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Fair Procession notice - protection of public funds This authority is under a duty to protect the public funds it administers, and to this end may use the information provided in relevant licence applications on this form for the prevention and detection of fraud. With its prime standards, the UKGC aims to make gambling fair and open, to promote responsible gaming, and to prevent the act from being a root cause of crime or disorder. Applications can be viewed at the Council's Customer Access Point by appointment during office hours, please contact the Licensing Team. From 25 April the both Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils have powers to suspend an alcohol, entertainment or late night refreshment licence or club certificate. If you are concerned by the conduct or behaviour of any licence holder then report it in confidence to the Licensing Team and the Police if the matter is a serious risk to public safety.

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Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005

To obtain a personal licence in the Midlands, you will need to undertake training on the Licensing Act We hold regular courses in Birmingham and at other locations across the West Midlands. To become a personal licence holder individuals will need to prove they have no relevant criminal convictions, therefore a basic criminal records certificate DBS check needs to be applied for and submitted with each application. A personal licence will also enable an individual to be nominated on a premises licence at the Designated Premises Supervisor DPS commonly known as the licensee.

At the end of the training day, all candidate will have to sit a 40 question multiple choice examination paper. For an example of the type of questions, you may get asked you can download a free mock exam paper using the link below.

Download Free Mock Exam. Firstly, the building or site where the alcohol is being sold will need its own licence. This will be one of the following;. In addition to the licence for the premise, you will also need an appropriate person to authorise the sales of alcohol.

When you have your Personal Licence, you will be able to sell alcohol under a Premises Licence, become a Designated Premises Supervisor essentially a Licensee in older terms and authorise others to sell on your behalf. Once you have your licence it is valid indefinitely unless surrendered or revoked.

We hold regular courses in Derby, Nottingham and at other locations across the East Midlands. Find out more about cookies. Search the Gambling Commission. Personal information charter This charter sets out the standards you can expect when the Gambling Commission asks for, or holds your personal information.

Ensuring self-excluded customers do not receive your marketing materials For gambling businesses You must take all reasonable steps to prevent any marketing material being sent to a self-excluded customer.

Join us Find out more about the great and interesting work that we do across the gambling industry as well as who we are as an employer and the types of roles and employment opportunities we have on offer. Consumer complaints and redress review For gambling businesses We have reviewed the way the provision of alternative dispute resolution is working.

Gambling Commission starts two-way conversation with consumers The Gambling Commission is calling for consumers, and bodies that represent consumers, to help shape how it works with the public. Premises licences For licensing authorities Part 7: New research shows almost half of people in Britain gamble Our latest research into gambling participation across Britain.

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Ensuring self-excluded customers do not receive your marketing materials