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When augmenting a build you can use single cards from the layout, one card from your hand, and the top card of the opponents' capture pile s. For your convenience you will also have a range of different currencies to choose from. Some casino players might have other reasons so if there is anything you think we should add to this list then please contact us. South African gamers no longer need to travel long distances to their favourite offline casinos such as Monte Casino or Emperors Palace. Note that you cannot capture cards directly from the top of an opponent's capture pile though you may be able to do so indirectly by first using them to augment a build - see below.


#1 South African Online Casino

Want to win that amazing casino jackpot? Visit South Africa's premier online casino destination. Our gambling games feature first rate graphics, smooth animations as well as cool sound effects.

Whether you are in Gauteng, Western Cape, Northern Cape etc you can give our highly recommended site a try. Signing up as a new casino player is swift and easy. You'll be wagering your way to a massive cash prize. Yebo Casino offers a number of safe and secure casino banking methods that can be used to make deposits into your account and making withdrawals of your casino winnings. Players can deposit funds using all major credit cards. Players can also use one of our web wallets which include Skrill, EcoPayz and Neteller, Finally, players can withdraw their winnings using either our EFT facility or straight back to any of the supported web wallets.

Yebo Online Casino offers it's punters the opportunity to deposit and withdraw funds using Bitcoin or more commonly referred to as BTC. Bitcoin is defined as a crypto currency which compared to other currencies such as the Rand, which are known as a "Finite Currencies". Using Bitcoins is safe and secure at Yebo and your deposits and payouts will be available instantly.

Simply grab the unique address or code from the casino cashier and log into your Bitcoin wallet to send funds to that unique address. This applies also to payouts or withdrawals. Simply visit the cashier and request a payout, add your unique Bitcoin address that the funds need to be sent to and within a few hours receive those funds back to your chosen Bitcoin Gaming wallet.

In some cases Yebo Casino may offer specific bonuses that are only applicable for Bitcoin. When it comes to playing casino games online, one of the biggest attractions are the huge amount of progressive jackpots on offer. Most casinos offer this as a feature to their portfolio and players pay specific attention to this feature when choosing where to play.

The first is called Network Progressive. This is a Jackpot that is connected to all members of the Network. For example the game Aztecs Millions can be played at many online casinos around the world but the jackpot pool is all connected and shared.

When it comes to Local Progressive Jackpots, the biggest difference here is that the Jackpot is applicable to the specific machine only and not shared across all casinos using the same software, but rather an individual game. The payout percentages of both types of jackpots are exactly the same and therefore the biggest difference between these two are the jackpot amounts.

Obviously the Network Jackpots have bigger Jackpot amounts as there is more liquidity however the odds of hitting the jackpot are smaller because there are more players connected.

Log into your casino account today and visit the "Jackpot" tab to find the network games. For the local jackpots, each game will list what the local jackpot sits at and this info can be found inside the lobby next to each game. Yebo launched their new multi-player tournaments about 1 year ago and they have been a popular attraction for all types of players. The casino tournaments are mainly offered on popular slot machines and table games available at Yebo. There are also a number of table game events taking place every week.

These tournaments offer game such as Blackjack and Roulette which by nature are a bit more competitive when compared to the slot tournaments. Tournaments are a nice addition so if you are looking to play casino type tournaments then log into your account and click on the casino tournaments tab from within the Lobby. Note, these South African online casino tournaments are only available on the Windows downloadable application.

As a South African gambler, if you are not comfortable with playing casino games online and would rather play the many offline or live casinos around SA then you probably know this already but there are tons of land based casinos in and around South Africa.

Depending on where exactly you live will determine which casino is closest to you. The minimum age to enter a casino in South Africa is 18 years old. We recommend the following land based casinos that the gambling experts at Yebo casino frequently visit:. Most of these live casinos are owned by the well-known Sun International group of casinos which was founded by the legendary Sol Kerzner.

Winners know when to stop, remember with online gambling you always run the risk of losing the money that you deposit and bet with. An alternate two-player version is sometimes called "crazy casino". In this version, each player is dealt eight cards, and the remainder form a face-down drawing pile from which you pick up a card after each play, to keep eight cards in your hand, until all of the cards are gone.

In this version, the first of the two restrictions above - that you may not discard while you are building - applies until there are no cards left in the drawing pile. The rule against more than one build is sometimes also enforced, but Jonathan Dushoff suggests that this version of the game is better without it.

The tactics of this game centre around the builds - especially builds of high value. Suppose for example that early in the game you find that you or your team have a monopoly of aces. Then you can make a build of 14 that the other team cannot touch, and at every opportunity you augment it with more sets of cards adding up to Right at the end you capture a huge pile of cards with your last ace. Sometimes there will be rival piles - for example one player or team building 14's and another building 12's.

Build piles with a high capture value are most powerful, because they are easy to augment. If you have a smaller value build pile - say nines - then it will be safe for your opponents to play a 10 or higher, because these cards cannot be incorporated in your build.

If your opponent has a pile of 13's or 14's, all your cards are potentially at risk. If your opponent has a build and you capture with say a 10, your opponent may play a 3 from hand and then take your 10 together with the 3 to augment the build. A large part of the tactics of the game is correct timing of when to capture.

Although the ultimate objective is to capture cards, capturing early can put you at a disadvantage, especially in the three-player game, because your capture pile then becomes available to your opponents to augment their builds.

Because large value piles are so powerful, it is particularly important not to release your queens, kings and aces too early if this may give your opponent a monopoly. To exploit this, if you and another player have say a king each, you might start a build early in the game to tempt your opponent to capture it, leaving you with a 13 monopoly. Drifting can be used as a way of signalling to your partner. Drifting is only safe when you know that your opponents have no more of the card in question, or when you know that you and your partner combined will still have two left.

Therefore a drift by the player who owns the pile signals that he or she has two more of the card in question; a drift by the other partner signals one more of the card in question unless the card played is appearing for the third time, in which case the build is safe anyway. Players may drift reciprocally, so that both can be assured that the build is safe. For example, my partner builds kings, and I have two. I might drift a king. If she also has two, then she knows that our build is safe, and should then drift back at an early opportunity so that I will know, too.

Sotho casino differs from Swazi casino in that the picture cards lose their numerical value, and an ace can only be one. Cards taken to the capture pile may not be sorted, but are left in whatever order they accumulated on the build pile, with the capturing card on top.

Partners keep separate piles, and you may steal your partner's top card to help augment a build. Picture cards are placed in the capture pile beneath all the numeral cards but above other picture cards. You may give your partner picture cards you capture to store in your partner's pile it seems unlikely that this would be very useful, but they do it.

Alexey Lobashev reports that the players he met in Lesotho play only with a card pack without pictures, as in South Africa see below. Faizal Asmal provided a short description of a version of Casino that is popular in South Africa. This resembles the Swazi and Sotho versions in that cards can be taken from an opponent's capture pile, but the detailed rules are somewhat different. The South African game can be played by two, three of four players. It is played with a 40 card pack, obtained by removing all the pictures from a standard 52 card pack.

The first dealer is chosen at random. In subsequent hands the previous loser is the first person to be dealt cards, and also starts the game. If there are two players, 10 cards are dealt to each player and there is a second deal of 10 cards when these have all been played. For the three player game, 13 cards are dealt to each player and one is placed face up on the table.

For the four player game, 10 cards are dealt to each player. Note that with two or four players there are no face up cards on the table at the start, so the first player cannot capture but must simply play a card. In South Africa, playing a card without capturing is called drifting. When you capture several cards at once, they must be placed on your pile in numerical order, with the lowest card on top.

The top card of each player's capture pile is available to be captured by other players along with the face up cards on the table. If you have a build on the table you are not allowed simply to drift; you must either add to your build or capture something. A player who already has a build on the table may steal the top card of a player's capture pile to incorporate into the build, provided that the building player simultaneously adds a card to the build from hand.

Player A has a seven and two eights in hand; on the table is a build of 8's and a lone seven; the top card of player B's capture pile is an ace.

Player A has various options:. When there are two players, after both players have played their first ten cards there is another deal of ten cards each. In this second phase the rules are slightly different: When all the cards have been played, whoever made the last capture takes whatever cards are left in the centre of the table. Players, Cards and Deal Swazi Casino is played by 2, 3 or 4 people using a standard 52 card pack.

There are many variations, but it is suggested that if the initial layout contains either cards with a scoring value of three or more points e. The play All captured cards are kept face up in a single pile in front of the player who captured them.

There are two types of build: The possible actions during a turn are: Each type of action will now be described in detail: The capture or "chow" A capture can only be made by playing a card from your hand. If you play a card from your hand that matches a single card in the layout, that single card is captured.

Make sure that you read the terms and conditions of a welcome bonus before you make a deposit. All online casino bonuses come with wagering requirements.

In other words, players must wager a bonus multiple times so they can cash it out. To be able to withdraw this bonus you have to wager the bonus plus deposit 30 times on casino games. Different bonuses come with different wagering terms and conditions, therefore, carefully read them before you claim one. If South African- friendly online casinos allow mobile casino play then you can safely and easily download and install a mobile casino on your smart phone or tablet.

To play mobile games you should click on a mobile casino download link, scan a QR code or visit the casino from the browser on your mobile phone. First and foremost, look for online casinos accepting South African players, and that they allow those players to play in Rand currency ZAR.

You will also want to make sure that the online casino is licensed. All online casinos use a type of software that allows their visitors to gamble. A large majority of online casinos accepting South African players offer welcome bonuses. Different South African online casinos will offer different welcome bonuses. Most online casinos offer plenty of slot games, casino-style slots, Vegas-style slots and original slot games.

Look for the familiar games, such as online blackjack and online roulette, poker, craps, and more. Many of these South African online casinos offer live games as well, with the opportunity to play against real opponents.

Before creating an account with any casino, do a quick check of the types of games that they offer and the number of different games. The best online casinos will also introduce new games regularly.

Reputable casinos will offer a variety of withdrawal methods, including bank transfer and bank draft. For instance, high-rated casinos allow individuals to withdraw their money to Netteller, Webmoney, Moneybookers, and Click2pay.

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