Craps simulator to test my betting system?

You can bet both the 4 and 10 at the same time. I use it a lot in the casinos. Nice strategy to milk the comp system. Further explanation of the Unbeatable Iron Cross and regular Iron Cross betting systems show comments. I love playing on my smartphone, no reason why you wouldn't.

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Hedge Bets

You will stop betting when the table gets it point and the pass line bet wins. You are doing this because the system predicts that after the pass line bet wins, a 7 will be rolled shortly. Be careful not to confuse the Unbeatable Iron Cross craps betting system with the Iron Cross craps betting system. With the Iron Cross system, you are typically placing the same dollar amount bet on both the field bet and 5, 6, and 8.

You will also not be betting with the pass line players when using the standard Iron Cross craps betting system. Further explanation of the Unbeatable Iron Cross and regular Iron Cross betting systems show comments. First, you always bet wrong or bet on the 'don't pass' line. The moment a place bet number is thrown, you place the number thrown with an equal bet to your original 'don't pass' bet.

From here, the worst-case scenario is you break even if the shooter rolls a seven, or the best-case scenario is he rolls his number and you win the place bet, which pays out more than , making you the extra payout money from the place bet. I read this in a strategy book that was published in the '70s and was wondering if this system still works. Will casinos allow you to play this way, and does this system really work as well as the author claimed?

He said it was a sure way to always win in a casino and was one of craps' best-kept secrets. Do you have any insight you could provide me? This system did not work in the s, and it doesn't work now. If it did, it wouldn't have been anybody's best--kept secret-the gambling world would have been abuzz.

Can you figure out the basic flaw? Let's walk through a little test. To make this all come out in whole numbers, let's imagine 1, comeout rolls, in which each possible combination of two dice comes up 55 times. From here on, the system makes a comeback, as the player makes place bets that pay either on winning bets if the number is 4 or 10, on 5 or 9, or on 6 or 8.

If the place bet loses, the player breaks even because it is offset by a winning don't pass bet. That's higher than the house edge of 1. If you could make the don't pass and place bets in tandem without sweating the comeout roll, it would be a very profitable way to play.

Unfortunately for systems players, life at the craps table doesn't work that way. This article is provided by the Frank Scoblete Network. Kaplan is the network's managing editor. If you would like to use this article on your website, please contact Casino City Press , the exclusive web syndication outlet for the Frank Scoblete Network.

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Do they play for fun? Being harassed by another player Better payouts for bets? This bet can be hedged with a bet on the hard 4 or A 4 or 10 coming up before a 7 is a bankroll killer. This method is good on a choppy or cold table. After the first hit hopefully not a 7 you regress as follows: If a 5,6,8 hit: This system is another regression system to use when you play craps.

Starting with the original bets will return you enough money to continue play with higher odds of winning. The advantage is that you can regress after ANY number other than 7 rather than waiting for a specific number to appear.

Run it through the simulators to watch it work! I have one you may like. Good for ice-cold to medium-warm tables. Which the tables are most of the time.

Have everything working on the come-out. Take 2 wins and go off. This bet pays on all box numbers and the 7 is your friend. Again, on for the come-out. Keep it working until the first 4 or 10 hit and then go off.

Or, everything same as above and wait till the shooter hits the 4 or 10 one more time. Then you are through with this shooter. I use it a lot in the casinos. In fact that would be a time to use your Hundred Dollar ho-down, fer sure! Run that on your sim first. You will be impressed with the results. Please take a look at the craps system list. You can now head over to the table of contents to find more great content.

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