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This is clearly a very dodgy place and any tourists should stay clear. Ask thebigbear about Casino Servizi Venezia. Italians live in their jeans -- although I find them way too hot for the places you are going. Send a private message to travelgourmet. You can not come in unless you are dressed up. Find More Posts by cheryllj. She passed me back 2 random tickets and I could tell one of them weren't mine as the back was different.

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I wouldn't have wanted to be wearing jeans, that's for sure. I think a nice pair of capris and sneakers for a woman is OK for day.

For your husband some knee length docker-styled shorts and deck shoes is good. Casual, but not like you're going to the beach. For evening it depends what types of restaurants you plan to go to, if you need a dressier outfit or not. Send a private message to suze. Find More Posts by suze. I just came back from Italy NO ONE cares what you wear.

Also, I noticed quite a few women had on tights under their short skirts so they could pass the church dress codes. I saw just below the knee, mid-calf and ankle length tights. Looked cute on the thinner gals but I would think it would be too hot.

Comfortable shoes are important since you're walking on uneven surfaces almost all the time. I wished I'd taken another pair of 'athletic type shoe'. Believe everyone when we say it doesn't matter what you wear because you will see every kind of outfit and no one is really looking at what you have on. So, please yourself and by all means be comfortable! As for shorts, I only saw the very young girls in shorts while sight-seeing in Rome or any of the other popular tourist places.

Perhaps they'd be more appropriate hiking or some other sort of activity but not for churches, etc. Send a private message to TAW. You dress for where you're going. Or, at least, I hope this is obvious. If you're going to a casual place it's OK to dress casually.

But, casual is NOT the same as cleaning out the garage. Frankly I don't undestand the problem - we dress in europe the same as we would at home.

Of course, for some people that would be a problem. Recently on the US board someone mentiond in a trip report that they were turned away from an elegant restaurant because her husband hadn't brought any long pants on the trip.

If you don;t know how to dress at home I can't help you. Send a private message to nytraveler. Find More Posts by nytraveler. I've worn jeans to some top restaurants before. I pretty much wear jeans everywhere - it takes a specific prohibition to get me to wear anything else.

Jeans are pretty much always acceptable, except to the most staid locations - say the Opera, dinner at the Ritz do they still have a dress code in the evenings? For most restaurants, though, you will be fine. I would put away the sneakers and wear something nicer than a t-shirt, but the jeans should be fine. As others have noted, though, you may find light pants more comfortable in the heat.

Shorts should be fine for the heat of the day, but that might be pushing it for dinner at a lot of places. Send a private message to travelgourmet. Find More Posts by travelgourmet. There absolutely IS a dress code in Italy. And it's got nothing to do with the absurdities Americans get their oversized knickers in a twist about. Jeans, shorts or trainers are fine just about everywhere. But you'll look odd if they're dirty, torn or badly pressed. The authorities in tourist-oriented churches have a prurient, and totally unChristian, obsession with banning displays of flesh.

But in real churches, where worshippers go to Mass, even this insanity is ignored like many Italian men, I've been wearing shorts for summer Sunday Masses in Italy for the past half-century What happens if you break the code and dress badly? Apart from the problem with Italy's sex-obsessed clerics well, what else can you expect with a President as repellent as theirs? Normal Italians, if they notice, will chalk you up as another example of the tackiness of gli stranieri And say or do nothing about it.

Italians, by and large, are just too polite to draw your attention to your tackiness. You'll be served, looked after and treated with charm whatever you're wearing. Your chances of pulling if badly dressed, though, are zero. Send a private message to flanneruk.

Find More Posts by flanneruk. If you plan on visiting the Casino in Venice, gentlemen must wear a jacket and tie. Or that's what the sign says - I've never visited. Hi, BUNCHEE Don't worry too much about what you should or should not wear in Italy in places not considered sacred churches, etc need arms and above the knees covered.

For walking around, going to eat, etc. You may not fit in exactly with the decor of what is around you but as many others have indicated above you will be served. Personal experience is that Italians put a little bit more into the attire, even casual when wearing casual clothes.

Other than tourists, which of course you can spot - don't try to blend in. I have to say, walking down via Nazionale, I could spot the tourists and who cared and I could also tell the locals they all looked good and smelled great! Best thing is to be comfortable and enjoy your time there! Apr 24th, , What's the point of going to another country if you're going to hold yourself apart?

I grew up in a touristic area and never really liked it when tourists brought their home cultures with them. If you're going to do that, why not stay home? Additionally, I've noticed that if you go out of your way to embrace local culture, the locals will go out of their way to embrace you, and your experience will be greatly enhanced. Send a private message to Badbcky. Find More Posts by Badbcky.

Badbcky-Thanks for your reply! I was thinking along those lines planning a trip for our family in June , so I'm glad you said something Send a private message to IngridL. Find More Posts by IngridL. Such a miserable pratt!

Send a private message to ebacher. I wasn't terribly impressed and was a little taken aback when they suddenly shut down the 21 tables. They did have a dress code and I was stopped from entering; however, I returned in a few minutes wearing my girlfriend's short sleeve army khaki shirt over the shirt I had on and gained entrance.

I agree that Venice wouldn't be my first choice as casinos go, but the Ca' Vendramin Calergi is a sumptuous location and well worth visiting. The Venice casino has another location in Tessera on the mainland, but you should definitely go to the Ca' Vendramin site.

Gentlemen have to wear jackets, but they are available for rental. I think you'd both feel better if you dressed up a bit! If you like classical music there is a good reason for visiting the winter Venice Casino, the great Wagner died there. But the casino in itself it's not that special, kind of disapointing, with such excelent locations they could come up with something better. But in the Summer the Casino "moves" to the Lido , I guess that's why.

And you can come in casually dressed, maybe not in slippers and shorts but there is no big deal about a dressing code. I didn't want to be too pedantic but, in view of the Casino's site depending the season it may affect those visiting at different times of the year:.

The casino website is confusing on this point, but it would appear that the site on the mainland Ca' Noghera was opened in and that the yearly migration to the Lido -in the summer-no longer takes place since The Ca'Vendramin-Calergi is open year round. I had a friend who went to the Casino everytime she could. She has lost eveything and now lives in government housing. Remember the Casino never goes home broke. I would hate to think of this young man looking forward to visiting the Casino and losing his holiday money in a short time!

Oh don't worry - we're very cautious on that kind of thing. Its more the chance to view something different, not waste precious Venice time in some gambling hall. He really just wanted to see the place, not spend our vacation or money there! I agree that the casino building in Venice is rather nice but not all that worth the visit.

Montecarlo is much more spectacular and much better dressed people too. However, having said that when we recently had a 3 hour flight delay from Venice, we popped in and I left with euro in my pocket. TripAdvisor uses cookies to improve your site experience. Learn more or change your settings. By continuing, you consent to our cookies. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers.

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