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Skye starts with digging through boxes of bo In true Lisa Renee Jones, I was completely sucked into the story. View our event gallery for recent party photos of our casino tables in action. Judging from the way it seems to have affected her, maybe it has a value beyond money. With that said, this book was suspenseful but not overly dark and angsty. Urban Air Trampoline Park. Jump into this full adventure even fi you aren't already a huge fan.

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Her ability to keep the readers hooked by her sensational stories and narrate each one of them with such versatile, intigue way, it's riveting. Every line, every page I read it was like I was there, living everything, feeling everything together with the heroes. The variety of cir "I was provided by Book Enthusiast Promotions with a free copy of this book so I could give an honest review.

The variety of circumstances, the complication and the determination of the heroes, give any of Lisa's stories an increadible dynamic.

And because she gave a new meaning to the dark and dangerous heroes, Lisa rightly earns the respect and the love of her fans.

Behind closed doors is a stand alone novel, full of mystery, danger and romantic suspense. A kind of story, which the aura of Las Vega's fortune and it's lagendary underworld, overflows the most part of the book, keeping interest high and perky. Our heroine, Skye , is a young woman desperate to be in a law school and tries to earn some fast money by taking place in an action hunting, obeying the advise her newest friend Ella gave her.

Buying the last unit for the day, Skye found's herself infront of a mystery key and a note, which leads her to a huge amount poker chip, a blackmail note and, further more, into a chase of who's the blackmailer. First and most, she never wanted to be in a trouble anymore in her life, she needed safety and managed to keep it that way so far, successfully.

Second, give up her plan wasn't an option. It was important for her, to do things as she planned it, because it was the only way to have the control she so desperately needed. Third, don't look again for a bad boy. Never ever, because, well, bad boys are Are you here to kill me and take the poker chip? Paying a private investigator, he is at Skyes front door, asking her questions about the owner of the unit she bought.

His gut told him that Skye was the only one who can help him sort out of who is involve behide the blackmail notes but he doesn't trust her, just like Skye doesn't trust him either. After they agreed to fly together for the weekend in Las Vegas, the get to know and trust each other course took a no end turn, leading them into a circle of suspicions, new threats and possible ememies. The elevators are hot spots into the story, just like any spot is near to Jason's body.

The man carries all the assets a woman desperate craves, if you ask me! Gorgeous, a sexy predator, he can be inside any womans mind and fulfil their secret thoughts in a heartbeat. He's a man who could make them feel safe beside him, because of his strong self confidence and personal status, owning any place he is getting into. Jason is the safety net for Skye's fears even if she didn't wanted to believe it at first.

As for Skye, she is an outsider of what Jason calls his world, a person who can see him and through him, and not the famous, millioner poker player he acts he is. These two are darn lovable!! However, Behind Closed Doors was a really hide and seek story, complicated by the many characters were involved, putting the reader into a detective mode, working together with Skye's gut, to found out who the real blackmailer is, of all people. A fascinated, intregued chase until the finish line and a hot promise for more before the story ends What is captivating at Lisa's stories?

One is the witty dialogs between the chatacters. They both are charming and intelligent, with tender but tormented hearts, two people I can connect easily with. An other part is, how Lisa narrate them. Any story is supplemented with lots of other characters, many of them are involve at any level in the story's development but they also have their own personal stories in other book of hers. I believe, this approach creates a more believable enviroment for the plots to excists and continue, keeping the reader's interests always on the adges.

Which is the most interesting part, keeping the story on the edges even in the end of it. Yes, I loved and will love any Lisa's book I'm going to read in the future, because all the above reasons. I believe you'll also have the same feeling after you, for once, live the experience by yourselves. Sexy hot or deadly mysterious, grab whatever floats your boat and start reading. Oct 16, Lynn Reynolds rated it it was amazing Shelves: Skye listens to her friend Ella and buys a storage unit.

Jason Wise has come into her life and brought a mystery with him. Which I think Jason uses to his advantage. What I was impressed with is that the author knows how to create a real jerk. I already have Las Vegas on my bucket list but this book solidified when I e Skye listens to her friend Ella and buys a storage unit. I already have Las Vegas on my bucket list but this book solidified when I expect to travel.

These two women may seem polar opposites but Skye and Ella seem to fit as friends. Ella has a way of pulling Skye out of her comfort zone and Jason has that same way about him. But our author also included the perfect man to hate. He was a page-turner for me. Whenever he makes an appearance, I so want him to get his comeuppance but he does redeem himself at the end.

One thing that impressed me was that as we get toward the end the author wraps up the mystery and ends with the happy ending. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Behind Closed Doors is the kind of story that had me on edge the entire time! I loved the mystery, the intrigue, the romance, oh yes, especially the romance, and of course, the erotism in this book.

Who was your favorite character and why? They both were badasses in their own ways. She was determined, independent and had her walls for a very good reason. He on the Audiobook Review: He on the other hand, was focused, smart and very guarded, for his own reasons too. And together, they were explosive. I loved their chemistry, how their feelings were growing despite the dangerous situation they were in and most of all, how they could find a way to trust each other in order to get over with this crazy situation they were in.

Elizabeth did an amazing job, as always FavNarrator She has a versatile voice, smooth and soft for Skye and strong and male for Jason. Elizabeth was capable of bringing characters to life and recreating action scenes with great detail, making the listening a better than just reading the book. If you could sum up Behind Closed Doors in three words, what would they be?

Mysterious, Sexy and Romantic. I really enjoyed this book. At first I thought she was only be at the beginning but her involvement in the story was very important. As for the plot in this book… It was really good. O But when I caught up again, everything was good and I loved it how everything wound up, even though I figured it out who was behind the blackmail. Oct 25, Becky Cox rated it really liked it. Behind Closed Doors in a mystery, thriller, romance. Shew that was a mouthful, lol.

We have a poker player just doing his thing; that is poker playing, drinking, and uh pursuing female companionship for the night.

Jason is at the top of his career, living large until his world takes a turn for the worse. A woman scorned and all that. Skye is trying to save money for law school, her ultimate dream. She meets a new friend who suggest storage building auction and then things get sketchy. Skye and Jas Behind Closed Doors in a mystery, thriller, romance. Skye and Jason work together to solve a mystery. They need to occupy themselves during the interim I guess because they get down and dirty.

Jason is enthralled by Skye and she is just lusty after him. Lisa Renee gives us humor, intrigue and some serious between the sheets, against walls This sexy thriller is an enjoyable read. I was gifted a copy for an honest review. Oct 02, Kim Perry rated it it was amazing Shelves: Skye just wanted to make a little extra money. She had no idea that buying a storage unit with Ella would lead to such complications. When Skye stumbles into the blackmail scheme targeting Jason, she's certainly reluctant to blindly trust him even as she's irresistibly drawn to him.

Jason is a world renowned poker player and he's very loyal to those he trusts. He's determined to find out who is behind this scheme before it costs him. Jason trusts his instincts and is willing to pull out all the Skye just wanted to make a little extra money.

Jason trusts his instincts and is willing to pull out all the stops to get Skye on his side. Lisa Renee Jones provides sizzling chemistry as Skye and Jason are on a race against time and keeps you guessing.

Lisa Renee Jones also provides an interesting look into Ella's life before she heads overseas. Behind Closed Doors is a full length book and can be read as a standalone. I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Thank you Lisa Renee Jones! This book was so different from all her previous works. She even states it herself in her note before the book. This was a very light, calm book with a "Happily Ever After". There's nothing wrong with a book like this, but it just didn't grab my interest.

The plot for me was an issue. At first, it was slow and steady, with little to know action with the constant, distant hum of blackmail. Because if this, the end and all the valuable information came through as rushed and lacking in closure. It was as if the end was attempting to make up for the lack of action in the whole book. I liked having a glimpse into Ella's past, and how confident and stubborn she was.

It really doesn't tie me over until January for Surrender, which is promised to be Lisa's darkest book yet. It is good, just not what I expected from Lisa Renee Jones, who us known for dark, action-packed romance. If you have then you know who Ella is.

Well this story gives us more information on her before she ends up in Europe. Ella Helps Skye buy a storage Unit; it seems pretty worthless but is it? Does it hold the answers to a Poker player who 4. Does it hold the answers to a Poker player who is being blackmailed by the previous owner? Skye meets Jason a poker player but not just some poker player a highly professional one who is being blackmailed but who is the blackmailer and why? I loved Skye and Jason, they had this instant connection, which leads to romance.

This book can be read as a standalone. I'm eagerly awaiting book 3, Surrender, so I was quite pleased to receive this book, as a filler. Although connected to the series, it can also be read as a standalone and I get the impression that it was a way to give us a taste of what's to come. I'm really torn by this book. Although well written, with few editing issues, I found the story termi 3. Although well written, with few editing issues, I found the story terminally slow.

At this stage, it really picked up and I was quickly swept up in the story, forgetting my earlier concern. However, having left it so late to get to the exciting bits, meant that it took another turn and was wrapped up far too quickly for my liking. There's a good story here but for me it just didn't flow as smoothly as I've come to expect from this author.

Skye has so many secrets and I found it frustrating that the cause was revealed in one sentence, with little detail - it's this juicy info that I was looking for.

Now, I'm dying to get my hands on Surrender, to see where this series will take is next. Oct 17, Amber Day rated it it was amazing. Lisa Renee Jones is back at it again!

I love the inside out world that LRJ created and with this book we see more of one of my favorite characters and most importantly some new ones with a fabulous story. One thing I have learned buying lockers in the inside out world is always complicated. You never know what rabbit hole you will find yourself in.

Sep 26, Socially Book Nerd rated it it was amazing. I wanted Jason to have a book and I am so glad he got one! Lisa you are a genius. I was so not ready Nov 18, Novel Grounds rated it it was amazing. She has bought the locker of his blackmailer and for all he knows she is in on the whole thing. This book was a good read and it reminded me of why I like Lisa Renee Jones' writing so much. This is Skye and Jason's story.

Skye is convinced by her friend, Ella, into joining her in buying a few storage containers at auction. Skye is disappointed in her storage container, thinking it didn't hold anything of value. Professional poker player, Jason "Red Bull" is 3. Professional poker player, Jason "Red Bull" is being blackmailed and he thinks Skye might be in on it, because the storage container belonged to the person who was blackmailing him.

He shows up on Skye's front porch and they must decide whether to trust each other enough to figure out the mystery. Along the way, Skye is introduced to the world of professional poker and she and Jason begin to fall for each other.

They must figure out who is blackmailing Jason to save both of their lives. There is a condensed timeline but it didn't feel like insta-love. There is a natural feeling progression in their relationship. I really liked both Jason and Skye. Jason was so charming that it was easy to fall in love with his character. Both of them had lots of depth to their characters. They both had misgivings and fear of trusting each other but they were willing to take the risk and give their relationship a chance.

I really enjoyed seeing them fall for each other. They had great chemistry, banter and sexy times. I did feel like the suspense storyline wrapped up a little anti-climatically, but it didn't bother me too much. I liked the romance, mystery and I really enjoyed the poker playing setting too.

I am glad I read this book. This is a standalone, set in the Inside Out series world, with Ella making some appearances. I'm looking forward to reading the Careless Whispers trilogy on Ella's story, as soon as the third book comes out in January as well. That is something I do not like about Ms. They always end in cliffhangers that drag on for several books before any resolution.

So I always wait until her series are completed before reading them. I was glad this was a standalone that I could read in the meantime.

A fast paced and exciting story. Behind Closed Doors delivers the things I love from Jones, a deep and complex mystery mixed with a passionate and sexy romance. When Skye's new friend, Ella, drags her to a storage unit sale. She quickly discovers the unit she bought is not only more valuable than she originally thought, but also filled with secrets and danger.

After a not so chance encounter with poker hotshot, Jason, she is swept up in a whirlwind of blackmail, intrigue, and romance. I couldn't p A fast paced and exciting story. I couldn't put this book down. I was drawn in by the relationship between Skye and Jason and the captivating storyline had me tearing through the pages.

This story was packed with suspense, passion, and mystery. In addition to all that, their instant attraction was intense and their chemistry was palpable. I can't forget to mention Ella. Loved seeing this snippet into her past. This makes me even more excited for Surrender Oct 16, Sandy S rated it really liked it. Famous millionaire poker player.

A man who knows what he wants, goes after it, and never loses. He thinks Skye is behind it. There is something in the storage unit that Jason wants, and our hero believes Skye knows exactly what that is. What ensues is the building relationship between Jason and Skye when Jason gives Skye the opportunity to accompany him to the championship tournament in Vegas. There is a little bit of mystery and suspense; intrigue and betrayal; sexy times and falling in love. The premise is entertaining and enjoyable; the characters are animated and passionate; the romance is intimate and fated.

I did have an issue with the rush to the finish and the eventual reveal of the person blackmailing our hero. The convoluted path involving Ella Ferguson was a vehicle to introduce some background information for the ongoing Careless Whispers series but I struggled with its purpose to the current story other than to connect the two together.

Copy supplied by Netgalley www. Oct 12, Sparkymom rated it it was amazing. I absolutely couldn't put this book down. Though haven't read any of the Careless Whispers series, I had no problem falling right into this story.

I knew that would be the case since I've read several of the author's other books. I'm going to start by saying that Jason was one of the hottest sexiest male characters I've read in quite a while. I loved his pet names, and I loved his intense personality. Even though I know nothing about poker , I enjoyed the setting of the story. It was a bit outs I absolutely couldn't put this book down.

It was a bit outside my normal realm. The story starts with Skye who is struggling to manage two jobs and survive on her own without the help of her family and without very many friends. Her one new friend convinces her to buy a storage facility which is been abandoned. It is been put up for auction, and her friend make certain she ends up winning the bid. Little do they know all the trouble that one the decision will bring.

Oddly enough, Trouble is the nickname Skye gives to Jason when she meets him. Trust doesn't come easily to her, and she definitely doesn't trust him. The feeling is mutual, since Jason doesn't trust her either.

They strive to work out a deal which they believe will help them discover the truth of what lies between them and what is really going on with the stuff in that storage locker. Their deal also leads to travel to Las Vegas. Trouble follows them, however, and there quickly in the middle of a stressful situation. Thankfully, stress brings out the best and Jason. He is not about to fold.

He is also not about to let Skye go. He is going to protect her with everything he has whether she wants him to or not. Someone is trying to blackmail him, and Skye has been pulled into the deadly game.

Jason is used to winning the game he plays, and he intends to win this one as well. At least he made a great couple. They balance each other out perfectly. Jason was unbelievably sexy, and Skye was a very strong character to despite her many fears and flaws.

I also now feel the need to read about Ella. She featured so prominently in this story, that she grabbed my curiosity. Oct 12, Tina Lee Harris rated it really liked it. In true Lisa Renee Jones, I was completely sucked into the story. There is so much more to her than what we see. Skye is just a normal girl trying to make ends meet by working 2 jobs. When her yoga friend, Ella, suggests that Skye try her hand has buying unpaid storage lockers.

Skye is a little unsure but end the end Ella buys a locker for Skye and the journey begins. Skye starts with digging through boxes of bo In true Lisa Renee Jones, I was completely sucked into the story. Skye starts with digging through boxes of boxes of nothing. There is no way to recoup the money that she owes Ella for the unit. But when a tiny key falls out of a folder, Skye is determined to see where that key belongs.

Skye has this feeling that she is being watched. Or course there is this handsome guy at the storage unit, offering to help her get the single box to her car. Skye's skin tingle and she refuses any help, running to her car. She knows she is being paranoid but instinct to be safe has never failed her before. As she figures out that the tiny key belongs to a locker at the bus station, that is her next stop. Once there, she finds the locker with only 1 thing in it.

A poker chip and note? Once at home, the real fun begins with Jason "Red Bull" Wise shows up on her doorstep. What does he want with Skye? And who is this Stephanie that Jason accuses her of knowing and working with? She knew buying this unit was going to have problems. Skye just didn't know how many problems. Skye has always been level headed but Jason seems to bring out the wilder side of her.

When he talks her into going to Vegas for the night, Skye can only begin to imagine the trouble that will follow. As the attraction between Jason and Skye heats up so do the threats of blackmail. But Jason is determined to keep Skye and his family safe. But where is Stephanie and how is she still calling the shots when Jason can't seem to locate her? Skye admits to what she finds in the bus locker but they are in Vegas, the poker chip is in San Fran but Skye knows that she must warn Ella, if they are in trouble, Ella maybe too since she was with Skye at the unit sale.

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