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Pacific Standard Time , or 8 p. The number of active players oscillates between 15, and 20, around this time, which makes finding active games exceptionally easy. Grinders looking for the easiest games should stick to peak hours during the weekend, as this is precisely when recreational players flock to the site.

Tournament traffic on PokerStars is consistently high, and there are recurring events running throughout the week. The number of active players spikes on the weekends, which is when the site hosts its most popular events, such as Saturday Micro , Sunday Storm , and Sunday Million.

The numbers are even more impressive for major low-stakes events. PokerStars has a massive player pool to work with and takes full advantage of this fact by offering a wide selection of poker games.

As mentioned above, you should expect over 10, active ring-game players on PokerStars during evening hours. Most players congregate around the micro- and low stakes tables, which are available in 6-max and 9-max formats. PokerStars is a very Omaha-friendly site. PokerStars supports both 6-max and 9-max Omaha tables. Mixed games generally require a lot of skill and knowledge, which makes them a somewhat unpopular format.

Most full ring action happens on low and medium stakes in an 8-game format. The number of multi-table tournaments available on PokerStars is staggering. These tournaments typically attract thousands of players.

Even play-money players get an opportunity to compete thanks to the recurring Sunday Billions event. With over 5, entries and more than 1, re-entries each week, this is the largest recurring high-stakes tournament in the world. About 1, entrants finish in the money. The largest Thursday Thrill events attract some of the most-recognized names in online poker.

Whenever this happens, a significant portion of the prize pool tends to be paid out as bounties. Depends on the event Format: Omania is a series of Omaha tournaments that run throughout the week and feature a wide range of formats.

Some of these events run with high-rollers in mind, while others cater to the needs of low-stakes players. However, most of the high-buy-in games play exclusively in heads-up format. Each tournament plays 3-handed. Before the action kicks-off, a random draw determines the size of the prize pool.

The Stars Rewards program is quite unique. Much like in a typical poker room, you have to earn loyalty points, which in this case are called Reward Points. This, however, is where the similarities end. Instead of grinding away for a better rakeback percentage, players unlock Chests , which contain personalized rewards and StarsCoins. Players can use the latter to purchase items from the Rewards Store , online tournament tickets, and live event packages. These points fill your on-screen progress bar.

Once the progress bar is full, you earn a new Chest. Opening a chest will also award a random number of Reward Points. The entire experience has more in common with an MMO video game progression system than a standard online poker loyalty program. Filling out four progress bars in a single day allows you to upgrade to a better Chest. The contents of each chest are random — you have a 1 in 10, chance to get the maximum value and a 2, in 10, chance to get the lowest reward.

PokerStars supports a wide range of banking methods, but some of them are unavailable in certain countries. PokerStars gives you access to a really wide range of deposit methods, but the specifics depend on your country.

The differences are too significant to cover everything in this review. All withdrawal requests are processed within 72 hours.

Please note that in most cases, Visa, Skrill, Entropay, and WebMoney cash-outs will be available exclusively to players who have already made a deposit using the method in question. Post your Pppoker club info here: It's updated frequently with the most common questions, and can more often than not get you a quick answer. In addition, avoid making threads for quick stories and BBV. Use the daily discussion thread or the weekly BBV threads for these posts, unless they are truly remarkable and deserve their own thread.

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Pokerstars - Changing User ID? So I want to change my pokerstars user id, but they won't let me. They also won't let me close my account and open a new one. If you would like to close your account, we can do this for you, but please note you will then not be able to open a new one.

This is because we cannot approve a change to your PokerStars User ID, so to keep playing you have to use your existing account 'blumpkinz81'. We believe that an important part of poker is knowing an opponent. This is because the more you play against someone, the better you know their style of play, and thus how to react to it. If someone changes their User ID, the other players will think it is someone new, but that person still knows them, thus gaining an experience advantage at the tables.

While we can appreciate your strong desire to change your User ID, this policy protects everyone who plays at PokerStars, including you. It would not be fair if one of your opponents, who knows your play very well, changed their User ID, and hid behind a new identity, using their experience of your play to beat you. We hope you understand the reasoning behind our policy decision. Please let us know if we can assist you further, and thank you for playing at PokerStars.

I play like 1. I don't think anyone out there will be impacted by this. Do you have a question? The email perfectly explains the reasons why they don't allow name changes. Eh, I don't really like that explanation.

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