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To figure this out, we need to consider all of our hands and their equity against the hands that we expect Villain to call all three streets with, given relatively blank run outs. He sees lots of flops. Villain's pre-flop 2bet was correct, though the simulator didn't like the bet sizing. Originally Posted by playinggameswithu I always prefer to win a significant pot that is ratio to my stack from a fold in a tournament than from a showdown or a dreaded runout. Up your game with free cardschat membership. In this hand, we squandered an opportunity to play our strategy, and therefore the hand should have played differently.

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Hero's check is correct. Villain's bet was also correct; however the sizing was large. Hero's flat was considered wrong. Villain's all in and Hero's subsequent call both are considered to be the correct move. September 12th, , 2: Yes, if villain 4 bets, I fold.

I don't make a habbit of it, it would have been the 3rd time I have folded KK pre-flop in cash and would have had no problems doing it.

Based on my knowledge of his play he wants pots to be deep and make moves to win before showdown. I do apologize I didn't include my table image. I was perceived by the table as a rock.

Villain would have perceived me as TAG he knows me to be a solid Reg. I respect your response. It is a fine group but have enjoyed the CardsChat community. I agree that it was a cooler, however it was a hand that I was hoping to get some insight on the line that I took based on the live reads. Especially dependent upon what part of the tournament, distance from ITM and other factors that I wasn't dealing with in this cash game.

I don't get to have too many in depth theory conversations because like you said there are only a few members on CardsChat at this level. Again thanks for the response, and maybe you can look at the thread I started entitled "Hendon Mob" and help it move in the right direction lol Interested in having some convo's about the side of the game that most players don't see.

Originally Posted by blueskies. If villain 4 bets there, I am shoving it all, especially OOP. I am never folding in cash. Well there are a lot of variables in NLH but after a certain point the game gets too complex and players are "over-thinking it" there is a certain threshold of complexity.

I am just saying this a obvious cooler hand given your opponents actions. You did nothing wrong with this exact specific hand. I'm thinking that this would have been the only path to get away from this hand. The Villain played well to keep you in. My guess is that part of this had to do with Villain's big bet larger than recommended which made the best response to Villain's action to be all-in.

Again, this just points to the fact that Villain played well on this hand. He likely put you on a very strong range with the 3bet pre-flop OOP and was licking his chops knowing he'd figure out a way to get all his chips in the middle. September 24th, , Originally Posted by marat sharipov. September 25th, , Originally Posted by swannymojo. Best way to earn the maximum Whats your percieved range here OOP betting into the pot pre?

Join the Conversation at CardsChat. CardsChat is an online poker community of , members in countries. Why more than , poker players have joined CardsChat Quickly improve your game. Learn from online pros. Join more than , active members on our forum. September 2nd, 5: August 13th, 4: July 11th, 9: June 12th, So, in this case, we want to find out if we have enough equity to call on the river. There are a bunch of programs that do this:.

In this case, the Optimist assumes the Villain value bets a normal amount of hands and bluffs with everything that missed. Next, I consider the Pessimist. I pick the extremes first, because they shape the polar ends of the spectrum. This value betting range is the same as the one the Optimist came up with, but the bluffing range is limited to the best blocker combos, namely, QT.

Things are already looking very good. Realistically, I believe my opponent will continue bluffing with all the backdoor flush draws, and all Qx and lower hands that missed and were not flush draws on the flop. After your hand analysis, be sure to take notes regarding the differences between your initial presumption——which is typically optimistic, in my experience——and the realistic result.

This will help you improve your intuitive strategy over time. Hand analysis is the bread and butter of your off-table work, and repeating this quick method will undoubtedly make you a much stronger player. If you are serious about getting better at poker, I think you should analyze at least one hand every day to keep your skills sharp and your trajectory upward.

Unlike the 5-minute method—which helps you find the best play in a vacuum—the following method will help you find the best play as it pertains overall strategy. This section was written by Thomas Pinnock. In other words, MDF is the fraction of your range that you must continue with when facing a bet to prevent Villain from profitably bluffing any two cards. So you need to continue with roughly In this sense, pot odds are related to the frequency at which you bluff when you make a bet.

On each street, we can make Villain indifferent to calling by giving up bluffs proportional to the pot odds that we give when we make our bet.

This assumes our bluffs have no chance to win when called. If our bluffs have equity, however, we can get away with bluffing more often — value betting less frequently than the numbers calculated above. This accounts for the fact that our bluffs have a chance to become value bets on later streets. Are you happy with your poker results?

Start crushing your competition with strategies that flat-out win when you join the Upswing Lab. Preflop Folds to CO who opens to 2. We see that our range has only This is excellent because I can do this range manipulation and analysis very quickly! I plan on adding this tool to… Continue reading PokerBotProgrammer on reddit. I think you have the only product on the market for doing this type of analysis.

I am a full time player and this type of analysis is extremely tedious to do. It is a good tool to show you how high up in your range you are on certain flop textures, potentially helping to stop over-folding or over-calling. Skip to content EZAnalyzer is the first poker software for doing structured hand analysis, helping you create entire hand analyses with ease.

Minimum defense frequencies are your shield