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This makes perfect sense, and is not unbelievably ridiculous at all. If it eats, then it craps. PC Gamer cannot be held accountable for any damage done to your keyboard or computer. Maybe they're just proud of their mean population density, or they make a mean curry. This week, there's only one language some people understand - the language of fear. That zombie invasion from a few years back? Your mom may not have been truly overdue.

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PC Gamer cannot be held accountable for any damage done to your keyboard or computer. If anyone around you is sleeping or easily startled, please wake them gently now.

There's a game, but how could it ever live up to this introduction? It's not just the prancing of the man himself, or the bizarre bit where he delicately unpicks a little girl's hair ribbon in a way that suggests he has to plan his life around being at least feet from schools, or even the question of just what the hell those kids are doing in the lair of this crazy person in the first place How is this man allowed near children?

Why does he have an ass for a chin? Did the original box advertise "Guaranteed! If the animation style looks familiar, there's a reason. Less well known is that it was the company Blizzard once hired to do the cancelled Warcraft adventure, Lord of the Clans, which was at least acceptable by Saturday morning standards , unless you're a fan of things like fluid motion and stuff. Meen - which is like saying 'I'm Mean' in case you were wondering, it's kinda subtle - is fairly typical of the genre in that its game and educational elements go together about as comfortably as soap and a Duke Nukem Forever fansite owner Everything within is largely forgotten, but Meen himself lives on in roughly a million YouTube mash-ups, most of the YouTube Poop variety, which delight in cutting his sentences around to make him dance and sing about his p-p-penis.

YouTube Poops are a complete waste of time, effort and bandwidth though, so here's a different mashup instead The actual game is definitely odd though. A very bad shooter, based on a Wolfenstein 3D like engine, but a shooter nonetheless, in which you run around the many levels of Meen's labyrinth to shoot spiders and similar monsters, with a few bosses thrown in for good measure.

The edutainment part comes from the fact that Meen has major problems with his grandma. She makes him eat soggy porridge, can't hear very well, keeps farting in the middle of Only Fools and Horses, and By 'help', I mean 'they printed her address' - 7 Lewis Lane. We didn't immediately hit it off. She answered the door in a gown and asked "What do you want?

Once that was cleared up though, she was happy to help the investigation. She pointed me to a notebook that he left behind, and after running around for an hour trying to figure out what bloody trigger would let me ask about it and after that, handed a videotape.

Unfortunately, it turned out the only video player in the entire city was the one in George McGrath's office, and he wouldn't see me again. Well, first, call a cab. Can't be too careful. Lost for ideas, I headed back to Al's to check the day's newspaper. The top story seemed relevant. That does sound unpleasant. Also, it turned out that McGrath's mayoral campaign hinged on getting rid of the Jinx, despite him giving her money in secret meetings.

The newspaper also explained the Jinx's motivation. Detective Bill Forks thinks that a long time ago, the Jinx was a language teacher. He says that her language students made her mad several years ago, and that she is seeking revenge. Very common amongst language teachers. The security guard was gone when I got back, but there was still a big metal door in my way.

I had neither ID card, nor passcode. Luckily, I was there just in time to overhear this message landing on the answering machine Listen, I've lost my ID card. I think I left it at the Angel Hotel. I was there with George last week This was turning into a really weird bit of edutainment, I thought, as I went to collect the lost card from what conveniently turned out to be the top of my room's TV.

The villain takes his employees to sleazy hotels just down the road, and directly funds terrorism? I miss the good old days when an edutainment detective just had to know how to type words like 'cat' and 'dog' and 'quit'.

So, here's the most convoluted security system ever. All the employee names are listed in anagram form, which is probably okay for "Grainy Ace". The latter, of course, being Janice. With the anagram decoded, you then have to put all the items on screen into the correct places in order to get a passcode.

This makes perfect sense, and is not unbelievably ridiculous at all. On the plus side, it's coded with some leeway, so doesn't have to be the pixel-perfect madness I initially groaned in anticipation of after seeing the instructions. Breaking into McGrath's office using the date and time sent from the machine gun informant, I easily found a VCR to play Harry's mysterious tape.

You don't know it yet. The big secret is that George McGrath was paying the Jinx to commit crimes so that he could film them and boost his crappy ratings. He's like the anti-Spider-Man. With ratings this good though, McGrath could go beyond mere TV megalomania. He could take over the entire city and With the help of assistance from a creepy gypsy type who decides that the best way to say 'ask the receptionist' is to produce a deck of tarot cards, it wasn't not hard to track down Harry's location to a place called Dead Man's End.

Well, except for continuing to try to convince everyone that I didn't speak English, leading to instructive little conversations like The only big catch though, aside from having to use her crystal ball to decode a guide to the tunnels of Dead Man's End, and that crystal ball quite clearly not being crystal Finding Harry was easy enough, thanks to not having any He was just standing there, strapped to a bomb with full information on how to defuse it.

Coupled with a code I'd found, I freed him without even breaking a sweat. Finally, the city had its slightly gawky saviour back.

But this was a big problem. Would he be able to shut down the conspiracy once and for all? Turns out the answer is yes. You've got to love conspiracies with all the resilience of a souffle. Still, Mean City was saved. And nobody knew that I'd done it with the most powerful weapon of all Once, it made an empire and trounced the French.

Now it had saved a bunch of jerks who I'd come to loathe, and unravelled a scheme so shadowy, mysterious and riddled with complexity, my phrase book had no word to fully explain it. Luckily, as a native speaker, I did If you enjoyed this, please hit the social buttons to let your friends know, or simply tell them the old fashioned way. W didn't chip in, the blighter. Here are my two […]. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. You may unsubscribe at any time.

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