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Due anni dopo il marchio prestigioso del World Poker Tour torna a Sanremo! That interest has morphed into an obsession with the A. Sit back with your favorite beverage and elevate your craft! My name is Travis. I have no idea what lies ahead of me at the end of the trail, and I like it that way.


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Clinical dietitian by profession but spend my days dreaming of the outdoors. My blog focuses on experimentation with trail friendly ultralight foods, meal preparation, menu planning and resupply strategies. Thanks for tuning in. I'll be writing here about my upcoming PCT hike. I worked, hiked, skied, and played in the White Mountains in New Hampshire and Maine for a while but now I'm living in Tahoe City, CA where I work as a backcountry ski guide and environmental policy advocate.

I was born and bred in the suburbs of Chicago, near the cornfields of central Illinois, and next to the greatest of the Great Lakes. But, at 24 years old, I remain conflicted by a love for higher elevations, sequoia giants, and dramatic vistas.

So obviously the logical solution is to venture out on a 2, mile long jaunt along the height of the Western United States to embrace that love, right? My passion is hiking. Over the course of ' I completed hiking the Appalachian trail. In , I completed miles of the PCT. This year, I'm hiking the Appalachian trail again! My name is Adeline, 22, and a photojournalist by trade and writer by heart.

I will be stepping off from Maine in July of for a southbound thru hike. Our names are Alex and Amanda and we backpacked the Appalachian Trail in ! We learned that we are purist backpackers while on the trail. We left elite kitchens to take a chance and do something we had no prior experience doing. We are not completely sure where life is taking us right now.

Is there another thru hike coming up or are we bound to return to our careers? We know as much as you do at this point so let's figure out life together! I'm Alex and I'll be heading down to Georgia in May.

I'll be skipping my college graduation to start my NOBO thru-hike with my mom! I'm a 22 year old, college senior, from NH- the Whites are my home. I love hiking, doing cool things, eating snacks, and long walks in the woods I love a full glass of cheap champagne, binge watching HGTV, and sauntering in the woods.

I'm a born and raised beach bum relocating to the mountains for stint on the Appalachian Trail. Yes, I've read Wild. No, I'm not bringing a gun. I can't wait to get my paws on the trail in April!

I enjoy talking nonsense, making connections with new people and spending time around trees and I have high hopes that the AT will provide all three in abundance I also blog at www. I'm known as Amy off the trail, and Tuff Broad on the trail. Hiking helps me take myself a little less seriously, makes me grateful for these legs of mine, and reminds me how much I like Cheetos.

I could eat macaroni and cheese every day. If you'd like to read about what other foods I like, and the trails that I've hiked, you can read more at my personal blog http: Hi there all you wonderful people! I am Happycamel, in heart and soul passionate hiker, adventurer and restless nomad. In my daily life yoga instructor, birth Doula, mom of three and Permaculture farmer living on a farm on a small island called Tjome in Norway. I will travel across the ocean and hike the Pacific Crest Trail through Oregon and Washington; from Ashland to Stehekin, solo this summer, starting July 1st.

Looking forward to hit the trail, meet all of you badass hikers and share all of it with you excellent readers here on The Trek and on www. My name is Anna. I am an Appalachian Trail thru-hiker. I'm not a writer but am a photographer and I'm trying to live this one life to the fullest. In , I put my career on hold to attempt a flip-flop thru-hike from Harpers Ferry with my dad. We hiked more than 1, miles before I found out I had cholecystitis, which resulted in the removal of my gallbladder.

It was a really weird diagnosis for an otherwise healthy year-old, and for awhile, I was pretty upset about the setback.

But now, I'm just grateful I still have miles of the Trail to look forward to. The Universe has taught me that journeys are sometimes better when they are longer -- and that we can't argue with timing. We have been working in the professional world for about 5 years now and have quickly realized that working 9a-5p, five days a week until we're 60 just isn't the life for us. We're heading out NOBO on the Appalachian Trail in March of looking for an adventure and hoping to figure out what the heck comes next.

I have suffered with depression on and off for years but recently came out of this severe low point with a brand new attitude to tackle hardships and live life to the fullest.

This led me to attempting a flip flop thru-hike of the AT in , making it approximately miles before having to leave due to knee issues. I am hoping to continue LASHing the trail until completion. I grew up deep in the middle of nowhere in Virginia and have loved exploring more of my beloved Appalachian Mountains. Hello My name is Barbara. I live in the Midwest but, spend time in Southwest Florida because of the trails. I retired the end of and now plan to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail.

I taught school for a number of years and retired from the military after serving 23 years. I am a vegan and I'll make an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the trail. My other passions include photography, gardening and herbalism. At age 55, hiking has changed my life and I know that this thru hike will be truly magical Next up on my adventure list is an AT thru hike! I'm Bethany from Houston, Texas.

Ever since learning about the AT a little over a year ago I've been planning my hike, but i'm still having trouble trying to figure out how to keep a pint of blue bell ice cream in my pack without it melting! Just kidding sort of.

I'm Big Jim and I am a thru-hiker for the class of But, I am a little different. I am actually starting from Panama City, Florida and hiking all the way to the Canadian border and weather permitting continuing hiking the International AT into Canada, Newfoundland and to the trails end at Belle Island. I am walking with a purpose. As a recovering addict alcoholic for over 34 years, and this being my first time ever sober in my adult life, I am taking on this journey impressed by God to walk.

This is a spiritual journey of self discovery that I pray will bring a message to all affected by addiction in any way that there is HOPE! There is LIFE after addiction! There is a new life after recovery. Brook and Kona here.

Just a girl and her dog on a mission to see the world. We will be hiking the PCT in April , and couldn't be more excited! I love the outdoors, especially winter in New England although I haven't given winter in the West a try My "mid-life-crisis" is requiring that I quit my job and hike the Appalachian Trail this year and I think I'm going to listen to THAT voice since the timid-safe voice hasn't done much for me thus far.

I've been reading so much - especially the blogs on The Trek and I can't wait to meet some of this year's thru-hikers!! I'm a little undecided right now about where to start but I'm leaning on flip-flopping, starting at Harper's Ferry. I'm a backpacker, kayaker, climber, and fisherman who loves all things outdoors. I enjoy good burritos and craft beer. I hope to keep up with my journey, people I've met, and my gear through this blog! If you would like to help me out any way with my hike feel free to get in contact with me!

My dream to hike the Appalachian Trail began two years ago when I became utterly and over-the-top obsessed with the idea of hiking from Georgia to Maine. For whatever reason, walking from Georgia to my home of New England was exactly the kind of insanity I had been yearning for. In the beginning of my planning, I researched what it would take to rescue a Chihuahua puppy to raise as my hiking companion on the trail, strapping it to the front of my pack like a newborn baby.

Unfortunately, after several hours of research on the importance of keeping your pack light, the dream of the Chihuahua faded, but my dream of hiking the AT remained!

Anyways, I look forward to sleeping on the earth every night and feeling no guilt about the junk food I will be consuming along the way. I enjoy long walks on the beach, as well as through the woods. Hi everyone, Cassie here! I'm a 21 year old girl from central PA who was born to travel. Every place I've been to is stuck in my heart forever- from the giant Redwoods of California to the mountains of the Adirondacks and the rocks of Utah.

I'll be skipping out on my graduation for my BSN and setting out on my thru hike of the Appalachian Trail March of I love good wine and the great outdoors. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia. When I grow up, I want to be a gypsy. I was born and raised in Olympia, WA, graduated from Montana State University — Bozeman, and for the past 3 years, my husband and I have been living an adventurous life in the beautiful state of Wyoming.

My motivation for this blog comes from 2 Timothy 1: Together, backpacking and being outdoors has become an important part of our lives, our faith and will forever remain a priority in our marriage. I hope as you continue to follow me in my wanderings that you will be inspired to go after your dreams. They beckon for a reason. Decided to hike the AT a year ago for a new adventure in life. I look forward to the experience and challenges ahead of me.

I see it as another growing moment in life. I'm certainly excited to meet new people and friends from all over. Can't wait to get out there. I squirmed to a sitting position in my sleeping bag and looked out of the open side of the shelter. Of course, I sighed, the birds were chirping and the sky was blue and I just was not ready to go back yet. But back we must go because the incoming freshmen we were leading were due for their welcoming orientation. What if we just did this?

And that was the beginning of my thru-hiking dreams. I kept playing with the day dream and then this year I realized, wait a minute… I could totally do this. This trail goes from Mexico to Canada, entering six different North American ecozones and passing through the whole length of my home state of California.

The following year I worked in New England as an environmental educator and outdoor educator with Christodora and this year in San Francisco I work as an education specialist for Save Nature teaching conservation science and as a sales specialist at REI.

And now I am heading off, to immerse myself in the world of nature and biology, a world I have loved since childhood and a world fear is too often forgotten. I am heading off to do a very simple thing—I am off heading off to walk. I'm 22 years young from a small town in the great state of Alabama, home of my momma, the greatest college football program ever Roll Tide , and some of the dankest BBQ you'll ever have the privelege of gnawing on. My community is unlike any place I've been in America.

We express a genuine interest in the wellbeing of our neighbors, and as cliche as it might sound, we'd give the shirts off our backs to ANYONE in need. I should feel right at home in the AT community. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is very important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it.

When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving something in its place I have traded for it. I want it to be gain, not loss — good, not evil. Success, not failure in order that I shall not forget the price I paid for it. You can call me Roo, shirt for Ruby Throat.

If you see someone smelling wild roses and marveling at flamboyant fungi along the way, that will be me. Please visit me at rubythroatjournal.

I'm Joe "EarthTone" Harold. I have always had an interest in the outdoors and backpacking. That interest has morphed into an obsession with the A. I'm a 30 year veteran of the U. Coast Guard and have just finished up as the Manager at the A. Museum in Gardners, PA. You can also follow my life adventures at my personal blog: Hey guys- my names Liz. I once gave a snack bag to an Irish man, who was hiking the Appalachian Trail.

It changed my life. I'm settled cozy in Southern Maine, and engaged to my best friend! Yoga, reiki, rivers and mountains soothe my soul, but cider and icecream also help with that.

I have dreams of hiking the trail and living in the woods. I thru hiked the PCT in I'm a hiker, boulderer and aspiring filmmaker currently working in digital. I live in London, UK so my journey to the trailhead was a long one and planning for my hike was been a complicated affair at times. I'll be writing about my experiences as an international hiker and as a solo female hiker.

On a normal day you can find me either in a tree, field, or forest, most likely being a total goofball and making horrible puns. Although I have zero experience with backcountry cooking, I'll be constructing all my own meals and food drops due to food allergies.

Looking forward to the quiet of the woods, the simplicity of living out of a backpack, my legs as my vehicle, and doing more with less. Ann Arbor, MI to be exact. T starting March 1st, I am hiking to raise money for the National Brain Tumor Society in honor of my father who has brain cancer. Before I do that I am finishing up a business degree from Hope College. After finishing the AT, I pursued my goal of spending my life outside by becoming a guide for a wilderness therapy program.

Despite living in the woods for a living, the lure of thru hiking has persisted. Stay tuned for more adventures to come! Im Erick but you can just call me Styles.

I live in a small 45 min outside of Boston, MA. My love for hiking and just being outside all started when i was young after climbing Mt. I first heard the trail call my name shortly after graduating high school, and after just a few weekend hikes, I could no longer keep myself from a thru-hike.

Between medical waivers and appeals for the Navy, being called in for 14 hour shifts at a gas station, and all the other stresses of the daily grind, a 2, mile hike sounds like a great break. My wife and I are into long distance cycling and trail running. Wilderness conservation and environmental justice are my passion.

Building an environmental ethos in my students, as well as getting them out into the wild, gives me meaning. Hiking the AT has literally been a goal of mine since I was in elementary school. This thru-hike will be an opportunity to share the wild with my students back in AZ, push myself physically, do an adventure with my wife, and be in the wilderness in the way it always transforms me.

I am a 23 year old kid born and raised in South Bend, IN. Graduated college in and survived 2 months in an accounting internship. Since then I haven't spent more than 5 weeks in the same state. I am addicted to road trips and have been to 49 states in my 93 Buick help me get her to Hawaii.

I make money when I am home by substitute teaching and scalping tickets at every Notre Dame football game. I love having fun, playing games, helping others and listening to good stories. My best friend rose from the grave one time true story.

I am hiking the Appalachian Trail NoBo starting March 26th and taking a couple weeks off the trail in May to go on a mission trip to Guatemala to help some children there currently accepting financial support. I'm a 67 year old retiree from a long career in the Oil and Natural Gas industry. I am a native Oklahoman, I have 5 children and 11 grandchildren. I have always been more comfortable in the woods than any other place.

I love God and all kinds of outdoor activities, I hunt, fish, kayak, play golf, hike, camp and enjoy God's creation. I first caught the thru hiking bug back in during a 10 day section hike through the Saddlebacks and Bigelows. Since then I have had the opportunity to hike the mile wilderness, portions of the White Mountains, the whole of Georgia, and countless other mountains on both the east and west coast.

I return to the trail because of the serenity and non-aggression. I am a happy guy by nature and the AT provides an escape from all things stress, politics, and judgement.

I'm ready to leave my worries at the doorstep, and live life out on the loose for a bit. I love trees, Harry Potter, summer camp, donuts, airports, dogs, lists, and just about ten-million other things. I'm taking a semester off from college to thru-hike and figure out where I'm supposed to go next.

At present, I live in Washington state and I work as an occupational therapist. I am a lover of documentaries, peppermint everything, my sweet dog, and early bedtimes. Louise our dog is such a joy, but she won't be coming along with us.

My wanderlust is the product of being raised in the military; I don't think I will ever see enough places or meet enough people. My husband had the hare-brained idea to hike the Appalachian Trail I took that idea and ran with it. Follow along with our adventure! Hey there, nice to see you here. My name's Heather and I'm a travel junkie.

I love anything and everything new, all the time. My husband loves everything the same, all the time. I know for him, once we do something for the first time, it is already our routine. We love each other infinitely and are looking forward to do the same thing repeatedly every day in new places by hiking the AT in My husband, Joel, is the social media guru so my social media links take to you his accounts of tracking our adventure!

If you want to check out my artwork or keep updated on our adventures and writing beyond the AT our website is happyreign. If you want to watch our hike, my husband's YouTube channel is 'Joel Wanders'. If you want to read the love story of what brought the two of us together in our thirties you can buy our love story on Amazon. My hometown is St. After my hike I'm headed to North Carolina. I've spent 32 years in the corporate world but my most important job is being a mom.

I'll keep that job but my new "day" job is slaying mountains between GA and ME. I love God, my family, Diet Coke, birds singing not crackles screaming , the smell of fresh cut grass, baseball, soccer well basically all sports , Blue Bell ice cream, The Waltons, and the color purple.

I'm attempting to thru-hike the PCT this summer. My name is James. Along with my wife, Rebekah, we hope to spend rendering the word 'aspiring' no longer necessary when describing us as thru-hikers on the Appalachian Trail.

When I was a kid I had to walk a league to visit my grandma. A league is around 3. I was 7 years old. She lived in a village called Boavista. If you prefer pictures and videos, follow me on Instagram or YouTube. Hiking to raise funds for Pediatric Cancer Research. Jeremy G is a military veteran and enthusiastic hiker. Starting in Hawaii, Jeremy began the Barefoot Hikers, a social group aimed at trail restoration, history and conservation while building friendships. With some hike events over nine years, the group reached 17, Barefoot Hikers without injury or fatalities very rare in Hawaii.

In , Jeremy transitioned into the civilian world with hopes of continuing his hobby as more of a lifestyle. I consider myself experienced at hiking and camping, but not an expert.

I'll be attempting my thru hike with an ultralight setup, and in that category, I am a beginner. Join me as I figure out the nuances of thru hiking with as little as possible along this My name is Jody no trail name yet. I will be hiking from the beaches of Destin, Florida all the way to Canada. I will be traveling most of that distance via the Appalachian Trail.

I've road tripped across the country 12 times, and am excited to switch it up and go border-to-border on foot! Wella and Justin are two former US Army officers that have been living in Alaska for the past four years. We have been afforded the incredible opportunity to thru hike as part of the Warrior Expeditions team in !

We look forward to sharing our journey with friends and family as we make our way North! I am going to attempt an ultralite SOBO thru-hike of the AT, starting about a month after my 20th birthday in July , with my dog, Cheyenne, joining me for as much of the trail as possible.

The ultimate goal is to hike over miles, and to have as much fun, and as many new experiences as possible in the process! Starting over again, sharing our experience, strength, and HOPE! My name is Kate. I thru hiked the PCT in , and took on a Mt. Rainier summit attempt as part of the journey. My trail name is Vaya, which means 'Go' in Spanish. Hello, my name is Kate! I'm 41 years old and currently live in Madison, Wisconsin.

I hiked miles of the Appalachian Trail in and can't wait to make plans to hike more of it. Before I set out, I decided to give myself my own trail name: SOBO thru-hike and blog up, down and around the trail. Alexa is passionate about nonprofits and so created: Please visit their websites and support them all.

Wanna read more stuff? Check out my blog: I will be hiking on the Appalachian Trail in April I will start in Georgia and hike northward. Hoping to share some of that experience with you through this blog! I enjoy long walks through the mud and eating dessert first. In my spare time I like to nerd out on nature and occasionally shoot things. My name is Keckeley and I'm a very recent graduate of St.

I've been dreaming of doing this hike since I was young after hearing my mom's stories of the same journey. Originally from Kalispell, MT, the Rockies are my home, so I'm excited to explore other mountains, rivers and people! I'm Kelly Ann and my goofy pup here is Riley. We started backpacking early in and ever since have been gearing up for some pretty strenuous thru-hikes; the first of which will be our sobo AT thru-hike beginning October, I was also a member of the USA swim team for a couple years.

My competitive background has fueled my long distance backpacking adventures to be more on the irregular side. By pushing boundaries and sharing my experiences with others, I hope to inspire more individuals to get outside and explore the world around them, whether that be by taking a stroll around a neighborhood park or walking for months on end across the country.

No step is too small because all great adventures begin with the courage to take that initial step. Hi, my name is Kerstin, aka Weasel! I'm an adventure cartoonist based in the Pacific Northwest who makes silly comics and doodles about trail backpacking. I also occasionally do diary and retail comics.

I'm a 22 year old from the beautiful state of Arizona. I start hiking mid April from Amicalola Falls, and I hope to see all of you guys out there! Thanks for taking interest in my hike, and I hope you follow along! I'm 25, a photographer, upstate newyorker, lover of nature, and am hoping to become a wilderness therapist one day.

In I hiked about miles of the Appalachian Trail. I plan on reattempting a thru hike of it someday. A landscape, travel, and lifestyle freelance photographer with a desire to hike across America. I answer to Katie, or KT, or Penny when the whisky kicks in. Please stop and say hi! You'll probably find me with a camera in hand. I had more written here but it sounded like a dating profile so instead I'm keeping it short and sweet! I'm currently living in Brooklyn and working toward becoming a certified trail guide.

Come hike with me. Hiking 2, for Girl Power! As a solo female trekker with little backpacking experience, I am setting out to show women that they and I can do anything. I always imagined a thru hike with a partner, but since none showed up I am going solo and stoked about it.

Because conquering mountains leads to conquering mountains. I'll be tracking my musings and progress here for my thru-hike of the PCT. Which deserves an exclamation mark. I'm a general outdoor enthusiast, but this will be my first time spending five to six months outdoors. Luckily, I'll have my ever-knowledgeable and experienced friend, Abby, with me a fellow trek blogger - check her out. I also run a lit magazine called The Slag Review, am a ceaseless pun generator, and a cheap wine enthusiast.

This is the time to live, let's all shout from a mountain top. The Trail Provides and the Dude Abides. I'm currently back in my home state of New York, freezing to death and plotting future expeditions! I'm Linda, a year old research ecologist who had a plan to retire and trade field work for hiking.

But you know what they say about the best-laid plans So instead, I'll be starting a flip flop the first week in April, and then will take a little time off after Maine to collect baseline data on fire-affected wetlands in Montana.

I know, it's a tough life. I'm looking forward to the Trail, but sometimes I wonder exactly why I need to spend so much of my life sleeping on the ground. My name is Linnea and I am one of the many love child's of our great God Zeus. I kinda wish my mom was Hera, but my mortal mom is pretty tight. I spent my summers floating down the river, backpacking, day hiking, and swimming back and forth too many times in a 25 yard pool.

In the winters, we skied North Lake Tahoe every weekend we could make it up. I still like all of those things and got the bug to hike the PCT in Somehow, I managed to complete it and am now addicted. Stoked to see what hike I choose next! Until then, writing, skiing, and traveling await. I'm Lion Heart and I love all things hiking. After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer in , I launched a more active lifestyle with a refreshed perspective on Life.

I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in and In , I hiked miles of the Continental Divide Trail. When I'm not thru-hiking, I work as a science teacher, perform as a percussionist, and rally for bicycle advocacy.

No matter where my footprints fall or my bicycle tires roll, I believe in treading lightly on this planet and honoring my connection to all things. I'm a notoriously type A person I suspect others in my life could chime in here with entertaining stories demonstrating this so I expect that this experience is going force me to balance those tendencies with the acceptance that nature cannot be always forced into a spreadsheet or to do list.

Let's see how this goes Hiking along with me will be my husband, Dan. We will also be celebrating our 10 year anniversary along the way, likely somewhere in SoCal. Hi, my name is Mackenzie, but most refer to me as Mack Daddy. Hawaii native, living in Boulder, Colorado shocker.

Meanwhile, I spend my time climbing rocks, riding down snowy hills, chasing waterfalls and snuggling with my cat. I fell in love with backpacking when I was 16 and hiked a small portion of the AT. Since then, I've been busying myself with school and short backpacking trips around Colorado still haven't found a favorite, suggestions?

Hi, I'm Major League aka Suzanne. I'll begin my journey on June 5th. My name is Maricruz Mosqueda. I was born in Zacatecas, Mexico but grew up in Colorado. This year I'm going to through-hike the Pacific Crest Trail! I'm hoping that my journey can inspire the Latinx community to participate in the outdoors more. I hail from Ohio, the state with no mountains, so this mountain-seeking girl is heading for the Appalachian Trail in !

At present, I am the Curator of Birds at a sanctuary for birds in Ohio. I am not sure where in life I want to go from here, so I am hoping that spending four months in the woods will help me discover some direction.

I have spent the last 2 decades my whole life exploring and extensively photographing the Southern Appalachians with my dad and friends. I am a sophomore at Kennesaw State University studying to be a high school history teacher. For work I coach a rowing team out of Roswell, Georgia. One of them was an 11 year old girl. It was in that moment that I realized the trail was my destiny and this semester is finally my time to do it! On trail I'm known as Sourstraws, or just Straws for short.

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