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Generally speaking, though, if you're going to take a shot at that pot, and you're in a position to act first, there's a good chance everyone else will fold; however, you'd better think carefully about the pot odds the opponents will be getting after your bet is in there. So, these are the basics of Texas Holdem poker tournament betting strategy that you should know and practice the other good players do. Originally Posted by andrewsz Also you get an extra 2k if you play our cash game for 2hrs! Limited guest parking, but enough to fit everyone. Originally Posted by andrewsz 20 minute blind levels. Markelle Fultz hit a foot jump shot, his longest attempt of the game, and scored 14 points for the Sixers on Friday in their preseason

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You can often just let aggressive bettors take the initial lead, betting into you and thereby become pot-committed, leading them to putting many or all of their chips at risk. That's another reason you'd better have a real hand whenever you challenge the aggressive players — they typically just will not fold or back down, and. Bet enough to extract a significant chip "profit" from the opponents, without forcing them to fold, if you're sure you have the winning hand.

Pay Attention and Focus Outwardly — watch everyone and everything that's going on at your table. Don't daydream, and for Pete's sake — do not focus on your own hand! As a general rule of thumb, spend 3 times as much energy and time trying to determine what other players are holding especially when you're not in a hand , gauging their play and betting styles, and refining your battle plan — than you do thinking about your own hands and play.

You won't be playing that many hands if you're a good poker player, so use this available time wisely. Play the Pot Odds — most people think too much about their own hand and what they might draw next. That's because calculating and playing the pot odds isn't yet second nature to them. If that's you, then you definitely need to get the poker odds ingrained into your subconscious mind, so they're second nature and you don't even need to think about them while you're playing.

Find yourself a good Texas Holdem poker odds calculator, practice with it, and you'll learn the odds of drawing each type of hand and find that you don't need to think about them. Bluff for the Pot from Good Positions — as the blinds and antes increase, the size of each hand's pot becomes substantial. Bluffing for these pots from proper positions e. Play the Player — the key to winning in poker is to get other players to make the wrong play, which you then profit from.

To do this, knowing your opponents, understanding what kinds of hands they play, whether they'll fold when bluffed, and knowing when it's time to lay down your hand to simply survive and play another is crucial. The alternative is to do what many players do — just leave most everything to chance and play the game in a random, unpredictable fashion with whatever hands you're dealt; a.

They say "those who fail to plan, plan to fail", and that "hope is not a strategy" — a couple of my favorite sayings that come to mind?

You must be prepared to mix up your play enough that players aren't sure what to expect from you. It's helpful to "shift gears" from one mode of operation to another from time to time. It's also recommended to play the opposite from everyone at the table; e. If the table becomes loose, tighten up and attack with a good hand or trap them. Remember, aggressive players' egos usually can't handle being overtly raised or publicly challenged.

They expect to be the preeminent raisers and dominate the game, so they'll often re-raise or go all-in in order to leverage their aggressive position against you. You can just about count on it. When they push you at the wrong time, sock it to 'em! You can use these types of players to build up your chip arsenal and possibly earn yourself a seat at the final table.

There aren't any absolutes in no-limit Texas Holdem tournament strategy, which is one of the things that make it so entertaining and challenging. These are just a few good tips and techniques that will help you get started and do reasonably well against some good players and some aggressive ones.

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June 25th, , 2: June 25th, , 3: Originally Posted by WhitePanda. June 27th, , 1: I guess my main problem now is what is a good website to purchase the amount of chips I need.

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