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I can make out these sections: Their Grand Poker room has 3 software options — a download, instant play and mobile app. He would turn the dome to the honest position when he passes it to the next player. Created from a merger between Garland County Community College and Quapaw Technical Institute, the college enrolls approximately 3, students annually in credit programs. But for every group of patients that it has helped, it seems like there are plenty of others who say their skin got worse on birth control. Click here to see my web page: The video didn't convince me much.

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But what do they actually do in the body? An expert breaks down the secret of these antibody makers. I'm 24, I have an apartment with my long-term boyfriend, and. A study, conducted by psychology professor Jan J. Make what you will of the suggestion that fire and air signs are more extroverted while earth and water signs are more introverted we'd argue that the extent of someone's extroversion is a little more nuanced than that , but this characterization is generally accepted in the astro community, with obvious exceptions — let's never forget that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a supposedly introverted Taurus.

So Dad and I decided to take a road trip down south to revisit the schools that made him. Roxane Gay's recent body-shaming experience. A Texas woman's loved ones are raising money to bring her home after she broke her neck just days after her destination wedding in Maui. The year-old girl's mother says airport staff treated them "like terrorists" because they had medicine for her type 1 diabetes in their carry-on luggage. As the chemical messengers in the body, hormones play an important role in many of our bodily functions.

In , after giving birth to her daughter she decided to pursue a healthier lifestyle in order to be a better example for her child. This is her weight loss story. Goldilocks and the Wild Bears. Magic of the Ring. Aces and Eights Poker. Cash and Fruits Plus. Voodoo Candy Shop Deluxe. Huangdi- The Yellow Emperor. Year of the Monkey. The Heat Is On. Welcome to Hell Back to the 70's. King of the Jungle. The Land of Heroes. Queen of the North. Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. The Phantom of the Opera.

Magic Hot 4 Deluxe. Magic Fruits 4 Deluxe. Also in "1," some of the tops represent two dice. The others are 6-sided. It is almost always on the right. These are other miscellaneous metal Put and Takes. A number of them are sterling. Note the different sizes. One near the upper left is a pin. The dark one near the upper right is a cube-shaped metal Put and Take.

Just below it is a 4-sided top. The two at the lower right and lower left have internal spinning dials. The reddish one near the top has a needle and thread inside. These Put and Takes are non-metal. About half are made of catalin; others bone, wood, celluloid and ordinary plastic. Three of them are mechanical lead pencils that are to be rolled for the Put and Take effect. Two of the tops are celluloid advertising pieces -- one touts Manbeck's Bread "A winner everywhere" ; the other says "You don't gamble when you buy Trenton Crackers.

The one next to it is 4-sided wood. The red one next to it is plastic with a compartment for solid perfume. She says, "In the Netherlands 18th —19th century they made spinners from silver, like in the picture.

The letters and text are old Dutch. That much is for sure. Spinning with the a-al-top was one of the games. The top has 6 letters: Put and Take Collections and Collectors. Click the picture on the left to see the enlarged picture of part of the put and take collection of Barrie M.

Put and Takes -- Non-English language, vintage click here to be directed to that separate page. Crown and Anchor put and take top. More neat bi-level ones. Left the tan one: Looks like the bottom part, at least, is made of a type of plastic. Middle the yellow one: This is a really nice old celluloid Put and Take teetotum featuring famous horses of the 's.

The top has six sides and a separately rotating top portion with the odds on it , , , , and Condition is excellent showing very little wear or damage. I just bought the top on the right, Oct It is virtually the same as the other two. It is made of hard plastic, maybe solid bakelite, on the outside. The sides are in the same order as cited in the above paragraph. All three have the same "nipple" bottom.

However, with the odds part missing, I can see eight small ball bearings inside the upper level part. Very heavy at 66 grams! There must be much metal inside. It looks nice and well made, but hardly spins at all -- it flops about virtually every time you attempt to spin it. Two plastic celluloid bi-l evel r acehorse top s, 8-sided. As best as I can, I show the year of birth of the horse named on each side. Horses came into their prime in about their 2nd, 3rd and 4th year.

The years should aid in guessing the year the top was made. It is all-plastic with celluloid-like grain lines. The upper odds level is blue though picture looks black. The 8 sides are in this order: Phar Lap famous Australian horse born , Mona? It is plastic with what looks to be a gray wood handle. The 8 odds are, in this order: Flicka is Swedish for girl!

Maybe a Swedish owner or horse. Mate was an American Thoroughbred racehorse best known for winning the Preakness Stakes. Pavot was an American Thoroughbred Champion racehorse. In a career that lasted from to he ran thirty-two times and won fourteen races. Pompey — was an American Champion Thoroughbred racehorse. These are all bi-level spinning tops of mine.

One collector described them as: Some were aluminum, or chrome plated On the put and takes, the upper tier would tell you if you won or lost, and the bottom tier would tell you how much.

On the race horse tops, the bottom tier would indicate which horse won, and the upper tier would give the payoff odds. The race horse tops originally sold for cents each in the 's. The box they came in proclaimed "the pocket race course America's Great New Racing Game. For" is engraved on the top of the spinner. Famous British race horses, c. Yutoi was born and Golden Corn Please correct me if I am wrong about that. I got the top from U. All these horse-racing tops have machined steel magnetic in the upper level, and nickel-chromium brass non-magnetic in the lower body.

This top is not as old as the others. All the horse on this top, except Stymie who won a record fortune in second class races , won the Belmont stakes. DISQ, , , , , On one, I could make out "" of the patent date.

Man o' War made his debut on June 6, By the time he retired 16 months later, he was a national hero, joining Babe Ruth as the first shining stars of the Roaring Twenties. The charismatic horse's popularity had brought fans back to the track. Man o' War went to the post 21 times and won 20 races.

He won one race by an incredible lengths and triumphed in another carrying pounds. He whipped a Triple Crown champion by seven lengths in a match race. ZEV- became the greatest money-winning racehorse in history.

Colin was born ; the others One eBay listing of this top said: Morvich, winner of the Kentucky Derby Pillory, winner of the Preakness and Belmont Stakes Bunting, Whitney Stables winner at Saratoga and Belmont. For craps or any other dice game. The white thing on the top is a label.

I should have scanned another side, but didn't want to take another scan. Swedish put and take. This top is unusual in that the numbers go in a natural sequence -- 6,5,4,3,2,1. Usually the numbers are mixed up as on a roulette wheel. Till then I had never seen either.

When they spout, "a special top which is under control at all times," they mean the top is gaffed for cheating. More cheating with tops. The above is from one of my gambling supply catalogs, this one from New York City's venerable old H.

I suppose it could "favor" the "banker" if the bottoms of the sides were rounded differently and the "banker" was in control of the spinning, so he could spin either clockwise or counter-clockwise, depending on which horse had the larger bets.

Or if the customer was consistently betting on a particular horse, the banker would supply the top which would disfavor that horse, and the bettor could spin the top all the time! The player bets on a horse by placing his money or chips in the horse box on the layout. Since he has a one in six chance of winning there are six sides to the top , the "fair" pay-off should be , which is one of the six odds on the top. But three times out of six, he receives less than "fair" odds -- when , or "disqualified" turns up.

The house advantage is I figure it as follows: So a bettor's horse will turn up one-sixth of the time, or 6 times out of 36 bets. Another way of calculating it. So the house advantage is Above page is from my H. Evans gambling supply catalog. I never saw an 8-sided Horse Race top. This layout is for 4 top in the big chart just above. Another layout for the same Horse Race top -- 4 in the big chart above. Dealer said, "Maker unknown, ca.

Paper over cardboard with some edge damage. Man-o-War was three years old in Tri-level -- one of the few tri-level tops I know of.

In the picture to the left, the stem is not shown. Seller says, "A nice vintage tinplate gambling top. The Tip Top with three revolving central spinners, Length approx 4. This is a horse-racing top. It shows which horses finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Yutoi was a champion thoroughbred, born July , I bought one at eBay U. Seller said, "An unusual and very collectable tri-level tinplate six sided spinner dating from around the s.

Measuring just over 4 cm long. The sides are stamped with odds and the three inner spinners have the names of nine horses: The names seem to be mostly fictional, fanciful. YouTube video of a Crown and Anchor bi-level spinner! British, saw on eBay August All of these are champion English horses which raced from about to Names of major U.

Flat Winners on the sides of the top. It has become a lucrative financial activity with horses wining millions of dollars in a race, and millions more as a stud", per an owner of the top. The 8-sided spinning top is 46 grams, c. On the upper level, in this order: I added the year of their most famous victory in parentheses, from this source.

Race Horses, New Zealand. The horses named on the top were racing in New Zealand about Brass, length 35 mm, weight 35 grams. Horse names lower section: For one thing, the order of the sides is different. This spinner and the one above are both "left-handed. Horse-racing per Argentine seller. Made by van Laere in Brussels. The six sides are: I have no idea what the six names represent -- thoroughbred horses, sports teams, pigeons, etc.?

Football teams British bi-level top. First time I saw this, on eBay Feb. List of champions here. Made of celluloid or similar early plastic. Spins well enough, but poorly. The white and red parts are bakelite - The spin seperately from each other so the final outcome is always random - The blue handle is wood with some wear to the paint - The markings on the white part are P and T and on the red you have 0 1 4 A 2 3 "It is marked "Spinim" on top with a patent number.

The patent number is U. Once on that web page, you will see links for a drawing of the devise, abstract, description, claims, etc. The patent was made to cover all tops that were bi-level -- two separate rotating parts.

I own this top, by the way. It is also in about the 5th picture on this page, along with other bakelite tops. Beautiful picture, looks good enough to take a bite out of. The coloring on the Put and Take top is unusual. The Poker one has on the upper level: So possible hands could be: Both levels read1 thru 6 forming a pair of dice. I finally got this from a seller in the Netherlands. Plastic, Dice theme, long. Bi-level Poker top, made of steel magnetic. Looks nice, spins very poorly.

Manufacturing error -- odds level reversed. Notice how the top odds level is up-side-down. I soaked it in WD, but still could not unscrew it to correct it. Probably worth more the way it is! The seller described it as: The top level spins independently from the bottom. I finally got a nice one on eBay for somewhat less in March Just goes to show that prices fluctuate, so you can wait for the right price sometimes.

I have finally deduced how the game was played. I don't think there was a layout, and I don't think one played against the "house. For example, the one pictured here shows a queen-high flush. If it had landed Jack Two, it would be a pair of Jacks. Dealer said, "Bottom die reads: Apparently the spinner was used to help simulate a baseball game -- no odds, no gambling use. Click here for an ad for a similar baseball top, also Also click here for a view of the box and instruction sheet.

Horse racing -- misstrikes. Another bi-level poker top, from France. I think it is played like the poker bi-level top above. Here perhaps, the top level refers to classes of poker hands, like: Similar to the one above. Looks like a spark plug. Owner lives in Germany. He describes it as "in the form of a Bosch Bosch-Lavalette spark plug. As far as I could determine, originally from France and probably for the game Pinochle. It is 2" long, 50 grams.

It spins quite well virtually each time if you are careful. One issue I have is that if you tighten the handle as you normally would , the upper level presses against the lower level, so the upper level won't move independently. Unusual bi-level top with 8 colored balls. Click here for full information and pictures on another page. More pictures of this top here -- shows the bi-levels more clearly.

Click here for a picture of the original colorful box and the instructions. In January , it spinner, instructions, box went for euros on eBay. On both sides is engraved: Jaquemet Paris Bte S. Top of Gerrit Veldhoen, Netherlands.

Another tri-level of sorts. This picture was emailed to me January The top breaks down and you can move the tumblers off and on, depending on what you are playing. I found this image on page of Justin Michell here. You would roll the device, not spin it. Maxim has similar ones at the bottom of his web page. What game is this from? Bogey Patented, , , , , Or it could refer to Bogey motorcycles which were made in the s, thus maybe an advertising item? Here, the side could be for: E for Even -- 1: Has patent information on it.

This piece is in all original pre-owned condition age related wear and marks. Some numbers are in red, others in black. I have been unable to track down the makers or anything similar. The sides of the three hexagons are marked in gold with X, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1. Because the three discs spin separately, the final outcome is always completely random. The teetotum measures 3.

I came in second. Vintage Catalin Gambling Spinner, Patent What game is this? Another bi-level "Derby" top. Another bi-level "Derby" top with numbers. Another bi-level brass "Derby. I paid 59 pounds for this plus postage from the U.

Sides read in this order: Modern to p - - playing cards. The seller in the US November says, "This is an old game with a new twist as well. The original has the six horses names and the newer version has the four playing card suits Spade-Diamond-Heart Club as well as Joker and Ace. These are patent pending games made in the U. Modern top -- horse racing. Similar to the bi-level tops horses, poker made by the company that made the "Odds-On" tops, but nothing engraved on the top of the top near the handle.

The top level sides are marked with the odds in this order: Looks to be made of brass with a silver coloured finish. Crown and Anchor -- Color added. The sale was helped with this neat composite picture of many angles of the spinner. Near the handle, the patent number is engraved. Bi-level put and take top. Spinner is differentially rounded on the bottom. The above three pictures show how a Put and Take can be rigged for cheating.

The typed instructions came with the rigged tops when ordered from a gambling supply house. The scanned instructions and catalog page are from the K. In both pictures, notice how the tops on the right are shaved on the lower right side of the "T2" face, and the tops on the left are shaved on the lower left side of of the "T2" face.

Knowing this would give a favorable percentage to the user; he wouldn't always win on every spin, but would come out a winner in the long run. These are 8-sided tops. The "takes" are opposite each other for example, opposite the "T2" is a "T3". Likewise with the "puts. And as you would expect, on this top, all four of the Take sides are shaved on the bottom left, and on all four Put sides, all of the bottom rights are shaved.

Just the opposite would happen if you spin the same top counterclockwise or the top on the right clockwise. Two other gaffed tops appear on this page: Switch tops in a game.

As people gather to watch, they join in the game. When the action really gets going, one cheat switches a crooked top "put" favored or "take" favored in and out of the game as required. As the game winds down, they swith the fair top back in, and can leave it to one of the suckers as a souvenir. Another modern one I saw on eBay, August Put four Spin well, 40 seconds over glass surface". Take Two — The player will take two antes out of the pot.

Mexican , made currently. Colo-Top Company, Denver Colo. N -- Nothing happens. This unique 8-sided version adds excitement with each spin. Perfectly balanced and weighing in at 24 grams, it is designed to spin perfectly for beginners and pros spinners alike. WW I replica commemorative. Per seller on eBay Feb. This offensive was to become known officially as the First Battle of the Somme. Here is another of Guss Parkin's creations: Two more of his tops here. New with key ring container.

Saw on eBay Feb. These spinners are hand machined by my husband Jim from solid brass stock. The letters and numbers are then hand stamped onto each of the 6 sides of the piece. Each spinner comes with a free spun aluminum storage container color may vary that can be attached to a keychain. Printed rules are provided. Made by Graham in Australia. Six sides in this order: Seller says, in Dec , "It has been hand made, not machine made, of brass.

There is an emphasis on balance for a great spin, it is tough and has a personality of its own. The dimensions are approximately 30mm long and 15mm wide at widest point.

I live on a bush property with a small solar power system and make the spinners myself. I spend quite sometime hand sanding them to get the balance just right and am very proud of them! Lots of good wishes, Graham. He started with a cap nut. With sandpaper he got a nice point to spin. In the hole he screwed or stuck the handle. Good thinking — nice result.

Also called vintage and listed many times by the same seller. Called by the eBay seller: Dealer said in part: This piece has light patina on the brass, and a greenish verdigris on the inside. Same seller, also called vintage with many listings. Antique gambling device called a "Put and Take".

This is the worst put and take I have ever seen. For one thing, it won't spin, ever. Purported to be vintage. Advertised on eBay Feb. Unaligned letters are unusual. The "Rocky Top" spinners have serifs to the "T" and "P," which the ones pictured here do not have. Some of the sides read: P1, T1, P2, PA. Characters askew at an angle. Non-magnetic, probably made of aluminum. The six sides in order: Not sure if it is modern or not. The dealer who sold it to me had nine of them, calls them vintage, but I wonder.

Shapeways Put and Take. Made on a 3D printer! I ordered one July , and it just arrived in a 12" x 12" x 12" box. It is one of the most awful Put and Takes I have ever seen -- about 1 inch long and 3 grams weight.

It looks so large and nice in the picture. It is white and spins well. Sides are labeled "take all," "take half," "all put," and "put half" for the classic gambling game of chance.

Shapeways Put and Take Dice. I also sell "put and take" tops.