Disorders Related to (and sometimes confused with) OCD

Never admitted always denied. Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience. But i dont look it at all. Please discuss this article with your health care worker, doctor or nutritional doctor or therapist. We have a son who is now in his twenties. But how does chakra healing through opening chakras deal with all the above-mentioned types and kinds of personality disorders including common psychological disorders, debilitating mental disorders, pathological psychotic disorders or else the antisocial deviations in the personality? Past clients have described me as helpful, quirky, hopeful, and healing.

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What Causes OCD?

While it is not uncommon for individuals to have disturbing thoughts from time to time, a person with OCD cannot escape their thoughts no matter how hard they try. These recurring thoughts are so severe that they can debilitate someone with OCD. Compulsions are behaviors that individuals with obsessions display in order to relieve themselves of their anxiety. With OCD, the compulsive behavior is directly related to the excessive thought.

For example, someone who counts their money every hour may have an obsessive fear someone will steal it or they will lose it. There is not always a physical behavior associated with an obsession.

If you constantly worry about or have obsessive thoughts about something you cannot control, such as the safety of a long-lost relative, you may feel a great deal of distress, but your doctor is unlikely to diagnose you with obsessive-compulsive disorder. There is generally some type of compulsive behavior that accompanies the obsession in individuals who receive this diagnosis. Give us a call today at to speak to a professional who can tell you about the resources available to you or your loved one.

OCD is a disorder that is not yet fully understood. However, medical professionals believe there is a genetic component to this disease, as there is some research that has shown that this disorder has the tendency to run in families.

This behavior can also be learned based on habits you may have developed during childhood or over a long period of time. Sufferers of OCD are generally very anxious and emotional. They display many non-OCD symptoms, such as signs of depression , excessive worry, extreme tension, and the constant feeling that nothing is ever right. Aside from the obvious compulsive behaviors a person with OCD displays, there are no physical signs of this disorder; however, a person with OCD can develop physical problems.

For example, a person with a germ obsession may wash their hands so much that the skin on them becomes red, raw and painful. A person with OCD may experience multiple short-term effects, including the inability to function as a contributing member of society, difficulties at school or work, or trouble maintaining friendships or romantic relationships. The long-term effects of OCD generally develop due to the poor quality of life that most extreme sufferers have. Long-term effects include depression, constant anxiety and an increased risk of substance abuse.

It is best to get on the path to recovery as soon as possible to prevent the worsening of these effects. Give us a call on our hotline today at.

If your loved ones have told you that you have obsessive thoughts or are compulsive in action, you have likely noticed that you do, in fact, have some compulsive behaviors. Most patients with OCD are aware of the behaviors they are displaying; they just cannot stop them. There is no self-assessment exam for OCD sufferers, but you can self-assess by getting together with your loved ones and coming up with a list of behaviors you consistently display.

But my new wife handled it with dignity and class. She refused to get into petty fights with my ex. My ex was unable to bait her. Of course this was very stressful on my new wife and me and our relationship. But with consistency and determination we sre finally at a place where we are happy.

Now that my daughter is 16 and more mature than my ex wife. She wanted to waste my time. She would tell me one thing about my daughter and it would be lies. And make sure my life was hard. She would tell me that I needed to pick up my at the school on my weekend and my daughter would not be at the school but instead my ex would check her out of school early and take her places for hours so that I would be on a wild Goose chase just to get my daughter.

She did it to waste my time and make my life HARD. My daughter would have no idea that her mother was doing this. But at the age of 11 I got my child a cell phone. And started communicating With her. Since my ex wife refused to make any pick up easy and smooth. Once I was able to talk to my daughter.

My daughter would always text me and tell me where she was. So I soon just stopped responding to her crap. And communicated only with my daughter.

At first my ex was furious about this. Saying that if I did not communicate with her then she would take me to court. It was an empty threat. I ignored those too. Now my daughter is 16, straight A student and a wonderful little human being that I am so proud of. My child is a joy, it really is a miracle. Because I was afraid for years the impact my ex wife my daughters mother would have on her. I have never spoken bad about her mother in front of her. I have never let on that I hated her or that she was an evil, cheating, lying, slandering skank.

I felt that if my daughter knew the truth about her mother it would hurt her. Life has slowly gotten better for me and my wife. Now that we have no contact with my ex.

My ex still tries to make contact with my. At first I blocked her from my phone which she refused to believe that I would do that and blames my wife She started sending text from strange numbers — she would never get the hint.

So I had to go to the extremes and change my phone number. But I had to keep my old phone number, and I combined the two lines. And any text from my daughter is forwarded to my new cell. I couldnt tell my daughter I had to change my number. It sounds confusing and crazy AND IT IS but I learned when dealing with a sociopath you must be creative and do suck extreme things so that I am not negatively affected by her abusive and demeaning words anymore.

So any other text I get from strange numbers or my ex wife. They do not go through, I never see them or receive them. I am pretty sure my ex wife is still sending 30 text a day tho, As she is persistent, relentless ruthless..

I am just relieved I no longer have to worry that if I look at my phone I will have 25 text or 15 missed calls all from this psychotic, delusional woman. Only people I am close to and work with know about my crazy situation and I have given them my new number. And they already know what a nut my ex is. He knows of her evil and mentally instability. Honestly marrying a sociopath can destroy your life.

The only way to survive is to be strong. If no children are involved. My advice would be to move. Start putting money away, so you can have the financial means to leave without struggle. Find a new job, only tell one or 2 trusted people that you are leaving. People that know your ex is evil and will not tell where you have moved to.

Okay so im going to just put this out there. I am wondering if this is actually me. My lying has caused me to have a bad relationship with my parents and other family members. I dont like to admit i lie, i dont think anyone really feels good about admitting they lie. But the thing is i dont know how to stop and i feel like this is a serious diesease. When you see me in person I just look like a normal happy girl who has no problem talking to people.

Im nice to everybody but people dont realize that i have this huge problem. There are times im extremly happy and there are times like a few years ago i was making my mom bawl her eyes out and i didnt care. It didnt faze me at all: But i dont look it at all. Reminds me of the show Criminal minds, i know there ARE people out there with serious illnesses but in person they look totally normal.

Could i be one of those people? I sure hope not…. Very brave of you to admit, and shows you have self awareness and probably want to change. Hope you have managed to seek professional help to do this, and best of luck. I have a half sister who is a sociopathic liar. She is in her 40s and has been this way all of her life.

She will lie to anyone about anything for the sheer enjoyment and entertainment of it or to simply get her way. How do you get out? I am at my wits end.

I just got out of a 4 year relationship with a master manipulator and it was torture the last 4 months. In the beginning he was charming, hardworking, teary, and a baby-face to go with it. That was Jekyll and a complete masquerade. With help from good friends, I was able to get out.

Do not blame yourself, they can and will charm everyone they meet rather than face themselves in the mirror. Leave them far far behind and build your SELF up to help others get out. I wish I had read this a year ago. I met and dated my fist socio-pathic liar a year ago. She was charming, witty, and charismatic. Turned out to be a manipulative narcissist and a cheater. It was with an other man whom she had a past relationship with but his that relationship from me even though I directly asked about it.

Then, even when she admitted to dating him for weeks before ending it with me, she denied that is was cheating! It was impossible to communicate with her. Worst of all, a month after the relationship ended, I tested positive for genital herpes HSV2. She actually saw my first outbreak, and said nothing. I confronted her about hiding it from me, and she changed the subject and every time. Never admitted or denied even though the tests proved I just got he infection.

I even talked with a lawyer who said my tests made it a relatively easy case. Yes, she would be defamed if the truth about her got out. I got lucky only having an STD. I feel bad for the guy she left me for. I started work at a school and formed a great friendship with a man who appeared to have all the likes and dislikes I had. Early in our friendship he told everyone at work that his dad was poorly and took a week off to be with his dad.

His dad was wealthy and left several mill to his children! Anyway, my friend would make arrangements with me to do things, and then would have to cancel because there was some business dilemma or another and he had to do this and that whilst continuing to work full time.

We were due to go to an opening night of a show in London that a friend of his was appearing in…He bought us tickets for the show my friend told me. The week before the show my friend said the show had been postponed for a week. I looked up the show and there was a good luck message from the new york cast and crew. I was upset and felt that my friend was embarrassed to be seen out with me! Stupidly I said nothing to him but told someone else.

He said he was at their headquarters in forest hill and I knew the hq was in woolwich…. He then showed me photos of royal family members that were there and these were then plastered in ok magazine the following week. So he must have been a paid journalist too.

And it was the photos that started making me disbelieve him. And I still sad nothing. I thought he was a compulsive liar or a fantasist initially. I even tried to cover up his lies to stop people at work catching on. The final straw came when I went shopping at a local supermarket and saw his car. We were supposed to be going to look visit my family for a birthday gathering and I was running late. I texted him to ask h8m where he was, meaning within the supermarket.

I drove off as I was embarrassed by the blatant lie. I resigned from work and left. Part of me hoped that he would apologise for the lies etc.

I still did not realise how big they were. Within 3 days he stopped speaking to me. He told former work colleagues that I had stalked him and sat outside his house I had actually moved from Hampshire to kent claiming I was homesick and have never been there since. He said that he thought I was gougeon to kill him and moved in with a female he claimed he hated but had to for his own safety and he said that I had stolen half a million pound off him. He completely portrayed me as having mental health issues which I am not going to deny put me in a serious depression for about 18 months.

I actually convinced myself that looking on the Internet to validate two stories he had told me warranted being called a stalker! As time has healed though I have looked on the Internet at people he has told stories about. The niece did not attempt suicide. He has a child with his former best friend who he told me had stalked him previously.

Wow this sounds just like my husband.. I thought I could change him because I love him soo much but he is the most manipulative non caring person in my life.. He is playing the sociopathic game with me to get a thrill I suppose!! Im not sure what my ex is but 10 months of lies from money to lies about her ex, claiming he was stalking her ringing the police on him. Gates and noises at night when I wasnt there when I was nothing.

Warnings from her friends and exs I still ignored she wanted to have a baby get married she had been raped when she was 17 but forgot she told me that and next it was 19 and had to have a dna test on her eldest. Told lies about her mates and I always wondered why her family didnt bother with her we did end up pregnant I think got defensive when I bought a test because she already done 3 of hers all positive mine negative.

However a month later she lost another as an excuse for her aggressive behaviour. All little lies some pointless and totally unessecary. To other to be deceitful and to get what she wanted. Well we broke up properly 19th of december she moved on very quickly she is now messaging me that she is 5 months pregnant even though the scan is 5 years old non of her friends have any idea bar 1 who is indulging her.

She told me she was in hospital and had the baby a boy btw and no matter that people have told me they have seen her out and about I absolutly adamant she is telling the truth. It was 10 months of hardwork and turning a blind eye. Most of her friends have now realised this but I feel sorry for her and feel because she has 2 kids and a past of bad relationships mostly leading to her or kid being assaulted by her exs I feel the need to try and help her.

She is with the fella I mentioned and im in a new relationship and do have a child on the way and very happy but I just feel obliged to help as I think this may stem from losing the original baby. Wow can I relate to all the stories, I lived with this guy that we were to be married, but soon realized that he could not be trusted in what he was telling me, well it lasted six months and we both went our ways,which was a Blessings , as it was getting worse as time went on, I could not believe much he was telling me and turned everything around to make it all my fault.

Anyhow I am very glad that I do not have to deal with this guy no longer. I pray for all whose lives are affected with this illness. I had this happen twice. My whole life taken from me. The 2nd time worse… This one took my family too. He even lied that I did something to him and I did not. I do not believe in violence and its his word against mine.

The man I trusted with my whole heart. I knew him as a teen and a child. Our families knew each other before we were born. I ran into him more than 2 years ago at his moms house. I was glad to see an old friend because I had just gotten out of a bad relationship with someone who had a past history that I did not know completely about.

We were friends at first and I was happy with that, but then we broke the barrier, we got married. I was scared of that, but again,we go back farther then our memories take us, so I did it. I now regret it because I was what is called, gaslighted. I found this by just googling my symptoms. I was shocked at what I found. We were only together 3 weeks when he left.

He has driven me from my home, lied to everyone, including the authorities and my employet. I am also victimt of not only my sister being a sociopath and ruining my childhood, my teenage yrs and my self worth , I then married a narcissist bipolar manipulative man who after 35 yrs of hell. You know what he said to me.. Im at a loss for words…. Another victim of abuse, That is twisted. I have experienced that these people will say anything tying to keep a position of power and control over their victims.

One lie will cover the next lie, Fits of rage and finger pointing right back at you. At all costs they will protect their fragile ego which they outwardly display as grandiose. Their self esteem is clearly the worst at best. Though I have compassion for people with problems and disabilities I also have it for myself. These people will stop at nothing to lie minipulate and simply feel powerful from the tactics. I know people lie. I went to a school where the Honor System was taken very seriously.

You got caught in a lie; you were OUT and never coming back. This guy is partially paralyzed and spends most of his time in a wheelchair. He is charming in his own way…people seem to like him for some reason. I have caught him in any number of lies. Speaking of numbers, you can absolutely rely on any number he quotes to you to be a lie.

And that really bugs the accountant in me. I can see that a lot of people have used this website to vent their frustrations. I work with a guy like this. We work in a technical field. He takes our work and presents it as his own. He lies about everything. It is really weird to watch. He has worked at the company for 6 years but yesterday he said it was 7. It is very frustrating to work with this individual. Thanks for the article. This sounds like my daughter. She is 17 and lies and manipulates everyone, she has been doing it for years.

Everyone has tried to help her but, getting nowhere. I have given her so many chances to admit she is lying but, lies on top of her lies. I just need to know what to do to help her or is she unhelpable??? Did you find any help? I feel lost that it may be too late my daughter is older.

Can these personalitys change? Is it too late because they have been like this for too long? God what does this future hold , this scares me as s mother!

I am facing the same pain. I got rid of her but she still haunts me and i still love her. She did terrible things to me. My father had innumerable affairs with women in town. Later, he branched out and had affairs with various women around the country his jobs required travel. My mom was very intelligent but had a very sheltered upbringing. As she would say later, she had no idea that people like him existed.

No shame or guilt on his part. Unfortunately, my parents reconciled for a couple of years before my mom realized that a leopard does not, in fact, change its spots. While they were back together, my father had a high profile job. His education had always been a fuzzy issue but the area newspaper discovered that his claim of having a Ph.

He was a bright, charming person who was liked by everyone, though they had no idea what he was really like. I stopped counting the number of times he lied or failed to keep his word, including promising to wire me money to return from my overseas studies. Luckily, my mom had bought the ticket, etc. I basically stopped communicating with him at that point.

He refused but when he passed away, I discovered that he had left a small policy which named my sister as beneficiary. I wonder what effect his behavior would have had on me if not for my amazing mother. There are so many other examples of his psychopathy but I want to thank the folks on this site for making it so clear to me. My brother has nothing but pictures of himself all over his house.

Used to be in football was rarely ever played. He was in Marines and Navy weekend warrior and has lots of pictures of himself in uniform.

Really bad evil guy. He even says he knows what it feels like to have the devil inside…. He was nine years old when I got married and moved away at age 22…. His house got foreclosed but not before he got mom to borrow 15k to pay for a whole years worth of missed house payments… all a waste…then lots and lots of lies, false allegations, false reporting to Police, APS,Animal Control, City ordinances, asking various people,neighbors, thugs,druggies,dealers to call police and make up lies about me retaliating against me after he assaulted me and our 86 yr.

I was totally fearless from that moment on. My brother is a punk and bully…. My husband and I are getting a divorce because my daughter is a sociopathic liar. My 2 sons were trying to tell me for years. We were married for 32 years. He believes everything that she says which is what I did until I finally figured it out. I left for my own safety.

She became angry and broke down the door to my bedroom. Is that normal behavior? I am very damaged, injured, and ruined by these sociopath types! So many of you describe exactly how they are!!! Please stay true ourselves to help ward them off!

Something needs to be done! Why are people that lie, trick, decieve, manipulate, to this degree, ruining good peoples lives, not locked away in dungeons to rot until death?! Our justice and law are undermined by these types, why even build myself a life if a liar can ruin it and is not even held accountable?!? Lying to this degree deserves punishment yet they are giving speeding tickets?!? These sociopaths ruin peoples lives! Are sociopaths even human?? They are diaboilical, a hiarchical army of demons with unending tricks who wish to corrupt good people.

Sociopaths are a diaboilical, hiarchical army of demons with unending tricks who wish to corrupt good people. I think im going through the same problem with my boyfriend of 4 years and I love him so much thats why im still here but im considering leaving.

I broke up with him yesterday but a part of me wants to go back. The recent incidence that broke us up is when he started seeing some girl behind my back since last year according to her. The contacted me on one of the social media asking how I know him because she saw our pictures.

She tells me they have been dating for around 4 months. To her he said im an ex and then when she sends him our pictures he says im a friend.

He was talking to us separately but saying opposite things to both of us so since we are in contact we compared notes. Shes lying about what she told me, she wants what she cant have. She wants what I have to she is just playing me.

To her he says he is her boyfriend, saying he will treat her like a queen if she allows him, he asked her if she is still his woman since she was angry about the pictures this was before I confronted him, so he talks to her without knowing I know about her. He is very emotionally abusive and the strangest thing is that this girl is new but has also experienced the emotional abuse, he even told him about it. He would accuse her of cheating if he is not answering his calls or when she goes out he will be talking about her meeting other men while he does the same thing to me.

He is very charming, the smartest guy I know and he will make you very happy but when he makes you said its also to the extremely. At some point I had an anxiety attack because of an argument we had. Sometime last year I came across the word narcissist on Facebook so I did not know what it meant and when I googled it, I just most of the things he does tables in narcissist behaviour. Did you stay with him? I found reading about gaslighting really helpful.

All the best to you. I lived through life with a sociopath 20 years ago. We have a son who is now in his twenties.

I escaped the relationship when my son was 3. His father abused us both and showed no interest in him unless being observed. He dragged me through the courts for nearly two years, from family court to crown. I was blessed with a great solicitor and barrister who fought my case for me.

Every word of my account was true and the Judge found that the father had changed his story at every turn. The order was made that there was to be no supervised access for the father and no parental responsibility, despite his name being on the birth certificate.

The legal team was of the opinion that I would need counseling in the future to deal with what had happened to us. Shortly after the case ended, I made the opportunity of a new life in a new country.

My son found his half siblings on facebook and I did a bit of checking and it appeared like grooming. My son was also very difficult in his own right. Now he is the exact replica of his father. He is a dangerous individual and I pity anyone who is sucked in. He says that I lied in court and nothing I said the father did is true.

Being a believable pathological liar my son has taken to a complete public character assassination of myself by press, radio, social media and in person. It was so unbelievable to me that the time to redress the press has passed.

Their word is fact and there is nothing else no matter what the proof. Walk away, close all contact but what happens when it feels like everyone believes them? The person I was is gone and sometimes I think I grieve for her. I recently got out of a relationship with a sociopath.

I am still devastated. I never knew what a true sociopath was. I had found out my sociopath told his ex that he had a terminal brain tumor so he could be i a relationship with me. I found a fake letter buried in his desk and his ex was posting that the socio was overseas having treatment. Fortunately, i was suspicious of the letter because he was totally healthy and a doctor friend verified that the letter was a fraud.

FInally, My conscience got the better of me…and I knew I had to just got out and leave…. He put on a great show. Two days later, my sisters said there was a pic of him on facebook hanging out with his bear musclefriends which i never knew about it. The ex is now back with him now I know what hoovering is while I try to put my life back together.

I married my wife just last Fall. I have recently found out my she has been lying to me about some important things. She ignores, deflects, or denies and comes up with more lies for excuses, even lying about what friends say. I had taken a light duty prescription sleep aid one night about two months ago. In the morning she woke me saying that she had called an ambulance in the middle of the night. Said she had a panic attack, hard to breathe and pain in her chest.

Says she refused transport. A few days ago after having caught her in various other lies I called the local emergency services communications office. There have been NO calls to our address, since we moved her 13 months ago… Have I really married a sociopathic liar? I am going to confront her with this and other lies. She has been seeing a personal counselor for 2 years whom I have met. I wonder if she has been lying to that counselor also?!

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