good OSO member gave me the following link. Here is a page that describes the changes in the new drives.

Find More Posts by Dock Holiday. I have a table at Bravo Drives That summarizes the differances. Find More Posts by Mbam.

Maybe XZ's make more sense for singles and small twins, XR's for the larger, heavier boats? Speaking stock, of course. I heard a rumor a while back from a friend in the industry that Merc was working on a drive that would bridge the gap between the Bravo's and the 6, maybe good to hp or so.

Wonder whatever became of that project? The only difference is said to be the upper gearset. Initially the XR was only available with 1. Ultimately you could run an XZ and if you have problems with the gears change them to XR gears down the road. Mike "Goodfella" at Dollar had reported last year that the factory racers his shop was involved with were getting better life out of the XZ gears which was not expected. As an engineer, I've got two theories- 1- the machined ZX gears likely have better tolerance control and surface finish on the gear teeth 2- Helical teeth serve to pump oil thru them where the straight teeth simply squeeze the stuff out of the oil.

It would also be interesting to compare the surface are of the contact pattern on the two sets. On helical gears there is also more of an opportunity for a smooth transition of the load from one tooth to the next where a straight gear has more of a stutter transition- think of driving a car with stop signs for wheels.

I suspect you can't really see or feel this but it is there theoretically. There is a reason auto's use helical gears in the ring and pinion as well as forwrd tranny gears Whiny reverse gears are most often straigh cut gears I upgraded to an XZ simply because I found a great deal on one over the winter. If and when it cooks I'll take what I've learned on the board and select my next gearset to go in.

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