50 Fun Engagement Party Ideas

There are winning 21st birthday party themes for any occasion. If you are going to have a theme or activity at the party, let your guests know on the invite so that they can be prepared. Save the date and celebrate with us! Did you make the Happy Birthday banner yourself as well? Creating the right look to mirror the prestigious event was key to this project. We worked closely with Diesel to develop a cost-effective option, […].


How to Address Wedding Invitation Envelopes

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That was definitely the best part, Beth Anna. Quidditch was just such a blast to watch. We made so many great memories that day! Everytime I read the HP books, I imagine myself somewhere in the story.

Well, this party would bring me fantastically close! I love, love, love all of these ideas, and I am hoping that my 15 month old little guy will be a HP fan one day so that I can bring that magical world to life for him!! Thank you so much! Kathryn, I am in complete awe. This party decor looks amazing, and the party so much fun! You should be a professional party-thrower. Thank you so much. I loved, loved throwing this party. You did a fantastic job on this party.

I definitely love all your graphic design touches that just make it look that much more professional and perfect! I totally agree about personally delivering invitations. That was so fun for my boys, and for the boys who were there to receive their owl post in person. I found this article whilst looking for other information on kids parties ideas however I have to say, this is a brilliant theme. I particularly liked the invites and the themed bottled water.

So glad I found this! So happy you landed here, too! I hope your daughter has an awesome party. Love me some Harry Potter. I am helping my next door neighbor with a Harry Potter party for her 11th birthday, and I needed all the ideas I can get. This helped SO much! It was THE most fun party to plan. We had an awesome time. My sister and I are throwing my nephew a surprise 11th Harry Potter birthday party… Your ideas are amazing!

I hope our party turns out half as cute as yours did. I used parchment scrapbook paper for the invite itself. I only hope she asks for a similar party one day. What a fabulous party you put together!! We dripped wax on the back of the envelopes to seal and tiede to the balloons. I am not going to the full extent that you did but I did get the iron on ties from Estsy and made the T-shirts. We got a great sorting hat on amazon. I am making my signs now.

I bought a brick wall covering also on amazon. We are going to show the first movie at the party. We will do the wand selection at Daigon Alley and then have the hat sorting ceremony. The whole party is four hours since the movie is so long. I bought a cake kit for the Hogwartz castle also at Amazon. I got a frog candly mold on amazon as well and will make chocolate frogs.

Your ideas were fabulous. Stacey, that sounds like an awesome party! Thank you for sharing. Can you tell me how you made the gift bags? I can see you hand stamped the names but is the tie a printable? I love the tie theme! I hand stamped the names and for the ties, I used the printables from Chickadee Digital linked at the bottom of the post. Instead of printing them on transfer paper, like I did for the shirts, I printed them on cardstock, cut them out and taped to the bags.

How did you do the water bottle labels!! Hope I can do half as much as you can. I thought I linked to those! This party looks amazing! Do you adopt other muggles? If so, my birthday is coming up! The right price is definitely a big factor in choosing the right moving company and the services on the estimate will help you get a good price.

As your relationship continues into a long term relationship, narcissists will start to make veiled threats, with statements like: Because you have to set up your new house at new location. Review my web-site — Self Storage Companies Uk. This is all so beautiful Kathryn! The platform nine and three-quarters entrance is brilliant, and so is your birthday banner.

Those little images are so recognizeable! Long live Harry Potter! Wonderful party with plenty of cool ideas. Absolutely love the broomstick parking sign and brooms idea. I love all the details at your sons party.

I know it was years ago but was wondering where you got the mugs you had at your grand fest? Where they mason jars? Thanks for your help! Those were mason jars! And we just threw another one this weekend. Can you please do my next birthday? I have read every book at least ten times. The luckiest boys ever for such an awesome birthday party!!

Did you make the Happy Birthday banner yourself as well? Could you please share how did you make it? Thank you for sharing!!! The luckiest boy ever for such an awesome birthday party!! I did make the banner. I am going to be stalking your Pinterest board. My almost 10 year old has decided to have a Harry Potter birthday…..

I love the idea of the owls! Do you have or would you be willing to share the letter you sent?? The letter I took straight from book one, just editing a few of the things to let them know when to arrive for the party. Your idea of a Harry Potter party is so amazing and cool! I just turned 21 over the summer and had a Harry Potter 21st party. Now I have a Gryffindor themed room in college plus my college roommates and friends all love the Harry Potter theme!!!!

I really like your ideas and I am gonna print out the printable labels for our college Halloween showcase competition! To say it was the most fun party ever may be true. Quidditch, edible glittery snitches and pop rock potions made for one fun day.

The birthday boy and I had a grand time putting it together. You can pick them up at any craft store or via Amazon. Harry Potter, Avengers, Owls and Rainbows. To be honest, I did some mad pinning a few weeks before the party and […].

Last year, we were playing Quidditch outside and drinking butter beer. Send your guest to the proper place with these signs made out of yard stakes and black paint by Team […].

You may recognize that photo booth setup from our epic Harry Potter party. I sewed some new side panels and the husband cut out a new header and spray painted it pink. What fun it was to transform the house to Hogwarts again. You loved the details and helped with each and every […]. But we love Harry, especially our oldest. Just check here and here. This post is all about navigating the two Harry Potter worlds, located in Universal […].

Like Harry Potter, the ideas were endless. I think it was more epic than Harry Potter. Happy birthday big man. I would do it […]. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Comments Holy Schmoly, Kathryn! How could I forget you?! Thank you, it was such a fun, fun day.

My favorite party to date so far! It was just perfect! You know where to find me.

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