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The BB and a few of the limpers called. This would be a wonderful gift for any lady who loves Poker. OnTilt jewelers decided that the bracelet design would return to the tradition of the s and s where the bracelet was a heavy piece of unadorned metal. This includes up to this point 17 Main Event winners: Retrieved June 15, The bracelet and faceplate. The other 54 event bracelets consisted of 55 diamonds, totalling 0.

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Custom Poker Bracelets: Quality Poker Trophies, Unique Poker Jewelry

One look at the The bracelet and faceplate. You're checking out a unique custom designed iced out poker champion bracelet. It is fully covered with Czech crystals for an amazing shine at a low price. This makes a cool gift for a poker fan, for Leather Alloy Bracelet Size: Magnet' s efficacy principles: Bracelet and Faceplate is silvertone. Diamond,Heart, Club and Spade.

Item arrives with a small jewelry bag Condition: Alloy Leather Weight Kg: Great hostess gift, table prize or party favor! The stretch bracelet is one size fits almost all! It is made with 10mm dice beads, silver tone spacer beads and a stretch cor Skull Bones Biker Jewelry.

We strive for 5-star service by stating upfront our policies and will try our best to solve the problem you have. Our new "Elite" poker bracelet is the cream of the crop of poker bracelets!

With over crystals and an adjustable stainless steel band, nothing can compare to the best of the best in poker bracelet We can even customize a card guard for you. There are many ways to make your poker league winner's gift unique. Let us help you choose the poker bracelet , ring, or necklace to make your winner feel special. We would like you to talk to our custom design team to create any men's or women's jewelry using silver, gold, or platinum, with or without gem stones.

What most other companies offer only to the gaming industry is now available to you, your company and of course your casino. We pride our self on outstanding workmanship, producing quality custom poker bracelets , necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, card guards or any other piece of jewelry you can dream up.

Please shop our online poker jewelry store for all your custom casino and fine jewelry needs. From custom to classic, we have just what you are looking for! Posted on Dec 10 by Craig Feldherr. I also know I had JJ in my four card hand. I know this because I remember the flop came down Ac Kc Jc. After the flop, one of the tighter players in early position led out into the field. A smart player in middle position made the call. After giving it some thought I folded, and I folded for a very specific reason.

I knew that even if I improved my hand, I would not be improving my hand. I knew the bettor had flopped a flush. I did not know if it was the nut flush, but I knew it was a big one. Because I knew the bettor had flopped a big flush, I knew the caller did not have a big flush as well. He is too smart to call with a weaker flush against the bettor. Posted on Oct 31 by Craig Feldherr. I was already steaming from a prior hand when the following hand came up. I was on the button for the hand. A few players limped in, and I looked at A 2 3 K, Ace suited…one of the strongest Omaha 8 hands to be dealt.

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